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Bumi Tere Liye Pdf

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The Plot and World Building Since this is the first book in a series of books, it's quite understandable if this book is quite heavy in the sense of world-building.

However, I don't think it bothered me that much because there are still a lot of things going on that if the world-building was any less, it wouldn't be as fun reading this. The story escalates quickly from just a normal everyday life of a teenage girl--going to school, getting punished for homework, eating in the cafeteria--to a raging battle between worlds.

I loved how I could literally picture every scenery and situation vividly as if I had a TV in my head. But I guess I'll talk about this on The Writing section more.

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The Writing Yes, the writing. It never ceases to amaze me how Tere Liye could write so well. I liked how he always writes the voices of his narrators as if he knows exactly how they would think in the situation.

You see, I've read some of his works, ranging from an action story with a something man from Sumatra to a romance-drama story with a frustrating something woman who's in a requited love with her childhood friend.

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I liked them all even though sometimes some characters annoyed me to no end. However, I liked the fact that when I'm reading Bumi, it's as of I'm reading a translated novel from English into Indonesian.

He writes in formal Indonesian which totally fits the condition and circumstances of the novel. I could literally translate the whole thing into English while I was reading because it's just that formal.

But, yeah, I liked it. In all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Novel pulang tere liye pdf — Page 2 — Konitono The way of collecting the data is done by the technique of documentation and the library study. After collecting the data, Analysis from this research method will be done to get the result.

The result of this research will show the moral value that is gotten by the characters and the plot of the story, there are some categories of moral value which cover the moral message in the human relationship with God and accept the destiny, that all happened cannot be changed. As a human, it just can choose for receiving or rising and trying to come forward.

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He is the most rational, smartest, brilliant year-old to ever exist in Indonesian literature. She inhaled, expecting to helping senior industry executives identify the country. Bumi ebook download free PDF PDF Portable Document Format is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print, or forward to someone else.

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