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Under Cover is a practical, life-transforming book that reveals the importance of submission to God's authority and how to respond to the leaders in our lives. To walk in true spiritual authority, a believer must be submitted to God's sovereign authority. In this book, best-selling author John Bevere shows readers how. To ask other readers questions about Under Cover, please sign up. . This book is packed with scripture and God has really given John Bevere wisdom.

Undercover Book By John Bevere

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Tears frequently flowed as he felt like he was important books the Lord has commissioned me to write .. When he answered, I said, “Pastor, this is John Bevere. The book you hold in your hand is a quest for this most important answer. To put it briefly, the one who is under cover is the one who is under. ​Before I bought Under Cover: The Promise of Protection Under His Authority, I already knew that I wouldn't agree with the author's view on.

We do not connect with its true meaning. Without this important link, we can easily be led into deception, as we are about to learn in this chapter. In my seven-year-old mind, that was my complete However, these people begin to make excuses for not heeding the call: My mother explained have me excused. I reasoned she was just tired. And on top of that I have five thousand dollars that was given to me to spend at the casinos. I really want to go, so please excuse me for If you read on, you will notice the servant reported to the master and relayed all the excuses.

The not coming. The people of the highways and hedges in Scripture represent the prostitutes, pimps, thieves, gang members, murderers, alcoholics, and so on!

When they hear the Is that what they say? If you read your Bible, you will find their responses are very different. In contrast, those who were invited, who examine each one. If it is, a lot of us are in trouble. The answer is no. We all know that. Is downloading oxen or any necessary you think? Of course not, but when industry or business becomes more deeper and glimpse the truth within their answer.

Remember, Adam did not gamble in the Garden of Eden. He simply did not submit to what God said. Jesus spoke of a man with two sons. Is taking a wife a sin? Of course not. If it was, most of us would be in big trouble.

Again, recall the Garden. Eve was deceived 2 Cor. Yet disobeyed because his wife had already eaten, and she wanted him to do the same. This is sin. How sobering! Now, it is obvious any parent would prefer his son dine at the wedding supper to which they had previously held honorary invitations.

Yet this parable showed these leaders that the core meaning of sin is but because of simple disobedience to the word of God. Why should this surprise us? If we think it ultimately disobedience to the authority of God. We can walk throughout the Bible and find this same message repeatedly. Jesus was not directing His statement toward Absolutely! They go against His authority as well.

God is the same One who tells us to put away society; rather, he was speaking to the church. As far as getting drunk, He the church in the last days. What about stealing? One such statement is found in the Eph.

We have taught and Rev. We have neglected or placed no emphasis on keeping His commands. This counterfeit grace leads many astray, causing them to make light of obedience.

The patient on the couch with a are those who confess and do the will of God, thus keeping the commands of God. True grace has been given to empower us to obey what He demands of us. The writer of Hebrews said it best: Grace empowers us to serve God in an acceptable manner, which is in accordance with His will.

The disciples of Jesus asked Him about the end of the age. He responded by telling them events that would take place and by describing conditions that would be prevalent in the days Not a few, but many are referenced in this scripture. Remember the word many in His previous preceding His second coming.

One of the conditions is this: So again He was addressing those in the church. Whenever I ask congregations whether this applies to our present society, I am greeted with raised He then will say to these professing Christians: Very few, if any, question whether this is an Matt. Notice what they practice—lawlessness. In other words, they have a lifestyle similar to accurate assessment.

Yet Jesus was not describing society in that statement. He was describing the those in the parable of the wedding. They have developed a pattern of placing their agenda, pleasure, or church! You may be wondering how I could reach this conclusion.

Well, two distinct phrases in the plans before the commands of the Master. Today this seems normal or natural behavior. Simply put, they two verses show He was talking about the church, not society in general.

They obey what fits in with their plans. Vine, who is an expert in They are unaware of their present lawlessness. Unbelievers have I have loved you. However, each of them can what best describes the atmosphere of their time, deception. One reason for widespread deception is be applied just as easily to nonbelievers as to believers. One such word is phileo. This word, the misapprehension of the core meaning of sin.

I was shocked when I came home and found she had died because I never accepted the fact she was really sick. This relates to an experience I had in the late s. It is quite possible these days Christianity. Yet they did not understand the true or core meaning of sin. Though they desired heaven, will prove to be the most exciting as well as frightening time in the history of mankind. Exciting they lacked the passion to obediently do the will of the Father.

It will be a time God is looking for children whose hearts yearn to walk in obedience. No matter what area of life it of glory and joy, judgment, and fear.

He then expounded on this trouble in The entire verse of Matthew 7: The reason for the terrible times would not be persecution from you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness! This warning is repeatedly sounded throughout the New Testament.

It is used to describe intercourse between a man and a woman in the Deception is a scary thing. Because it is deceptive! A person who is deceived believes with New Testament Matt. It represents intimacy. Jesus repeatedly warned against deception you. In Matthew 24 alone, He warned four times to beware of it. God intimately knows those who love Him. Those His disciples asked about His return, the first words out of His mouth when describing our day who love Him are those who submit to His authority by obeying His words.

It is easy to sense the urgency in His warning. He wanted the words imprinted on their souls and ever before them. His words have stood for thousands of years, and we would be wise not to neglect His counsel. First, what is the root cause of this deception? Second, why is this deception able to run its course unchecked? To answer the first, the root cause of deception is none other than what we discussed in the previous chapter: Scripture tells us when a person hears the Word of God yet does not obey, deception enters his heart and mind.

This person now lives under the conviction that he is on target when he is actually in error. Why will deception run rampant in the last days?

To love the truth is not just to enjoy hearing it, but to love obeying it.

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I have their own gain. They are not deceived. They are treading on dangerous territory and advancing toward Many people in our churches love good preaching and teaching, but when it comes down to reality, spiritual death Rom. These are the hard of heart and difficult to reach. Tim 3: We must love truth these constitute the majority of the disobedient in the church—the deceived. As with Eve, ignorance more than anyone or anything else.

We must passionately desire His will more than our comfort or has opened them to deception, the secret power of lawlessness. Then we will delight in putting our personal desires aside for His wishes. We will take up our crosses and deny our rights and privileges for the sake of fulfilling His will.

Because He is Ignorance is a breeding ground for deception. This alone keeps us from deception. The light of His truth exposes and protects But is this the type of devotion we see in the church? Reality is much different. It is amazing how us from any lie. We can assume this took place a while later, lawlessness. With believers, lawlessness would not be for the man had named and viewed every animal and bird of the air before the woman left his side.

That is its mystery. Because God does not want us ignorant of this mystery or secret power, He warns us 2 Cor. Unlike Adam, the woman did not hear the command directly from the mouth of God. We can surmise this situation by her Satan is the master of deception.

Think of it: Read carefully the following verses: Now the serpent was more cunning than Rev. That took place in a perfect environment, in the very presence of our glorious Lord!

We now live in the very days Jesus spoke of, so examine carefully rules secondhand. Here we have another example of what happens when you have heard from another what God said rather than having it revealed directly by the Lord.

Paul compared the vulnerability of believers to the deception of Eve. She lived in a perfect environment, free from When God reveals His word by His Spirit, it then becomes a part of us.

This can happen demonic rule and influence. She walked in the very presence of God, unhindered by her as we read a book, as we listen to another teach, or as we are alone reading the Bible, or in flesh. He resorted to subtle communion with the Spirit of God. By understanding his tactics with Eve, we expose his him; it was part of him. God reveals His secrets or ways to those who was not revealed knowledge, but communicated knowledge.

Hearing it secondhand would make her fear Him, and John said to this group of people, more vulnerable to deception. For that reason the serpent targeted her rather than Adam. These things I have written to you concerning those who try to deceive you. But the anointing which Revealed, not communicated, knowledge is our greatest guard against deception. They have has taught you, you will abide in Him. They can even accurately repeat chapter or verse, but they have lost the breath of life behind the Scriptures.

This shows us how the revealed Word of God keeps us from deception. Therefore, she did not detect They may even have enthusiasm as they share a new teaching they just heard at a seminar or the trickery and perversion in the words of the serpent.

However, they appear unable to live out what they so excitedly share. It is not a part of them. They carry the words, yet they remain barren and incapable of producing the life of God.

When this happens, they are easily tempted to add to or take away from what God has said. How did the serpent deceive the woman? What was evil! Knowing the answer is vital. Think about it: How did he maneuver her 6: Eve lived in an entirely perfect environment. She had never been abused by anyone in authority.

She had no bad experience with a father, boss, or minister. She lived in a flourishing If money was the root of all evil, then Jesus was out of order because He had a treasurer and a garden, free from demonic oppression.

She money bag! So how did the serpent go about deceiving her? Judas, who loved money, was upset at the act, yet the Lord rebuked him and commended her John It is an unhealthy desire for and Gen. This legalistic view causes people to have an unhealthy attitude toward money that God never intended.

God warns us of an unhealthy desire for, and dependency on, money. This ignorance tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They have only a communicated exception of one. He desired companions in His garden who would love So how do we receive revelation knowledge? By walking humbly before God with the fear and and obey Him.

He did not want robots who lacked the freedom of choice. He longed for children, love of God burning in our hearts. God said, made in His image, with a free will.

When He restricted their access to the tree, He gave them a choice that protected them from death. It involved their will. Would they trust and obey? Without the But on this one will I look: On him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, And who trembles at My word.

To put his question in more contemporary terms, the He is the one who truly fears God. Is that right? Once he accomplished that, it it from us. Its fruit could have been ours all along. Why has He done this to us?

If would be all too easy to turn her against His authority. He is withholding something we need in this tree, what else has He withheld from us? With a single question the serpent distorted the only command, given to longer remained any reason for submission to His authority in the matter. Her self-will overrode the protect, into an unjust denial of good.

Eve reached for the fruit and turned it in her hand—nothing happened. She then ate and gave some to her husband. After they ate it their eyes were suddenly opened, and they felt a wave of shame and fear as they realized their nakedness. With their disobedience came spiritual death. Satan is no fool; he strong taskmaster that would dominate them. His throne represents His authority. If Satan can pervert His righteous lord.

The lord of death was granted not only access to their lives but also legal entrance to the world. Paul explained it this way: Before their disobedience, there was no hatred, anger, unforgiveness, strife, gossip, corruption, fraud, bitterness, or extortion. There was no sexual perversion, drug abuse, drunkenness, murder, or It is quite possible, even as she answered, she wondered about the reason behind the command.

There was no wife or child abuse. Sickness, disease, and poverty were nonexistent. Natural She was questioning the goodness of God. Can you hear her thoughts? It looks good. What could be the harm in it? For God knows that in the day you eat of it multiplies and grows fouler with each passing generation. Out of its deception man lost his divine provision and protection. He took full advantage of his opportunity to be like God but not subject to Him.

By contradicting God and assuring her she would not die. The book of James makes this absolutely clear: Eve was shocked and confused. She wondered, Why would God keep this fruit from me? She looked at the tree again to survey its fruit, although through different eyes.

She judged the fruit to be good and pleasant, not bad and injurious. She thought, Surely it looks great for eating, and best of all it will The writer wanted to make sure we believers would not fall to the same secret power make us wise.

He gave us warning to protect us, as did Paul. That reasoning blinded her to all else around her. She forgot the abundant goodness provided as she focused on the single tree.

Satan was again attempting to deceived, just as Eve was. Perhaps it is time You provided for Yourself. Use Your authority to provision and protection will be compromised by way of deception. Every perfect and good gift is serve Yourself. Turn these stones to bread. He would not allow the enemy to pervert the fulfill her desires. He knew His Father provided for His needs.

How many marry the wrong person for the wrong reasons? Perhaps they were lonely and desired companionship. The writer of Hebrews described eyes and appeared helpful in making decisions. God heard Him because of His godly fear. However, he reaped much sorrow for his disobedience, as the sword never Even in the face of great temptation and intense suffering, more than any had undergone, He chose left his home.

He lost three sons in early age or in their primes to death. How much better when we obedience, though it meant severe hardship. Unlike the response of Adam and Eve, this type of obedience and submission blocked all inroads Too often people leave the very places—jobs, churches, cities—where God has planted them of the enemy to His life. Soon an opportunity comes along, and even John Not only that, but often the departure compromises the purity to which God called them.

Then they end up going against the will of God in the pursuit of what that Satan found nothing in Him. He is our example and forerunner. He is the One who paid the price and lit the path for us to walk on. We are no longer destined for the way of the first Adam and his lawlessness, but are called and In more general terms, how many disobey the will of God?

They are enticed by the good and empowered to walk in the ways of obedience of the last Adam. They pursue it and find fun, happiness, or excitement—for a season. They fear God withholds the attractive or fun stuff from them! Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this understand their needs or He ignores the importance of their desires. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed—that their prayers are not answered within their predetermined time frame.

When you find yourselves flagging in your faith [obedience], go over that story again, item by item, that long litany of hostility he plowed through.

That will shoot adrenaline into your souls! They are not always seen immediately, but they will surely follow. Once disobedience is clearly revealed, you should never contemplate tolerating it again. Consider Jesus. He was in the desert for forty days and nights without water, food, or comfort. Hunger pains pierced His belly as starvation began its harsh work. But what came first: The enemy was again questioning what God had just clearly stated.

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In fact, we could safely say Cain worked harder than Abel. I know very little about farming and shepherding, but I know enough to know shepherding is work, but farming is harder. With shepherding, you have responsibilities in the Faith and obedience are inseparable because obedience is evidence of true faith. Various consequences result from disobedience. The aftereffects are not always immediately recognizable or obvious, but just as seeds sown produce a harvest, these, too, are certain.

The enemy Farming is more labor intensive. Cain cleared the ground of rocks, fall prey to his deceptive tactics. Then he plowed and cultivated the soil. He planted, watered, fertilized, and protected his crops. He expended a lot of effort to supply an offering. Some people subconsciously reason that any consequence of their disobedience will be outweighed by what they perceive as the immediate gain of their decision. I am amazed by how prevalent this deceptive and deadly thought process is.

This is the mystery or secret power of lawlessness. The answer is found with his parents. In the Garden everything God created had a covering.

Cain was a farmer by occupation. Scripture tells us in the course of time Cain Adam and Eve were no exception. They were not ruled by self-consciousness; rather their lives were before God.

God does accept us if we repent! Try this statement out on Ananias and Sapphira. That changed the moment they disobeyed. Prior to their disobedience, their spirits completely dominated, whereas afterward their flesh would dominate.

John Bevere

The key words are they knew. They had knowledge they did not have before. In fact, it is dangerous because it removes the fear of the Lord from our hearts. The fear of the Lord guards us and causes us to depart from sin Ex. No longer was disobedience a casual matter! Before the Fall, their actions were governed not by the knowledge of good and evil, or by right and wrong, but by the knowledge of God. They were motivated by a sense of obedience birthed out of trust and love.

His perfect; For all His ways are justice, sons were raised in a home that called on the name of the Lord. Both brought an offering to the Lord, A God of truth and without injustice; Righteous and upright is He.

The Bible says we are to offer our bodies as living sacrifices Rom. Whenever a sacrifice is brought before God, it represents our service to Him. So we are not talking about Abel, who served God, and brother Cain, who did not. We can identify this as the principle of reasoning.

That was why the first question God reasoning], sin lies at the door. First, sin disobedience has desire. The lord of lawlessness, Satan, is the force behind disobedience.

Once this force was granted entrance by Adam, it had one objective: It is similar to a wicked scientist who released an uncontainable Whenever God asks a question, He is not looking for information. He is drawing you into what He amount of radioactive gases into our atmosphere. The gases would permeate everywhere, even though the is communicating.

God already knew they had eaten from the tree and were speaking from their own actual presence of the scientist would not. He set in motion a deadly and powerful force. The only ones wisdom. They had replaced obedience with reasoning. The Scriptures are very found a source of the sense of right and wrong outside Me.

You have obviously eaten from the Tree of the clear: Immediately after their disobedience, they covered their nakedness with fig leaves, or the fruit of Another way to view this would be to compare the desire of sin to the law of gravity. It the ground. Even with the covering they still felt naked and hid. If you step off the top of a building, that you were naked? Out of their newly found sense of right and wrong, they attempted to you will find its law in effect and fall to the lowest point, in fact, very hard.

You may not want to fall do right in their eyes, and yet still felt naked. He demonstrated His or have an awareness of or belief in the law of gravity; nevertheless, you will encounter it. One day scientists discovered yet another law—the law of lift. They learned that the law of lift supersedes the law of gravity if conditions were right.

Innovative men designed the airplane based on At that point Adam and Eve were ignorant of what God was looking for, but Cain and Abel were the law of lift. When you fly in a plane, you are on a level free from the law of gravity and do not fall to not. Their parents had taught them the acceptable offering to God. He was serving God his own way! What wonderful news! He gravitated toward the curse that operates by way of reason and draws on the logic of right and wrong, rather than from the purity of childlike obedience as his brother, Abel, had done.

I fly frequently. Last year alone I flew approximately two hundred thousand miles to preach the gospel globally. However, if the pilot decided to turn off the engines, and the wings fell off, the plane would feel the full effect of the law of gravity, and the plane would come down hard. The New Testament writer equated the obedience of Abel with faith. We will learn in a future chapter that true faith is equated with, as well as founded on, obedience. True faith operates out of obedience rather than a sense of right and wrong.

This is the classic response of a religious person when he is intact. Our protection or mastery of it comes from true faith or obedience. He gets angry. You will find this to be true throughout the Scriptures.

We know the law of faith supersedes the law of sin.

Under Cover

And James 2: Faith and obedience are inseparable because obedience is evidence of true faith. If you do well, will you not be accepted? To do well with God is to obey. He desires obedience over sacrifice.

Numerous times He told His people Abel mastered the law of sin and death by faith, or obedience to God. In speaking to Cain, God to get rid of their songs and instruments, and quit bringing the sacrifices. They sacrificed, but did not obey Me, you will master it just as lift overrides gravity.

Sin is mastered through obedience. The highest form of worship is obedience. Knowing this, we could insert the words obey Me for do well in the verse from Genesis without changing the meaning. If you obey Me as your brother did, I will accept you and your sacrifice as I did Abel and his.

Notice He used the word door. Remember this when you encounter any uncomfortable, or even painful, immunizing truths from the word of God. Never forget his love for us is pure, complete and everlasting.

Helps us to deepen our trust to Christ no matter what happens until the day that we will see Him again. Do not be deceive Romans NIV 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

It is hard to understand kingdom principles with a democratic mind set. Warning: Deceptive path of self-rule. Often this free will causes us not to trust on Him to the extent that we choose to abandon our relationship with God and to spend our time with worldly matters. Submission leads to true obedience Romans New International Version NIV 17 I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned.

Keep away from them. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Under Cover: Ever wonder how to respond to a difficult boss? Why you should listen to them in the first place? By teaching us how to properly relate to leadership, John shows why living under authority is better than we think. The truth is, we will all one day have to follow the leader. Whether at school, at work, in the military, or even in the national political arena, the question of who will lead and who will follow is constantly before us.He went on, John, if you continue in this direction, the youth will go one way while the church goes another direction.

Why is every book by John Bevere so life changing? It is easy to sense the urgency in His warning. One such statement is found in the Eph. A person who is deceived believes with New Testament Matt.

Used by permission. This is my second book I've read by this author and plan to view more in the near future. There was a time of silence with both of us out of words.

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