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Taming My Prince Charming (The Prince Charming Series Book 2) - Kindle edition by J. S. Cooper. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . Read saving Taming My Prince Charming (Finding My Prince Charming, #2) .. Shelves: ebook, read, 2-stars, read-in-english. Note to myself: Only read . Read Taming My Prince Charming (Finding My Prince Charming, #2) Online Epub Pages. Read / Download now on weinratgeber.info Taming My .

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PDF - Taming My Prince Charming. When Lola met Xavier, Prince of Romerius, she was immediately attracted to his dark, handsome good looks and sparkling. Aug 19, The Paperback of the Taming My Prince Charming by J. S. Cooper at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Jul 29, Taming My Prince Charming read online free from your Pc or Mobile. Taming My Prince Charming (Finding My Prince Charming #2) is a.

I was not interested in falling for Lola. I was not interested in love. Like now. It irritated me.

He might think she was interested in him. I grew angry just thinking about it. Aug 04, Stacy Hahn rated it it was amazing. Taming My Prince Charming will leave you speechless with your jaw on the floor! And I absolutely fricking loved every minute of it. The fake engagement continues with Lola holding her head high inspire of many less than stellar circumstances she has to endure.

Lola is trying so hard to fight her feelings for Xavier because she knows she's just going to get hurt in the end. Xavier is making it hard to like him in this book. He has secrets and a vendetta that we don't yet know about. He is having m Taming My Prince Charming will leave you speechless with your jaw on the floor!

He is having mixed feelings as to how he's using Lola in that. Will he gain a conscience or is it too late and the damage done? This book ends in a WTF cliffhanger and I can't wait to read book 3!

Aug 02, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm dying here!! I wanna slap, punch, kick, kiss, and have my way with Xavier. The man can drive you nuts in all ways.

Violeta is a real b"! I would love to go rounds with her. Who came into the room? What's going on? Please dear God don't let her be stupid enough to fall for Caspers lines and make the next book all about her trying to get Xavier to forgive her when he is the one needing forgiveness.

View 2 comments. Aug 09, Zeba rated it it was ok. Stupid fucking book. I don't get this 9 chapter book. He's trying to make an ex jealous. Or what not by taking her to a sex castle where his ex is?? The one who cheated on him with his cousin who happens to be the Prince of the aformentioned castle??? He thinks he loves her at the last 2 pages when the other cousin has sequestered her in his bedroom??????

This sucked. I am being extremely generous with 2 stars. Aug 05, Madeleine Knutsson rated it it was ok Shelves: Note to myself: Only read J. Coopers series when all off the books in the series are already out! Feb 11, The Book Junkie Reads.

Lola has found herself in a world beyond her imagination. She finds that she has been thrust in to a world that does not want her. She finds that things are not what they seem.

Xavier in this installment seems more like a wimp at times and then a scared little boy. His alpah seems to have left the building. Though it has brief visits. This was a short read and the flip and flop of Xavier was the only real thing to count on.

Lola was too trusting. I was disappointed upon hearing Xavier for the fi Lola has found herself in a world beyond her imagination.

I was disappointed upon hearing Xavier for the first time.

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Listening to his parents and cousin. There were no accents to go with the rich history that was suppose to revolve around these people. And there were times when I was not sure if the person talking was male of female. Not good. Dec 11, Jojo M added it. Seeing as how I didn't finish reading this book I feel it would be un-fair to actually rate it. It's not that I was too busy or something I just couldn't finish reading this book.

It kind of seemed ridiculous to me. How does one actually go through with a week of sex after finding out the real reason she was brought to his country?

I feel like s Seeing as how I didn't finish reading this book I feel it would be un-fair to actually rate it. I feel like saying makes me feel sick makes me sound too dramatic, but it's truly sad and disturbing that one would actually still give themselves to one who treated them in such a way. Oct 25, Shweta Choudhary rated it it was amazing.

Con't do it don't do it LOLA!!! Shit with the ending Next book please??? Decemeber please come soon Will you? WTF for real.. I am a huge fan of J. I love her work, her characters, and the worlds she creates for them. Her books are always entertaining, romantic, and well written. It is with a heavy heart that I write this review.

Taming My Prince Charming by J. Cooper is the sequel to Finding My Prince Charming. I was looking forward to this release because of the cliffhanger in the first book.

I was also hoping that I could connect with these characters this go round and become more invested in their story. I was also under the impression that this was the conclusion to their story.

But this was not the case. Taming My Prince Charming was just another installment into the ongoing story and ended with another cliffhanger. But this time around I think this cliffhanger left a bad taste among some readers.

Xavier has taken Lola to Romerius under the pretense of a royal engagement. We are under the impression that he did this to protect Lola from the media. But why would this protect her when a royal engagement would cause even more sensation. Once they are in Romerius it becomes clear that Xavier has an agenda. What that agenda is never really explained or hinted at. Is it revenge?

Is it a power play? Who is his revenge directed at and why? The only person that suffered throughout this book was Lola. She was subjected to some pretty ugly situations where she had no clue how to react. She was kept in the dark. Xavier not only has used her for his own sexual pleasures, he is exposing and exploiting her in a perverse world in which she does not belong.

She went from being a strong, intelligent, independent young woman to becoming a submissive doormat.

She gave Xavier some sass at times but let him walk all over her when her inner self was screaming to run in the other direction.

The Lola from the first book would have been on a plane back to London without any second thoughts. Readers were expecting Lola to be introduced into the world of royality. We were expecting the conflict to come from that world. The royal world barely came into play. The readers were briefly introduced to the royal family.

They did not get any information about the country of Romerius, the traditions, the politics, and their part in the world. It was unclear what exactly this club is in the whole scheme of things. It is obvious The Club is for royals to act out on their sexual perversities and indiscretions. And why would they label these acts of indiscretions as a Ball? I felt like the plot was jumbled and not on a clear direction. I also felt that the author was borrowing from other plots from her previous books.

The Club is clearly one of those things. I felt like the characters were not fully developed. We never get a true sense of who Xavier is. We get glimpses into his thoughts but they are not clear or followed through. He does not really come across as a Crown Prince. He has no concerns for his nationality, his countrymen, or his role in their lives.

We never understand his attraction to Lola other than wanting to screw her. He abuses her innocence, insults her integrity, and treats her like a cheap whore most of the time. He is never tender with her. Why would she be attracted to a man who treats her so badly. As for all of the secondary characters I got a sense of who they were but just a small bit.

Taming My Prince Charming

I know their names but am not sure how they really fit into the story. Taming My Prince Charming was not a royal romance. I feel adding the word romance is somewhat of a farce as far as this book is concerned. The character interaction, the build up of sexual chemistry, and the dialogue that leads to a romantic love story was missing. It was more of a few sexual interludes that had no tenderness or true fire behind them.

I will read the next book in this series because of Lola and Lola alone. She was left in a horrific situation that has my gut clenching. I am hoping she comes through this ordeal a stronger woman and gives Xavier the FU and gets out of the palace. Keeping My Prince Charming will be out in November Mar 13, Amanda rated it did not like it. Don't bother.

See a Problem?

May 28, Teri rated it really liked it. What is this club really??? I wish we got more details of what really goes on there!! And why call it going to a Ball???

Who's getting even with who??? It seems like everyone is out to get someone! I don't know who the bad people are here. What were you thinking?!?!? Don't trust anyone!!! We are getting into more mystery and suspense, I want more romance. The book skipped over a lot of the time Xavier and Lola spent together. I would like some deta 3. I would like some details about little things like, What do they talk about? This series really has changed directions from the initial plot. I'd love to know how the story was initially planned to roll out.

This book is becoming suspense like similar to The Private club.

I wanted a Prince Charming book. View 1 comment. Oct 12, Jackyline Mendoza rated it did not like it. The first book was like a fairy tale, then this 2nd book became horny its like unleashing your real desire: I just didn't like the story line, as I was reading this I got confused as to what the story's real objective or goal is. Oct 25, Mavis rated it it was ok.

I keep saying this aren't the best books but I have now to read the next one to find the END. May 25, Lindsay Catari rated it really liked it.

Feb 23, Carmen Chacon rated it liked it.

Why am I doing this to myself? This is not pages at all. I liked it but I don't know if I want to spend another 3. Serials kill me. Though I still read them. Aug 20, Michelle Quintana rated it liked it. What other items do customers download after viewing this item?

Helen Cooper. One Night Stand. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on site.

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Verified download. OMG, how could she do this to me?!! Cooper, you are just evil!! Must read Finding My Prince Charming first! One week, just sex, nothing more. But as they spend more time together, they both realize that there may be more than just sexual chemistry between them. There was so much more depth in this second installment.

Xavier is still the rude, arrogant alpha male, but I love him so much more now because we got to see his sensitive and vulnerable side.

PDF - Taming My Prince Charming

He introduces Lola to his world, and even though it got overwhelming at times, I loved that she was strong enough to follow her heart and stay by his side.

I was happy to see that she held her own against Violeta. The chemistry between Xavier and Lola is hotter than ever! Xavier has a secret agenda. Faking an engagement and bringing Lola to Romerius was part of his plan for Is it a vendetta against Violeta?

Against Casper? Or against someone else? I need Keeping My Prince Charming now! I can't wait to find out what happens. Well what can I say about this sequel to Finding my Prince Charming? I wasn't sure in the first book whether I was going to like Xavier. He was a serious creep to our plucky heroine, Lola. Had I been her I might have given him a good slapping in a couple of places.

This book develops the characters and their relationships. But talk about leaving you hanging for the last installment! I will not spoil it. Suffice it to say, I can hardly wait for the last book.

If you haven't already read the first book Finding my Prince Charming, then start there. You may wonder about the heroes character as I did, but it's worth the read. I think you'll really like the development of characters in both books. Read on! S, Smith has done it again!!!! She always has a way of making you relate to her characters on their level! Love that she takes the time to show the main characters from each one's point of view. Boy what a web of anticipation she can weave!!!!!!!!

Love all of her work!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg just finished yet another excellent book by the amazingly fabulous is cooper.. I am still in shock and aweee.One of the reasons I had big expectations for Finding She was subjected to some pretty ugly situations where she had no clue how to react.

Lola has zero backbone. Whenever I need a book that is guaranteed to delight or something to pull me out of a reading slump, werewolf romances are my very first choice.

His described personality lead me to picture him as sickly and creepy looking, making me cringe whenever Lola called him ''sex god, ''so hot'' etc. Shakti best bookz recommendation.

Not to smother you with feminism or anything, but wow.

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