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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

San Rocco 1 will try to use oceanic and continental as categories to explore the possibility of architectural islands, either literally or by analogy. Oceanic islands. San Rocco is a magazine about architecture. San Rocco does San Rocco is the name of a place in Monza that is not a nice one. In. cresappdf. 6. San Rocco 3 does not talk about that. San Rocco 3 is interested in another kind of mistake: mistakes that are the product of a dispropor- tion, of a displacement;.

San Rocco Magazine Pdf

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A magazine about Architecture. shop / Magazine of a continent and are linked to something that exists nearby or that existed sometime in the past. download pdf. SAN ROCCO is a magazine about architecture. SAN ROCCO does not solve problems. It is not a useful magazine. SAN ROCCO is neither serious nor friendly. San Rocco Magazine / Book of copies: Labyrinths, curated by Anne Holtrop - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. San Rocco Magazine .

The island is elsewhere. Islands can be natural or artificial: atolls, rocks, volcanoes, oases, spaceships, oil rigs, carriers. Can we talk, then, about the possibility of architectural islands?

More after the break. In the introductory text, Mark Lee turns upside-down the current architectural research which tries to dissolve boundaries or at least, give new meanings to the existent borders.

San Rocco 01 / Islands

Lee presents a trajectory that is being countered by the opposite propensity for a search for limits. His research is based on the idea that island or archipelago organizations have great potential as generative models in the contemporary city.

Islands and archipelago as spatial segregation taken to the extreme. The magazine has 25 articles, so diverse that you can really feel yourself travelling from one island to another. And what about growing your own island?

And he ends saying that in an era of rising sea levels, and with many reefs and small atoll nation-state at risk of being submerged, island growing techniques might become a flourishing business. I think the main reason is that an island has clear physical limits, and the mind is able to grasp it and make a picture of it as a whole.

SAN ROCCO magazine

A book entitled Book of Houses is not necessarily comprised of pictures of houses, and a book entitled Book of Prisons is not necessarily comprised of pictures of prisons. Everything can be included in books of copies except nature after all, one can copy a toy, but one cannot copy a mountain. Copies should not be confused with quotations.


Copies do not establish any link to the lost virtue of ancient civilizations. Copies do not testify to any particular erudition, and copies do not affiliate the copying architects with the great masters of the past.

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Copies are humbler and less refined than direct citations. Copies simply re-employ knowledge that is already available and public.


The only reason to include a picture in a book of copies is its intimate beauty. Books of copies define the provisional set of objects that deserve to be copied; they are a tentative corpus iuris of architectural beauty.

Books of copies do not present an exhaustive taxonomy. Books of copies simply contain a collection of examples, a tentative index of a collective architectural knowledge. The number of books of copies to be produced is not fixed.

The action that produces books of copies is that of selection: the recognition of beauty not just actual beauty, but potential beauty as well the fragile, incomplete beauty of so many clumsy buildings of the past that are begging for completion and plenitude in the architecture of the future.Concepts survived, happiness. Srinivas Kumar. The owner and the house are clearly two separate things. Giorgio Grassi and Aldo Rossi engaged in a design competition for this place in San Rocco is also interested in contributions analyzing concepts and contexts in the buildings included on our Vanna at the Door lists of the Top 25 Contextual Masterpieces and the Top In a famous photo of her house, Vanna Venturi stands 25 Conceptual Disasters.

San Rocco believes that copyright holder, or no copyright, and caption, if needed. No concepts. The relationship is spatial in character in the metre. Somehow it remains between the two, strangely hybrid, open and uncertain, multiple and enigmatic.

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