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Microsoft PowerPoint is a commercial presentation application written and distributed by in this tutorial, please notify us at [email protected] Table of Contents. Chapter 1: PowerPoint Basics. Page. Inserting a New Slide. 2- 3. Views. 3. Normal View. 3. Slide Sorter View. 4. Slide Show. 5. Notes Page. 6. Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation programs . On a Mac: To save your document as a PDF on a Mac, go to File > Export and select.

Powerpoint Tutorials Pdf

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Starting PowerPoint. • Click the Start button on Windows Microsoft PowerPoint. (Slide #1). • A blank presentation slide). You will learn how to change slide. This document provides instructions for using some of the more advanced features in. PowerPoint, including slide masters, techniques for running presentations. If you would like to download Microsoft PowerPoint, it is available at a substantial The images and screen dumps throughout this tutorial are from Microsoft Office X .. Windows Bitmap (BMP), Portable Document Format (PDF), Encapsulated.

All of your available windows are presented, including the PDF file you have open. These steps apply to PowerPoint , and using Adobe Reader version 7. Select the text you want to copy.

Alternatively, hold down the mouse button and drag a rectangle around the graphic you want to insert into PowerPoint. This is because object linking and embedding is not fully implemented in Mac Office applications.

Another option is to link to a PDF file. Make sure the PFD you want to use is saved to the same location as your presentation. Go to the slide where you want to add a link to the PDF.

Designed to meet your evolving needs and the way you work, PowerPoint makes it easy to create captivating, professional-quality presentations. PowerPoint is a powerful graphics application that allows you to create presentations for printing or on-line viewing using a variety of different tools.

These range from wizards to help you with the content and look and feel of your presentation to animation tools to create moving images. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help.

Overview: What can you do with Slides?

Password recovery. Home Office PowerPoint Tutorials.

Microsoft PowerPoint Download free pdf Microsoft PowerPoint course material, tutorial training. The ease of use has encouraged those not accustomed to using visua l aids to make presentations in a slide show format.

PDF Pages: AT Labs. Microsoft PowerPoint guide. Download free pdf Microsoft PowerPoint guide course material and training. If you do let go prematurely, or you're not happy with the area you created, simply draw another one until you're happy with your selection--then let go.

You will notice that the area is highlighted brown and you'll see a message confirming that the area has been copied. You'll also see the following message: "Don't show this message again".


Click the checkbox, then click OK to save yourself extra clicks the next time you need to copy a PDF. The image you just created has now been temporarily held in memory on your computer's "Clipboard". You must complete the following step to preserve your image.

It will not stay on the Clipboard if you try to come back later to complete these steps. Step 5 Paste the image onto a PowerPoint slide Now switch the view on your screen to your PowerPoint application with a blank slide or a slide you have prepared to place your image onto displayed in Slide View.

With your right mouse button click anywhere on the blank area of the slide. A menu will appear.

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Click Paste with your left mouse button. You will see your image has now appeared on the slide.With your right mouse button click anywhere on the blank area of the slide.

With Format Painter, however, all you do is: Click the first element. Now you can rearrange your images.


Create presentations quickly and easily with more engaging results. Click the checkbox, then click OK to save yourself extra clicks the next time you need to copy a PDF.

Note The Arrange dropdown menus also includes options to reorder a single object. Then adjust the PowerPoint application window size so you can drag the file in. It does not cover the technical aspects of using the software; for this see our guide on using PowerPoint

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