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Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Issue weinratgeber.infodxnfct. View. Profile Graffiti Magazine 1. View. Night Warriors Graffiti Magazine. View. Preview, Author: Rats&Thugs, Name: weinratgeber.infone. With all the senseless graffiti books on the market, I wish someone would. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share.

Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Pdf

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A cobbler should stick to his last. But when it is about new trends like designer toys or new technical possibilities computers for example , you should use them to carry on classical writing with different ways and surely keep it alive within these new trends.

And steadiness is what most writers are missing these days. To set your heart on something, and that over a long period of time. I believe this is a good way to become better, at least with quality.

A complaint you automatically hear as an old school writer goes like this: No evolvement within the last years. You should take something like that as a compliment.


It shows that you found your style and by that cannot to be mixed up with someone else in the big mess of all the writers we have nowadays. It would have been sad if no one had noticed it. That would mean that we do not have a personal style and that we would be exchangeable.

Names come and go. Who can say he has got the total knowledge of what is going on? SMASH had put it to the point the other day: Everything that had happened before is somehow blurred and intangible.

Stylefile Graffiti Magazine Issue 09

It just would not be authentic at all. All of these named writers including me have found their way and are times ahead from sayings and discussions like that. You should always keep your individuality and try to step out of the masses.

Parallel to it I worked on my characters. Many writers still do, and sometimes that obvious that it hurts. But it has always been single writers or crews that set the trend and others followed them.

Another huge chapter in writing history are magazines and the internet. It would be unbeatable if there were not so much street art in it. Without it there would be loads more individual styles evolving.

Before we had the internet it was possible to point out certain styles to a country. How about legal spots in Nuremberg and its surroundings?

Are there any trains rolling? Is it worth to hang out at the station? I believe there is not really much going on.

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But you hear from guys who bomb trains, and among them there really are some talents. Both of you are not really known as travelers, but surely you had left your marks in some other cities. I like remembering this. Last year I went there again. The piece was repainted but you could still see that it was there. I like going back to places I have been to before.

It must have been in All trains were bombed! Four year old panels were still running. Something like that you just have to see, you cannot imagine by telling. For some I am really embarrassed now. You can only get better if you make mistakes.

Qu'est-ce que c'est ?

The easiest thing would be to do nothing at all, not even interviews which could be embarrassing afterwards. Some old stuff is simply shit, but as they are my pieces I like them anyway. Where do you put your main focus regarding style? It is about carrying an emotion. The choice of the media might have changed.

To me it is now more important to make the style look different. I want people to recognize my stuff, but in no way it should look like an old one. It pisses me off to see the same piece over and over again. The most important thing seems to me that the piece is not too perfect.

A real good piece always needs some ugly spots.Standard colour combinations bore me, even though there are some classical combinations which always. Powerhouse Books, 12 — Trini, Tommaso ed. I believe this is a good way to become better, at least with quality.

Rapid Enamel. We grow old, interests take another path and life keeps surprises for all of us. The choice of the media might have changed. Street art is connected to the real world and refers to real problems and is also bothered to get attention from the fashion trend scene. A real good piece always needs some ugly spots.

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Look over my other articles. I have always been a very creative person and find it relaxing to indulge in street racing. I do fancy studying docunments rarely .