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Seven Days In May book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Gentleman Jim Scott was a brilliant magnetic general. Like a l. Seven Days In May ~ [Fletcher Knebel, Charles W Bailey II] on Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. Seven Days in May is a political thriller novel by Charles W. Bailey II and Fletcher Knebel, first published in hardcover by Harper & Row in The plot concerns an attempted military coup in the United States. Reception[edit]. The book was a great success, and was number one on The New York.

Seven Days In May Book

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Seven Days in May is a American political thriller film about a military- political cabal's The book was written in late and into early , during the first year of the Kennedy administration, reflecting some of the events of that era. Scene from the film adaptation of Seven Days in May. By Brooke C. Stoddard. Among political novels set in Washington, D.C., Seven. download a cheap copy of Seven Days in May book by Fletcher Knebel. Book Club Edition. Seven Days in May by Fletcher Knebel. Free shipping over $

He took nothing with him.

Captain Ortega, commander at airplane crash site in Spain: "There were only two American nationals on board — a Mrs. His destination was Washington. Anything at all? He's screaming bloody murder about those twelve troop carriers dispatched to El Paso. President, and I think I should have been notified of it.

The surname "Corwin" was a tribute to the radio drama writer Serling described as his idol, Norman Corwin , [8] while the given name "Art" was a nod to Serling's personal favorite, Art Carney , who played a fictionalized version of Serling in Serling's autobiographical Playhouse 90 drama, "The Velvet Alley", as well as the reincarnated Santa Claus, "Henry Corwin", in " The Night of the Meek ", Serling's Christmas episode of The Twilight Zone.

Cast members whose participation has been noted in various sources[ edit ] At the 35th Academy Awards on April 8, , while Seven Days in May was still in its pre-production and casting stages, What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? His name appears on a list of actors engaged for the production, but there is no confirmation of his actual participation in the filming. On September 17, , as Seven Days in May was in initial production days, ABC showcased the premiere episode of its new TV series, The Fugitive , which prominently featured one-armed bit player Bill Raisch in the iconic, non-speaking, intermittent role of the killer.

He is also listed among those who were scheduled to play a part in the filming, but whether he ultimately did has not been confirmed. Raisch was previously used by Kirk Douglas for a notorious scene in his film epic Spartacus in which, playing a Roman soldier , Raisch had a specially-fitted prosthetic arm chopped off in battle.

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Douglas engaged him again for a dramatic fight scene in his modern-day western Lonely Are the Brave. Although he cannot be discerned in the release version of Seven Days in May, minor supporting actor Leonard Nimoy , who gained stardom three years later, in , as Star Trek 's Mr.

Seven Days in May: Remembrance of Books Past

Spock , likewise appears in the production company's casting list among the unbilled actors whose services were retained for this film. Frankenheimer wanted the screenwriter to be a partner in the production, and Rod Serling agreed to this arrangement.

Douglas agreed to star in it, but he also wanted his frequent co-star Burt Lancaster to star in the film as well.

Douglas enticed Lancaster to join the film by offering him the meatier role of General Scott, the film's villain, while Douglas agreed to take the role of Scott's assistant. Only Douglas's assurances that Lancaster would behave kept the director on the project.

Frankenheimer, in the DVD commentary for the film, stated that he would not have made the movie any differently decades later and that it was one of the films he was most satisfied with. Frankenheimer needed a commanding figure to play Vice Admiral Farley C.

Barnswell and asked his friend, well-known producer John Houseman to play him, to which he agreed, on condition that he have a fine bottle of wine which is seen during the telephone scene , although he was uncredited for it. It was Houseman's American acting debut, and he would not appear onscreen again until his Oscar-winning role in 's The Paper Chase. Frankenheimer also wanted a shot of Kirk Douglas entering the Pentagon , but could not get permission because of security considerations, so he rigged a movie camera in a parked station wagon to photograph Douglas walking up to the Pentagon.

Seven Tropes in May:

Douglas actually received salutes from military personnel inasmuch as he was wearing the uniform of a U. Marine Corps colonel.

The secret base and airstrip was specially built in the desert near Indio, California , and they borrowed an aircraft tail in one shot to make it look like a whole plane was off the picture. Frankenheimer said that Pierre Salinger conveyed to him President Kennedy 's wish that the film be made, "these were the days of General Walker " and, though the Pentagon did not want the film made, the president would conveniently arrange to visit Hyannis Port for a weekend when the film needed to shoot a staged riot outside the White House.

Frankenheimer paid particular attention to ensuring that the three actors in the scene were all in focus for dramatic impact.

The film also featured the then recently issued M16 rifle. David Amram , who had previously scored Frankenheimer's The Manchurian Candidate , originally provided music for the film; however Lewis was unsatisfied with his work.

Jerry Goldsmith , who had worked with the producer and Douglas on Lonely are the Brave and The List of Adrian Messenger , was signed to rescore the project although a brief source cue by Amram remains in the finished film.

Seven Days In May

Goldsmith composed a very brief score lasting around 15 minutes using only pianos and percussion; he later scored Seconds and The Challenge for Frankenheimer. Alternate ending[ edit ] According to Douglas, an alternate ending was shot, but discarded: General Scott, the treacherous Burt Lancaster character, goes off in his sports car, and dies in a wreck. Was it an accident or suicide?

Coming up out of the wreckage over the car radio is President Jordan Lyman's speech about the sanctity of the Constitution.

Evaluation in film guides[ edit ] Steven H. Scheuer's Movies on TV —73 edition gives Seven Days in May its highest rating of 4 stars, recommending it as "[A]n exciting suspense drama concerned with politics and the problems of sanity and survival in a nuclear age", with the concluding sentences stating, "[B]enefits from taut screenplay by Rod Serling and the direction of John Frankenheimer, which artfully builds interest leading to the finale.

Knebel and Bailey were more concerned with polity and plot than character and mores. They wrote in brisk journalistic style, with short paragraphs, much dialogue and little descriptive language.

Theirs is a potboiler-cum-polemic against fascist fever rising to a flash point.

But much of the present relish is a peek through the curtains at Washington of the early s. Knebel and Bailey set their story in the early s, but this is really Washington immediately pre-Beltway: Largely, Knebel and Bailey left technology intact. The nation has satellites.

The weaponry is scary enough without futuristic fantasy: But the most fun is in the mannerisms and attitudes of the characters. Washington power is about men, clubby men who have nicknames for one another and offer cocktails and cigars upon greeting. By comparison, women are few and almost incidental. Wives are dutiful, unemployed, and powerless. Fletcher Knebel went on to write more than a dozen books, none more popular than Seven Days in May, which topped the New York Times best-seller list for a year; he died in In our present age the President of the United States has been subject to horrific and ad hominem, even irrational attacks from the right.

Seven Days in May gives warning that political fervor can lead to self-justified action against the Constitution. During the Kennedy era, Seven Days in May warned that the military-industrial complex was a power rivaling that of the executive branch; in a delightful Mad Men sort of way, the book still does.

Brooke C. Stoddard, an Alexandria writer, is the author of World in the Balance: Feature in Classics More. Classics , Historical.The nation has satellites. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Learn more about site Prime. Scheuer's Movies on TV —73 edition gives Seven Days in May its highest rating of 4 stars, recommending it as "[A]n exciting suspense drama concerned with politics and the problems of sanity and survival in a nuclear age", with the concluding sentences stating, "[B]enefits from taut screenplay by Rod Serling and the direction of John Frankenheimer, which artfully builds interest leading to the finale.

The book is written for its political intrigue by journalists of that era.

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Another aspect I found entertaining is the depiction of culture. The story is complex, but vividly presented with an authenticity that is both disturbing and plausible. To show the distance between now and then did you hear about the new Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Views Read Edit View history.

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