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This is why Speakout brings real people into the classroom. The Video podcasts show people giving their opinions about the topics in the book and illustrate. with mini-dictionary. STUDENTS' BOOK r. O. O m. 'l e t e p m a h g n n n. U c h. 3 vi a s   Face2face Elementary Teachers weinratgeber.info Speakout is a comprehensive English course that helps adult learners gain confidence in all skill areas using authentic materials from the BBC. With its wide .

Speak Out Intermediate Teachers Resource Book

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Speakout bridges the gap between classroom and the real world Authentic video material from the BBC with DVD spreads in every unit motivate and engage. Speakout Intermediate Teachers' Book with Resource and Assessment Disk, 2nd The comprehensive Teacher's Book contains detailed notes and extra. Speakout 2nd Edition Intermediate Teacher's Guide and Resource Disc. 5,円 (w/o tax Life - American Edition 5 Student Book, Text Only. Price: 3,円.

Gone are the days of teaching out of a textbook for the entire class period. We know that teaching and learning are more rounded experiences that must be filled with activity and variety in order to maximize learning.

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With that in mind, each of these textbooks is extra-flexible, and meant to be used and consulted when needed in different situations. Highlights: One of the best features about this book is the not-so-mini collection of mini-books that it comes with. Accompanying each chapter of the textbook are mini-books to help assist students in the early stages of literacy.

This book comes with an extremely useful section that has advice on how to run the first week of class.

This section has tips on how to make students feel welcome and help usher students into the English language learning process. This way, the students are able to grow familiar with each other and begin to build a foundation for socializing! Available on site At a Glance: Laughter is a universal language.

In this textbook, the authors know the power of a good laugh and they use it to help children learn! All of it is designed for kids that have never been introduced to the English language before.

This set is loaded with exercises and activities that are designed to let kids have fun while learning English. Highlights: A great feature about this book is the formatting.

The letters are very large in order to suit younger learners. Inside the book are lots of tracing worksheets to help guide younger learners through writing their first English words. Because this book is focused on younger learners, it comes with a lot of fun worksheets that have oral directions to help students with listening to the English language along the way.

For example, a coloring worksheet might have specific directions that the teacher should read aloud to students. In this book, the author focuses on giving teachers methods of documenting and tracking the learning process of English learners. Highlights: The author discusses the four themes of learning a language: real language, integrated and whole language, a facilitating environment and a learning continuum.

In this book, the author demonstrates the different types of assessment that go alongside these four themes. Students are learning the language for more reasons than just to please the teacher.

Speakout Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book with Resource & Assessment Disc (2e)

This book still has tons to offer and is perfect for ESL teachers that are just starting out in the classroom. With a 4 out of 5 star review on site, this book includes simple yet highly effective language activities that are engaging for kids of all ages. Highlights: One of the best parts of this book is its thoroughness. This book also comes with a convenient checklist of grammatical structures and language structures along with tips on how to run an ESL classroom as smoothly and effectively as possible.

In this book focusing on fluency and grammar, the pages are packed with activities and exercises that have been formulated specifically for more mature students. It even gives different activities specific to those different types of students! Hands down, the best part of this book is the creative writing prompts and games that it offers for working with advanced students. What are they doing?

Do they know each other? Give Ss I min toa police detective tries to arrange a date with a woman he's read the programme information and check the answers torecently met. Ss learn and practise how to talk about a specialperson in their lives, and write a competition entry about their their questions.

Ask Were your guesses correct? What did youbest friend. Ss then read the text again and answer questions Then discuss the last two questions.

Will he ask her out? Will she accept? They'll find out in Ex 2A.

Culture notes Answers: 1 He's a detective. It was one of the first British towns to have supermarket in Blackpool. Play the DVD.

Warm up Teachin tiLead i n and create interest i n the lesson. Tell S s to cover thetexts and look at the photos across the bottom of the pages.

Tel l Ss to focus on answering the question, and not worry about language they don't understand. They'll watch theAsk Where's Blackpoof? What sore ofplace is it? Then give Ss Ss compare their answers.

Speakout Upper-Intermediate Teacher's Resource Book

Play the DVD again if they don't mins to describe the photos and discuss their impressionsof Blackpool. Elicit and discuss Ss' answers. In feedback, elicit answers and check Ss' predictionsinformation about Blackpool from the Culture notes. Ask from Ex I B. Yes, he did ask her out and she did accept ThenWould you like to go there?Clare Antonia.

Speakout 2nd Edition Intermediate Teacher's Guide and Resource Disc

Easy navigation of Student's Book pages with 'zoom in' facility and Audio available at the touch of a button Students are able to store their notes with the Active Book note taking facility Extra video podcasts with accompanying worksheets. Play the DVD again if they don't mins to describe the photos and discuss their impressionsof Blackpool. Tell S s to cover thetexts and look at the photos across the bottom of the pages.

There is Answer Key file. How is this book specialized for children or for adults? Pearson Education Limited, 2nd Edition, - 97 p.

Each chapter has a different theme ranging from exploring daily habits to pet peeves. The list is broken down into two different categories: Textbooks that were either specially made for kids or have characteristics that would work well with children, and textbooks that were designed to accommodate older and adult students.

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