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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Understand the definition & cause of weld defects. • Solve the problem. • Suggest possible remedies associated with individual weld defects. Here you will learn about different types of welding defects produced during welding, its causes and remedies to remove it. This standard does not classify existing welding defects according to their origin but most important welding defects is explained in the following paragraphs.

Welding Defects Pdf

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Welding Defects & Prevention. Defects. Causes. Preventive Measure. Fibrous. Structures. There are columnar structures present in the fractured part of weld. In addition to brittleness, other common weld defects like cracks, porosity, lack of penetration and distortion can compromise the strength of the base metal, as. Welding Defects. Wanda S. Benton. Florence-Darlington Technical College. UNDERCUT. POROSITY. INCOMPLETE FUSION. OVERLAP. UNDERFILL.

What is Welding Defects – Types, Causes and Remedies?

Patrick J. Meer Shakeel. Dedy Ebes. Aman kumar.

What is Welding Defects – Types, Causes and Remedies?

More From John Dare. John Dare. Bentley Publishers.

Emil Alexandru. Mourad Raik. Cosmin Aron. Marina David.

Welding Defects, Causes and Corrections

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Most Common Types of Welding Defects

Prabath Nilan Gunasekara. William Agudelo. Luc Le. Simone Rodrigues. Ivancho Gr.

Siapa Al Ahbashi. Muhammad Afwan. Irsyad Kamil. Bogdan Doru. Slag is formed if the welding current density is very small, as it does not provide the required amount of heat for melting the metal surface. If the welding speed is too fast then also slag may occur. If the edge of the weld surface is not cleaned properly then also slag may form.

Improper welding angle and travel rate of welding rod. Remedies for Slag Inclusion: 1. Increase the current density 2. Adjust the welding speed so that the slag and weld pool do not mix with each other.

Clean the weld edges and remove the slags of previous weld layers 4. Have a proper electrode angle and travel rate.

Incomplete Fusion Incomplete fusion occurs when the welder does not accurately weld the material and the metal pre solidifies which leads to a gap which is not filled with the molten metal. Causes of Incomplete fusion: 1.

It occurs because of the low heat input.

When the weld pool is very large and runs ahead of the arc. When the angle of the joint is too low. Incorrect electrode and torch angle may also lead to incomplete fusion. Unproper bead position.

Remedies for Incomplete Fusion: 1. Increasing the welding current and decreasing the travel speed helps in removing the chances of incomplete fusion. Reducing the deposition rate. Increasing the joint angle. Try to position the electrode and torch angle properly so that the edges of the plate melt away.

Positioning the bead properly so that the sharp edges with other beads can be avoided.

Necklace Cracking It occurs in the use of electron beam welding where the weld does not penetrate properly. Causes of Necklace Cracking: 1. Improper welding technique. It occurs in materials such as nickel base alloys, stainless steel, carbon steels and Tin alloys. Using high speed of electron beam welding Remedies for Necklace Cracking: 1.

Using a proper welding technique reduce the chances of necklace cracking. Using proper materials for welding.

Using a constant speed during the welding process. Improper welding technique 4. Incompletely Filled Groove or Incomplete Penetration These defects occur only in the butt welds where the groove of the metal is not filled completely. It is also called as incomplete penetration defect.Causes of Necklace Cracking: 1. However, when pullout failure occurs, the mechanical performance will not be affected by shrinkage voids.

Yasir Munir.

In Figure 3 multilayer welds this can give rise to slag inclusions, while See us on in the finished weld it provides a poor stress pattern and a Acromet Aust Pty Ltd Stand local notch effect at the toe of the weld.

Distortion can pose a major problem, since the final product is not the desired shape. It is caused by the poor creep ductility of the heat affected zone. If you think your incomplete fusion may be because of a low welding amperage, crank up the machine!

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