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Monday, October 21, 2019

Free Programming Ebooks. We've compiled the best insights from subject matter experts and industry insiders for you in one place, so you can dive deep into. Books and videos from O'Reilly Media, Wiley, No Starch Press, SitePoint, Wrox, and many more. Early Release Ebooks. The Site Reliability Workbook. Ebook Usage, Devices, and Formats. You get lifetime access to ebooks you have downloadd through weinratgeber.info Which ebook format should I use on my device.

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A compilation of O'Reilly Media's free products - ebooks, online books, webcast, conference sessions, tutorials, and videos. Free Ebooks. We've compiled insights from O'Reilly authors, editors, and speakers, so you can dive deep into the latest in technology and business. You get lifetime access to ebooks you download through weinratgeber.info Whenever possible we provide them to you in five DRM-free file formats – PDF, ePub.

Hadoop in the Enterprise: Simplifying JavaScript. Mastering Ethereum. Seven Databases in Seven Weeks. Feature Engineering for Machine Learning. Web Scraping with Python. Learning Swift.

Designing Across Senses. Testing in Go.

Building Electron Applications. Advanced Concepts of Odoo AWS for Administrators. The Ultimate Hands-on Hadoop.

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Mining the Social Web - Facebook. Mastering Meetings and Workshops with the Whiteboard. Understanding Anomaly Detection. Spark for Data Analysis in Scala.

Java Apps with Cloud9 on App Engine. Learning the GameMaker Studio 2 Interface. Learning Web Application with Spring 5 and Angular 2.

Getting Started with Automation Testing. What is Dart? Preview Edition Breaking the Page: Preview Edition by Peter Meyers http: What is EPUB 3? What Is Node? What Is Data Science? Issue 4 Release 2.

Issue 4 by Jimmy Guterman http: Issue 6 Release 2. Issue 6 by Jimmy Guterman http: Issue 8 Release 2. Issue 8 by Jimmy Guterman http: Issue 9 Release 2.

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Issue 9 by Jimmy Guterman http: Issue 12 Release 2. Issue 12 by Jimmy Guterman http: Issue 11 Release 2. Issue 11 by Jimmy Guterman. Free videos Conference sessions, webcasts, tutorials, interviews, and more. Open books O'Reilly books with various forms of "open" copyright. The Definitive Guide by J. Ward Cunningham http: Fitzpatrick Second Edition http: The Future of Telephony Asterisk: Raymond http: The Definitive Guide DocBook: Lavy , Ashley J.

Free Programming Ebooks

Meggitt http: The Definitive Guide by Greg Roelofs http: Motif Reference Manual Volume 6B: Partner Sites makezine. Get free book samplers, ebooks, webcasts, tutorials and more Free PDF book samplers http: Free ebooks http: Now, don't get me wrong, we believe in books, and the effectiveness of text as a tool for sharing knowledge, but the business model that had given us such a great start three decades ago has changed deeply.

site is pretty much the only retailer still supporting computer books, and the unit sales are a small fraction of what they were in the past. But all of this new creation meant we had to grow while balancing our total investment spending. Now I want to go back to my first statements about being self-funded and privately held. Being a private company gives us the freedom to take risks and invest in what we believe our customers need, without optimizing for the kinds of returns that VCs demand.

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It also means we have to pay as we go—there are real limits to how much we can risk, and if we get it wrong, our customers and employees lose. So we had to make a tough decision, and we chose to support the side of the business that has the most customers, that is growing the fastest, and that supports all of the learning modalities that customers are demanding.

We are still publishing books, and you can download them directly, either on paper or in a variety of electronic formats from a number of resellers, just not directly from us.

We still support those who prefer the model of ownership to subscription. And we also listen. We're already working on offering PDF downloads as part of the Safari subscription, as well as other new features to support offline reading.

And we are looking into ways for our resellers to support unit sales of PDFs. That decision came when we became acutely aware of excess inventory sitting in warehouses as print declined.

So we became one of the first book publishers to publish print-on-demand POD books, where lay-flat is not possible. The reality of POD is actually higher unit costs think economies of scale … printing one versus printing thousands at once but far less waste.You can download as many formats as you want, as many times as you want, and to all your devices.

By these new formats were the top products in the service. Or better yet, O'Reilly could have found a replacement store first and announced its closure second. Hughes http: This is the same data that site, Kobo, and the other ebook platforms collect but do not share.

The company recently stopped selling books through its online shop.

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