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Monday, March 11, 2019

The content on this portal is meant for sharing information regarding vehicles on the basis of information available on centralized VAHAN and vehicle National. Consultant for duplicate RC of car bike in RTO Pune Maharastra, How to apply for To book order or to clarify any query or concern, you can contact one of our . QuikrEasy connect you to a network of qualified and trained Duplicate RC (RTO Consultants) providers in Pune. Get your life back on track in no time so you can .

Rc Book Pune

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Normally if you ask at any vehicle showroom, they will say days, which after further conversation goes to days. And, if you still. PUNE: The Pune regional transport office has started issuing “People downloading new vehicles will get the RC in the form of the smart card. Duplicate RC book in Pune of vehicle is issued by the Regional Transport Authority/office (RTA/RTO) in Pune in case you loss your RC or its get Mutitated or.

Carry originals of all the above I was not asked for this, but someone in the line was, so maybe that's just a random check Steps: 1.

Stick the photo with glustick DONT use Staple on the front top right corner of form or covering letter sent by bank 2. Write your mobile number on top middle of form first page 3. Watch out for touts and agents, they will start making a conversation, don't talk to anyone of them, just walk into main building.

My Hindi is also poor and so I had used Google translate to help me out numbers.

Delay in getting RC book for a new byke in Pune..?

If you are overwhelmed by the number of disappointed people and agents, just stay calm and sit and relax in one of the chairs for some time. Look for counter number 32 - the longest queue would be out there 8.

In counter number 32, you need to show your papers and the documents verified by a lady.

He might ask some questions as "first time you can't be right". Owner's Aadhaar card - Copy only Owner's photograph Print of payment receipt if paid online Staple all the papers up together. Then, carry out the following steps to get the hypothecation removed from your RC book: Get all the documents checked by an officer. Ask around to know who the verification officer is easy to find.

Maharashtra - Obtain Duplicate Registration Certificate

Get these details entered into the RTO computer system e. Hand your papers to the concerned officer at that counter and ask him to approve your details that have just been entered into the system. Go to the payment counter and pay the Rs.

Go back to the officer in "step b" who approved your details in the computer system. He then made these changes into the RTO computer system.

RTO RC and DL Tracking System Update

Total Cost - Rs Additional pointers Agents can get pretty pushy in peddling their services. As I've illustrated above, it's easy to get the job done yourself.

If, on the other hand, you are pressed for time, hiring a reliable agent is probably the way to go. When you go to collect your RC, there is a computer inquiry section. It's here that you will get updates on your RC.

In my case, they had sent the RC within only 2 days of paying the fees. This is for those who would be visiting an RTO other than Pune. Make an effort to find out the entire procedure on your first visit itself.

This way, you won't spend too much time at the RTO. I had to spend a total of 75 minutes only both visits together to get the work done.

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Pune RTO starts issuing ‘smart’ & handy registration certificates

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Copyright - www. Spare Parts.Then, carry out the following steps to get the hypothecation removed from your RC book: I had taken a copy of the RC book and insurance with me.

It will be really grateful. He will hand over your documents along with an "Acceptance Form", which essentially contains all the details mentioned on the RC. Copy of Driving Licence 5. Every vehicle owner private or non-commercial vehicle is required to register his vehicle at the nearest RTO office.

Stick the photo with glustick DONT use Staple on the front top right corner of form or covering letter sent by bank 2.

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