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Friday, April 12, 2019

Introduction Greetings, and welcome to Twitter Marketing For Dummies. You have officially entered into the joyous world of marketing on Twitter. If you want to . So stop twiddling your thumbs and start tweeting today with the Twitter marketing advice shared within the pages of Twitter Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition. With social media and digital marketers in mind, we've compiled our favorite best practices for creating a Twitter strategy and measuring impact on the platform.

Twitter Marketing For Dummies Pdf

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1 | The Everything Guide to Twitter Success Twitter Tips for Beginners We do a twice-daily ritual here on the Buffer marketing team where we schedule a. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter rank high on web searches Social Media. Marketing. FOR. DUMmIES‰ by Shiv Singh. John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd. Chapter (PDF) · Index (PDF) · Table of Contents (PDF) Twitter Marketing For Dummies, 2nd Edition helps you build a following, promote your product, and.

Especially when they feel grateful for learning tons of amazing stuff from you and they want to return that favour. Another effective way would be to give them something awesome to tweet besides the actual article.

Now THIS is what really brings tons of traffic! Connecting with others on Twitter This one is not really about traffic.

Twitter Marketing For Dummies That Don’t Even Know They Are Dummies

How about we touch upon community building and making connections? Twitter is a perfect place to communicate with your readers and reach out to other bloggers. But of course as you become more popular and every new article gets a few hundred tweets it becomes impossible to thank everyone.

So this will be quite effective for you. When I was running Photodoto we were saving people who tweeted our articles into a spreadsheet. Not everyone of course, but those who had over 5k followers.

And once we had a really stunning article published — we reached out to these people on Twitter. And guess what?

1. Start with a Twitter strategy

Some of them tweeted the article! This strategy works even better if you actually make friends with people who tweet your stuff and not only bother them when you need a tweet. Keep this in mind. What you should be tweeting The last point I have for you today.

Actually I wrote quite a solid post on what people tweet and why but just to make some practical advice out of it: Click to tweet Just be authentic and do your best to serve people who are following you. Most of them had quite a specific reason for following you, so make sure you fit into this reasoning with your tweets.

However, the truth is that the most important thing to track on Twitter is your engagement levels. Without engagement, all you have is a number, not a real follower list.

Respond fast: People expect brands to be responsive on Twitter. Let your customers know you care by getting back to them fast. Retweet, interact and follow: Show your audience you value them by retweeting their content, following them on Twitter and more.

Ask questions and get interactive: Have conversations with your audience. Host polls and ask for their opinions on relevant topics to do with your brand.

Hold a competition to get people excited about your company. Use mentions to tag people: Get involved with your network of followers and influencers by mentioning them and tagging them in your posts. Just make sure your tagging strategies are appropriate.

Check out how DiGiornio interacts with their followers by asking for their advice for who to follow on Twitch: 6. In simple terms, social media is all about encouraging conversations between people. Humanizing your brand means bringing your personality into the things you Tweet. Think about the kind of personality you want your business to have. Would you rather be informal and upbeat, or informative and sophisticated?

Whatever you choose, make sure you keep your personality consistent. For instance, Innocent maintains a fun and quirky identity online: As well as working on your brand voice, make sure you naturally converse with people on Twitter.

Use multimedia to boost engagement Multimedia continues to be a valuable and useful way to engage on social media. To drive engagement from your followers, you could: Share a behind-the-scenes video of your organization to help build your credibility and authenticity as a brand.

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Make sure the images you share are designed to spark a conversation and relevant to your brand. Remember that you can tag up to 10 people per image if necessary. Try GIFs — they can be a quirky way to show the fun side of your business. Monitor your performance Perhaps the most important thing to do when learning how to use Twitter effectively is remembering to monitor your brand.

10 useful Twitter marketing tips for business

Monitoring your brand means both watching what people are saying about you online and paying attention to your Twitter performance. Follow your competitors: Keeping track of your competitors does two things.

First, it gives you inspiration for your own Twitter posts and activity. Secondly, it lets you know what other people are saying about competing brands and how they compare to you. Listen to your followers: Use a tool like Sprout Social to listen to what your audience is saying about you in hashtags, mentions and keywords important to your brand.

The more you know about your brand reputation, the easier it will be to make a positive change. Measure your Marketing with Twitter Analytics : Twitter Analytics provides you with a basic overview of your social media marketing strategy.

Experiment with new tactics Finally, once you master the basics on Twitter, try experimenting with some advanced content formats that the platform is capable of.

For instance, explore the paid advertising options on Twitter to directly promote specific posts and target specific audiences.

Alternatively, try: Setting up Twitter cards for your website: This ensures that when you share your blog posts on social media, they stand out among your target audience. Broadcasting live video: Companies have been experimenting with Live video on Twitter for a while now, including degree streaming channels.

As video and other visual content become more popular, live video is an excellent addition to any Twitter strategy. Provide customer service: If you have enough people to manage your Twitter account, consider providing an additional avenue for customer service.What you should be tweeting The last point I have for you today.

Friday is the best day to post on Twitter The best time to post on Twitter is between 9 am and 10 am The safest times to post on Twitter every day are between 10 am and 12 pm Sunday mornings are the worst for engagement on Twitter Of course, every audience is different.

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Promoted Tweets If you want to know about creating one or two accounts, you can go directly to the section that discusses that topic in Chapter 2. Find out where customers saw your ad.

Go forth into the world of Twitter and dominate your efforts in marketing and driving business through the Internet. Hashtags enable you to classify content so that your tweets are grouped with other relevant Twitter content.

And with Hootsuite Insights , you can monitor social media networks, news sources, and blogs to stay on top of trends, understand the conversations happening around your brand, and discover which content is resonating with your audience.

Hire an agency partner to enhance your marketing efforts or grow your team.

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