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From 21 July To 10 August , Hindi Discourse Series, 21 Chapters. Ajhoon Chet. Ami Jharat Bigsat Kanwal, Download in PDF. From 11 March To. Now, you can listen to the mesmerizing voice of Osho right at your desktop, even download them in Almost all the Hindi Discourses of Osho are available here. Osho - Discourses in Hindi - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online.

Osho Speech In Hindi Pdf

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Download Bhagwan Osho Rajneesh Pdf Books. Osho Books (Hindi) Osho Books (English). OSHO Audio Discourses - Maha Geeta (Osho). I always prefer a video lecture over a book whenever I want to understand any You can PM me your email Id. I have a good collection of osho's books In pdf. Search Books*. Show All; Osho-English; Osho-Hindi; Osho_Siddharth .. Osho- Hindi From 21 May To 31 May , Hindi Discourse Series, 11 Chapters.

Nirvichar, no thought, is not opposite of vichaar, thought. Opposite of thought is vichaarheenata, thoughtlessness. In thoughtlessness, the possibility of thought, latent thoughts, unexpressed thoughts are present. On the periphery both seem to be same. This is the ahimsa level. The opposite of himsa is not ahimsa. Mamatwa prefers passiveness which is seen as indifference, depression, love which is actually possessiveness , escaping from action.

But, Arjun was full of fear of losing his relatives from both sides. That is why he was trembling and losing all strength. He became totally depressed. Arjun was trying to choose the opposite of war which is not peace. If ahimsa would have been his swabhava, his nature, then this gita would not have happened.

At another place Osho says — 5. There is nothing called as himsa. There is only desire of himsa, harming, violence.

One likes to and enjoys harming or violence. The act of harming or violence is not bad. It is the desire and the enjoyment feeling that is sin. Similarly, ahimsa is neither good nor bad. There is nothing called as ahimsa.


There is only desire of saving, desire of not being violent, desire of not harming. A person who is full of happiness is creative, whereas a person full of madness and insanity becomes himsak, violent, a person like Hitler. At the Cosmic level there is nothing called as himsa, violence. But, at the bhava level, the mind level, which is the desire level, there is himsa, violence.

Manana is connected with Shastras, scriptures and Janana is connected with Experience. The knowledge connected with scriptures becomes our beliefs. Wake up, become strong, awaken your wisdom. Unless we put to stake our whole life like Arjuna, Krishna cannot be understood. Unless we choose Krishna alone against his whole, strong army we cannot understand Krishna.

We have to choose to go in search for the silent Sarthi within. For developing a strong Sankalpa, strong Ahamkara, Ego, is necessary. Sankalpa comes with Ego, the head. It also represents dominance, buddhi, vichar. It tries to escape from being the doer. This surrender is not surrender at all. There has to be a balance between head and heart.

A surrender happening with a strong Ego and strong Heart is balanced and total. It took 8 long Chapters for Krishna to cut the cords of the doubts and so called beliefs. He became a real Bhakta, a person full of Trust and closeness with Krishna. Bhakti is an easy path only for people who have crossed the turmoil of doubt successfully. The secrets of Truth and spirituality are given to such Bhaktas.

Opposite of Bhakta is Vibhakta. A Bhakta joins, synthesizes and a Vibhakta breaks, analyzes. Bhakta is strong. He is blessed with the strength of wisdom, highest knowledge. Only a Bhakta is capable of reaching. Gurus, teachers and scriptures are just pointers and helpers to help us to find the right path. We have to tread the path on our own.

It is similar to the hitting of or beating and shouting of Zen Masters. This push is beyond the physical and mental capacity of the disciples. But, still it is necessary for the disciples to make a shift in their sadhana, to help them pull out from wherever the disciples are stuck up or are lingering. Gurus can only give a temporary glimpse which will fade away. The disciple has to do Sadhana to gain the divine abilities. He has to become strong physically and mentally.

Enlightened beings all over the world over all times have used contradictory words and languages, which creates a peripheral difference in the scriptures.

But, there is a common factor which prevails in all. The first halt, stop, Padaav in the creation process from one to many is three. The process goes on as one to three, three to nine, nine to eighty one and so on. Similarly, while returning to the source the last halt is at three. Ahamkara, Ego starts at three.

Tamas is the strength of binding, being steady. It pulls you down. The force of Gravitation is Tamas. Spiritual blindness is also Tamas.

Osho books: Download osho hindi books pdf for free!

Tamas is heaviness. In Meditation we experience a feeling of levitation. That is because the strength of tamas is lessened. Mental heaviness is all our worries, wrong relations, wrong decisions, wrong impressions, bad habits. Death has more tamas. Excess eating, nicotine, suicidal tendencies are all tamas.

Tamas people are poor. Rajas is action, speedy, stresses. All the problems, upadrava of the world are rajas. Mental disorders, social activists, all mischief, fever is rajas. Rajas people are wealthy. Tamas and Rajas are opposites. Where they are balanced Sattwa is present.

Meaning of balanced is the necessary amount of Tamas and Rajas, none is even a bit more or bit less than required. Sattwa means balance, param buddhi, birth of Virgin, now there is nothing excess. There is total harmony, rhythm, peace, tripti quenching of thirst , a perfect understanding and collaboration of opposites. It is easier to go beyond the Gunas, take a leap from the edge of Sattwa.

It is possible to go beyond even from Tamas, but it is very difficult. Very few people like Valmiki, Angulimaal have reached through Tamas. Basically on a broader frame there are two types of Paths one Sankhya and the other Yoga for two type of personalities Antarmukhi, Introverts and Bahirmukhi, Extroverts.

Sankhya is path of Jnana, Knowledge, wisdom. It needs to go in search in the micro, the inner world. Whereas Yoga is a path of Karma, action, doing. It needs to go in search in the macro, the outer world. An introvert needs to follow the Sankhya path and an extrovert needs to follow the path of Yoga. We have to choose our path according to our nature, swabhava. Seva, work is the Dharma nature for extroverts and Dhyan, meditation is the Dharma for introverts.

Each person is a unique combination of the two. So each person has to make his own path. Krishna had to provoke Arjuna for war and not meditation as he was an extrovert. An extrovert cannot become introvert and vice versa. Buddha used the word Nirvana, meaning extinction of lamp. As far as the expression is concerned they are different. But, they are expressing about the same ultimate experience. But, sometimes he speaks from the dimension beyond time. By that time, Osho had resumed daily public lectures and gave press meets, after 3.

On 28 October , he was indicted on 35 counts in Multnomah County, Oregon. Charges included immigration violations and making false statements on his visa application. He was jailed for 12 days. During this time, Osho, himself reports that he was poisoned with heavy-metal Thallium.

He finally returned back to India Mumbai in June , putting an end to all his journeys. In January , he settled back in the Poona Ashram, where he would give evening discourses.

However, health problems such as nausea, fatigue, pain in extremities, and lack of resistance to infections became frequent. He gave his last public discourse in April Then onwards he would simply sit in silence with his followers. Shortly before his death, Osho suggested that one or more audience members at evening meetings were subjecting him to some form of evil magic. A search for the perpetrators was undertaken, but none could be found.

Osho died on 19 January , aged 58, reportedly of heart failure. Satisfying sexual experience is an essential part of a healthy and enjoyable life for most people. As defined by Kaplan, the sexual response cycle consists of three phases: Desire, arousal excitement , and orgasm. However, the division is arbitrary and it only helps to organize clinical and research oriented problems involving sexuality.

The first three components constitute our sexual identity, second three comprise our sexual function, and the seventh is based on our personal reflection on the first six. Sexual activity is a multifaceted biological activity, involving complex interactions between the nervous system, the endocrine system, the vascular system, and a variety of structures that are instrumental in sexual excitement, intercourse, and satisfaction.

Normal sexual function requires the integrity of the genitalia, the reliable co-ordination of blood flow, the activation of various smooth and skeletal muscles and the stimulation of local secretions. This is linked with cognitive processes attending to the sexual meaning of what is happening.

Though essentially it is meant for procreation, it has also been a source of pleasure, a natural relaxant, it confirms one's gender, bolsters one's self-esteem and sense of attractiveness for mutually satisfying intimacy and relationship. This information summarizes the biology of sex.

However, this is not all. Out of thousands of lectures, five lectures on sex made Osho most notorious. It all happened when he was called to speak on love in one of the prestigious institutions at Mumbai. In order to present a complete picture of the human situation regarding love, he had to bring in sex and those responsible for destroying its sacredness.

Though the organizers banned his lecture after the first day, he continued four more lectures at a different venue despite death threats. It was all about realizing the sacredness of sex to create a better humanity that can transcend sex and transform self. It is unfortunate that something that humans should have been living, something, which is actually meant to be lived, has only been talked about by them for the past years.

Love is being talked about and discussed, songs of love are being sung, devotional hymns of love are being sung, but love itself has no place in the lives of human beings. Today's human being is the product of a culture that is 10, years old. But the human being is blamed for being wrong, not the culture.

Man is rotting, yet the culture is praised. It is like blaming the bitter fruit given by a tree and not the seed responsible for the tree. Why is it that the more civilized we are, more away we are from love?

Actually, love is our intrinsic nature. It need not be cultivated. However, barriers for its manifestation need to be removed. The barriers are essentially man made. The first thing is that until now all of human culture has been against sex.

Everybody is inimical to it: All cultures, all religions, all gurus, and all holy men. Sex is projected to be sin. But the evolution of love is nothing but transformed sex energy.

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It is just like how coal becomes diamond with passage of time. If lust is transformed, sex can become love. Suppression ultimately makes it to come out many times more intensely, like an obsession. Thus, people are more neurotic and perverted with anger, aggression, crime, etc. This is because it is the same energy that has taken an alternate manifestation due to centuries of suppression.

It was only in moments of lovemaking that human beings realized for the first time that so much bliss was possible. Those who meditated on this truth, those who reflected deeply upon the phenomenon of sex, of lovemaking, saw that in moments of lovemaking, at the climax, the mind becomes empty of thoughts. For a moment, all thoughts disappear. This emptiness of the mind, this disappearance of thoughts, is the cause of the showering of divine bliss.

They had discovered the secret. From this developed the systems of yoga and of no-mind that gave birth to meditation, to prayerfulness. At the root of all this is the experience of lovemaking.

Thus, human beings came to experience that the mind can be stilled, that the mind can be freed of thoughts without going into sex and that the same bliss that happens in sex can be attained. Moreover, one can be in the experience of lovemaking only for a limited time because it is dissipation and release of energy, but one can remain in the experience of meditation continuously.

One who attains to meditation experiences the same bliss around the clock which a couple experiences in the moment of orgasm.

However, there is no basic difference between the bliss of the two. What is at the core of human beings? Leave human beings aside for the moment, even if we look at the animal or vegetable kingdom, what will we find at the core of everything?

What is a plant doing in essence? Its whole energy is directed towards producing new seeds. Its entire being is occupied with forming new seeds. What is a bird doing? What is an animal doing? If we look closely into nature, we will find that there is only one wholehearted process going on.

It is one of continuous creation, of procreation, of continuous resurrection of life in newer and newer forms. Flowers are nurturing seeds, fruits are nurturing seeds.

What will the seed do? The seed will grow into a new plant, into a new flower, into a new fruit.

This way, life is an infinitely non-ending process of procreation. This labeling has given a kind of condemnatory feeling in humans about it. Nevertheless, in humans also, a constant effort to procreate life goes on. But what is this sex energy? Long-long-ago there were only rocks, mountains, rivers, and oceans on this earth. What were these longing for?

They were striving to produce better life-plants. Ever so gradually, plants came into existence. The life-energy had manifested itself in a new form. But the plants were also not content with themselves. Their inner urge and striving was also for something higher.

Then animals and birds came into being. Earth remained full of them for ages, but human beings were still nowhere in sight. Yet human beings were always there, inherent in the animals and birds, striving to be born. In due course, they came into existence. Now, the human being is ceaselessly eager to create new life. However, the meaning of this lust in its basics is only this much, that human beings do not want to just end on themselves; they want to go on furthering life. This is because of the same inherent force that existed in other life forms, to produce better beings.

Certainly, the soul of human beings is striving for a better human being, a superior being. However, how will a better human being take birth?

Instead of respecting sex, religions have called it names. The truth is that there is nothing else more important in human life than this urge. However, it has been covered up and suppressed. People have turned their backs on this powerful life energy without trying to understand it. This has made them even more badly obsessed with sex, leading them to hasty acts like rape and perversions. Majority of mental illnesses are due to repression of sex.

Man has developed intense curiosity to watch a nude body of women. What is the attraction? What is this mighty pull?

Osho - Discourses in Hindi

The sexual desire in the very core of humans is actually not a sexual desire. That is why after every sex act, they feel remorseful. They think about how to be free of it, because they find nothing in it. Perhaps the attraction is of something else. This something is that in their normal life, humans are unable to reach the depths of their being except in the experience of sex.

Deep down, two things happen to them there. First, in the moment of orgasm, the ego vanishes. The second thing that happens is that for a while there is no time there.

Timelessness emerges. There is no past, no future; there is only the present. So there is an unconsciousness urge to experience this egolessness and timelessness, which are mystic experiences. Thus, though it appears superficially that there is craving for the body of opposite sex, the craving is for something else, for the taste of egolessness and timelessness.

Behind this craving is an attempt at soul searching. So the root of spiritual realization is nothing but sex. Sex is the energy. It is the only energy the living beings have got.

The energy can be transformed, it can become a higher energy. The higher it moves, the lesser and lesser sexuality remains in it.

There is an end peak where it becomes simply love and compassion. This ultimate flowering is the divine energy, but the root remains sex. This energy cannot be killed. No energy can be killed — energy can only be transformed. Further, we cannot create energy too.

Creation and destruction are both beyond human beings. Now, even scientists agree to this — not even a single atom can be destroyed. Religions aimed at becoming absolutely free from sex. That created madness. The more you fight, the more you suppress, the more sexual you become.

And then sex moves deeper into the unconscious. Whatsoever we do, sex comes in. Nobody is playing tricks. If you suppress sex, you are the devil. Then start an excessive indulgence in sex. The polarity has changed, but the problem is as it is.However, from day 1, problems persisted between the natives and ashram inmates.

I wanted to explore its potential for examining what destroyed our community from a viewpoint outside myself, on paper. Where are the Gandhians Osho-English Download.

They talk from and talk about a dimension which has Light and is beyond time and space, which is beyond our living and experience dimension. He is the eldest of the 11 children of a Jaina cloth merchant. Kaplan HP. Hence in , he shifted to Pune Poona. Osho Bengaluru. Sanyas means a living which has desire free actions. What is a plant doing in essence?

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