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Mind Games book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Fia and Annie are as close as two sisters can be. They look out for e. Perfect for fans of We Were Liars, an edgy, heartstopping psychological thriller about two sisters determined to protect each other—no matter the cost, from the. My paranormal weariness usually results in my passing over books in The story of Mind Games is kicked into motion when Fia fails to kill a.

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Mind Games [Michael Powell] on weinratgeber.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The brain is the body's most powerful organ—and this fascinating book. If I had to choose one book that has the potential to transform its readers' lives for the better, that book would be Mind Games. Its transformative capacities are. “Mind Games is a thriller of the best sort, one with many characters vying to have Laini Taylor, author of Daughter of Smoke & Bone and National Book Award.

Keane, when he starts holding Annie hostage in order to force Fia to do his bidding. She always knows which road to take if she needs to get away. In the process of training her, they completely broke her. It reminded me just a bit of Tahereh Mafi, and you all know how I feel about her.

In this room I have picked which gun was unloaded out of ten options.

And then they pulled the trigger on me. I have picked stocks that went on to skyrocket. I have picked which pencil I would shove into Ms. Robertson, you see, is Mr. The school also has Seers, and Feelers empaths. The romance was completely unconventional, and all the more exciting because of it. Sofia had no idea whom she could trust, and neither did I. I liked James a lot, but his every action was morally dubious, and it was precisely that that made him perfect for Fia in a sad, twisted way.

Theirs is a romance I resisted for as long as I could because I felt that a part of it is rotten at its core, but in the end I had no choice but to accept it and want it for both of them. Make sure to have a free afternoon when you decide to read this book. You will not be able to put it down, that much I can promise you, it will consume your every thought. The ending IS an ending, but it is also a promise of a great second installment.

How about you? View all 6 comments. Dec 04, Zoe rated it did not like it Shelves: I mean really… why go through all the work when there are thousands of other books you can just steal borrow ideas from? Our protagonist, Fia has perfect instincts — her gut feeling is always right. Over and over again, Fia and Annie are asked to use their abilities for bad purposes, or to have each other killed. All I have to say is… really Kiersten White? No really… I heard somewhere that the first draft of this book was written in nine days!

I know how to twist it just so to pop-pop-pop it right out of the socket. Honestly, do I really need to explain what I think is wrong with the paragraphs above? I think my main problem with the writing was just simply the style in which it was written in. The book is written in 1st person present tense, which was a little hard to get into from the get-go. Pretty much it was like: Here comes the bus!

But it seemed so rushed and so juvenile that it came to the point where I could care less. Under normal circumstances, I would have really appreciated this; but Mrs. Fia and Annie are practically the same person.

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Not only do they sound alike, but they act alike as well. The side characters are completely undeveloped. All the side characters had so little depth and so much stereotyping that to me it seemed they were nothing more than cardboard cutouts. Side characters are the ones who are supposed to bring an already amazing story up to an entirely better level, but the side characters in Mind Games definitely did exactly the opposite. View all 10 comments. Jan 23, Ceilidh rated it did not like it.

The ratings system is inherently flawed in relation to book reviews. I tend to use the 1 star review solely for books that offended me, particularly in their romanticised depiction of rape culture, abusive relationships, women shaming, etc.

I seldom, if ever, give a book 1 star because it was just awful as a piece of literature. I read somewhere that the author Kiersten White finished the first draft of this book in nine days. Nine days is far longer than my original predic The ratings system is inherently flawed in relation to book reviews.

Nine days is far longer than my original prediction of a weekend. This book read like a NaNoWriMo novel written in the final two days because the author forgot about it.

The biggest failure of this book is the narration. Switching between the two sisters who are entirely matching in almost every way, White has chosen a stream-of-consciousness first person style to tell this story.

The non-linear narrative feels like such a slog, and does nothing but make the story entirely incoherent. Any possibility of the book livening up with some action is quickly ruined by this unreadable style. Scooby Doo offered up stronger motivation and characterisation than this book does. Of course, James is the dark, sexy and dangerous one who we are supposed to root for the woman he plies with alcohol to get together with.

Not that the alcohol plied sister Fia really cares about the well-being of this young woman. They serve bare plot purposes in the most serviceable manner possible and are barely explained or expanded upon.

The style of the book and the childish approach to storytelling and prose just dragged me out of the experience. I can live with an unoriginal plot structure, which this book has in spades, if the execution is interesting, or interesting questions are asked, or if the characters and dialogue bring it to life.

This book has none of that. I spent much more time thinking about why White was in such a hurry to push this book out than I did thinking about the book itself. I cannot understand how a relatively well acclaimed New York Times best-selling author can fail so badly with this book, although some blame must also go to the editor and agent for rushing this out so quickly as if publishing it was a race against time. I see that this book is the first in a duology, which makes me shudder, in all honesty.

View 1 comment. Oct 15, Sabrina rated it did not like it. The writing was weird - it kept repeating things three time, like when you add unnecessary words in a work so it has the sufficient word count - and extremely simple. This was the major problem for me.

It was just NO. The characters were boring and stupid. One of the main characters is just so bloody freaking stupid. She pissed me off so much in just 1.

She pissed me off so much in just a couple of chapters. Because I could only find one! View 2 comments. Fia can't make a wrong decision, because she's got perfect instincts. Her older sister, Annie, is blind, but has the ability to see into the future, and she's one of the only people who can "see" Fia. At the beginning of the novel, Fia is tasked with killing a guy named Adam. As someone with perfect instincts, she can easily fight off any guy, and has the ability to manipulate anyone around her to twist them around her little finger.

She's clearly the perfect assassin. The problem is, sh Synopsis: The problem is, she can't do it - the guy looks nice, and like a good person, and she makes a split-second decision to try and save him. Of course, people come after her, but she manages to escape with Adam, and we learn a little more about what led us to this point.

The story alternates between the voices of Annie and Fia, and flashbacks to the sisters' lives before and during this event. We find out that the girls ended up a school for "special girls" like them that is mostly run by males and is tapping their talents for it's own secret purposes. In this world, only girls have special powers, and those powers are grouped into Seer, Feeler, and Reader. Fia is none of those things, and because of that, she's extra special.

I loved Fia's strength and her desperate need to protect her sister at all costs. That's pretty much her "tell" in any situation, and it's one that's completely understandable and made me want to hug my besties. She's strong, sassy, and understands sacrifice better than any YA character I've ever seen. Her character was incredibly complex, and I pretty much wanted to stay in her fragile mind the entire time.

Read the rest of this review at Mostly YA Lit View all 5 comments. Jun 04, Neil or bleed rated it liked it Shelves: Mind Games is surely a dark novel which will eventually force your mind to think about it especially if you are in the head of two sisters who the one has a nearly insane and impulsive attitude and the other is calm and serene. The book was direct to the point so there are small amounts of detailing about the environment and the people and I'm used to that writing detailed so this was really a shocker and the reason why it has only pages.

The main point of the book is quite simple but the Mind Games is surely a dark novel which will eventually force your mind to think about it especially if you are in the head of two sisters who the one has a nearly insane and impulsive attitude and the other is calm and serene.

The main point of the book is quite simple but the road to get there are full of complexity and the whole story has been told by the point of views of the two sisters, Fia and Annie. There are backtracks to their point of views that made sense in explaining the present and these two sisters has a great affection for each other and I loved that.

My only problem with the book is that the writing, though direct to the point, is quite juvenile and raw in my own perception of it.

Fia also repeat words every now and then, though I understand, is quite annoying. All in all, the storyline was good and the characters aren't one dimensional and actually, there are mysteries you wouldn't expect about them. View all 12 comments. Oct 24, Cynthia Hand rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book rocked. It was short and sweet and tense and crazy.

Kudos to Ms. Apr 09, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: I've read her Paranormalcy trilogy, and for the most part enjoyed its fluffy heroine, Evie. I assumed Mind Games would be similar, and prepared myself for a book filled with silly humor and sparkly characters. Yeah, not so much.

I'm also bad about ordering a book, forgetting why I ordered it and then diving in without bothering to read what the blurb on the cover says. Lazy, I know. So I downloaded it thinking something along the lines of, "Two sisters Then settled in for a bit of a light read while the kids were on the playground. Except it wasn't a light read, and instead of something to kill the time while the kids were playing, I ended up not being able to put it down.

I'm pretty sure I fed and bathed them that night, but I wouldn't swear to it in a court of law. It probably sounded like this, "Hey! It's corn dog and french fry night, guys! So am I a slack parent, or was the book just that good?

Obviously, both, but today I'm blaming my smelly malnourished children on the book. Fia was what I would consider the main character, though. Annie's voice seemed to be there more to fill in the gaps of Fia's story. There are a lot of flashback sequences, and frequent time jumps between the past and present. If this is a pet peeve, you may not enjoy this as much as I did. Orphaned at a young age by a car wreck, the girls are taken in by an aunt who would rather not deal with Annie's blindness and psychic nightmares.

When an exclusive boarding school offers to give Annie a home, she jumps at the chance. Fia immediately feels something is very wrong with the school, but when she voices her opinion, it only serves to intrigue the interviewer and ensures that both girls are given a new home.

However, this is not where the story opens remember the above mentioned time jumps? When we first meet Fia she is seventeen, lurking in the shadows, and trying to figure out a way to save the boy she was sent to kill. At this point, I'm totally sucked in. And how did a teenager end up working as an assassin, you ask? See, Annie may be psychic, but Fia has what they call perfect instincts. Big deal, right? Well, the more I read, the more intrigued I became.

Not only can she tell when people are lying, or which stock is going to skyrocket, she also knows instinctively when to duck so that she can avoid a punch, which way to turn on a street to avoid capture, and what person in a crowd will help her. There's more to it than that, but those are some of the highlights. As the story progresses, you learn that Fia is working for a shadowy organization that runs the boarding school she and Annie were accepted into. While Annie was the original prize they wanted, it quickly became evident that Fia was far more important.

Annie has now become a prisoner in what once was her home, and her life is the insurance policy that guarantees Fia's continued cooperation. Which makes Fia's choice to save the life of her target, Adam, that much more dangerous. After all, Annie and Fia aren't the only special girls that the school has recruited.

With psychics, mind readers, and empaths all around her, how can she possibly hide her plans to save both Adam and Annie? As if all of this wasn't enough, Fia has to contend with her handler, James. She's drawn to him in spite of every instinct screaming that she needs to stay away.

He says he cares about what happens to her, but it could easily just be a lie. After all, he's the son of the very man responsible for what Fia has become. Could the heir to such an evil empire really love her? Well, you'll just have to find out for yourself, because I'm certainly not telling you the answer. I'd recommend this one for readers who like their heroines smart, snarky, and slightly unhinged. Also on http: Jan 18, Crystal rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is absolutely amazing.

Mind Games is simply that a perfect mind game that will leave you begging for more. I honestly have no clue how I am going to write this review but I am going to try. The time setting also changes from present time to the past making things even more complicated, but still in my opinion unique and amazing. The overall storyline is not simple either. It involves lot This book is absolutely amazing. It involves lots of espionage, murder, calculating, and deception.

Annie and Fia are both being used for their abilities but Fia is the one that everyone wants. It isn't really clear what her ability actually is until later in the story but believe me it is one of the best creations I have ever read. When Fia can't take things anymore she starts to take things into her own hands, but with all eyes on her and her sister to protect she doesn't have many options. This story is really just the beginning, we get to see the background and the why of everything but I think the true story will start in the next one since Fia made a HUGE decision at the end of Mind Games and it is really a game changer for everybody.

The writing style I will admit may turn some people off. I personally loved it but I can see where it could be a little bit much at times. Fia has a habit of repeating certain things three times and tapping her leg three times, this is proven and shown throughout the book and to me it just showed me how broken she really was.

I felt her being broken down and with the writing the way it is it just fit her mind perfectly. I honestly just want to squee from the roof tops about this book.

I know my review is all over the place but I just can't seem to find the words to do this book justice. Mind games is unique, amazing, interesting, and so so much more. I was so shocked at so many things that happened throughout, that by the end of the story I was exhausted emotionally and in shock over what is to come.

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I don't know how I am going to wait for the next book! Apr 26, Kimberly Sabatini rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've erased this review like ten times because I'm having trouble. It is evident by this unique, exciting and riveting book that Whi I've erased this review like ten times because I'm having trouble. It is evident by this unique, exciting and riveting book that White has just proven she's not a one trick pony.

She's tiny like a pony--but she has lots of tricks and I love them. I love them so much, I want the sequel to this book NOW! Make a list. Check it twice. I'd better be on it. I know you hate me because it isn't February yet, and you're justified, but guess what--I'm not even a little bit sorry, because yeah, it was that good. View all 7 comments.

Jul 25, Matilda marked it as to-read. The cover Total Bookgasm. Mind-blowingly beautiful.

Oh, how I love you so, Kiersten White. Enjoyed the concept, but had a really hard time with the writing and how it was delivered. Mind Games is told in both Annie and Fia's pov and we are connected to both the past and the present, but it didn't quite work in it's favor since it felt scattered and erratic. String of repetitive words and the tap-tap-tapping was also very distracting and frustrating. The characters were intriguing in their own ways, but Annie and Fia felt, at times, like they had the same voice and inner-dialog and wer Enjoyed the concept, but had a really hard time with the writing and how it was delivered.

The characters were intriguing in their own ways, but Annie and Fia felt, at times, like they had the same voice and inner-dialog and were hard to distinguish one from the other. Kiersten White's Paranormalcy trilogy was bright and entertaining as hell, while this book took on a more dark and dire feel overall. This has a wonderful story that has so much potential to be amazing, but the way it was written felt like it was from a completely different author and sadly I couldn't love this the way I wanted to.

Arc provided by Edelweiss and Harper Teen View all 8 comments. Sep 27, Kassidy rated it really liked it Shelves: Really enjoyed this book! It's so fast-paced and short, it is very hard to put down! I really loved the two main characters, Annie and Fia.

They are so strong! This book has a lot of mystery, secrets, and action. It definitely kept me on my toes. The writing style is pretty unique. It switches between past and present, which helps give some backstory and depth in a plot that's driven by action. I got confused sometimes, but overall I liked it!

I also switches points of view between the two sisters. I felt each one had their own personality and the author did a great job writing them. The only complaint I have is that the world isn't very developed and there aren't many answers to "why" questions. Why are these girls like this? Why is this school set up?

Why do they have to do they have to kill people? I'm hoping these questions are answered in the following books! Dec 15, Lilian rated it it was ok. Did I hear "heartstoppingly intense psychological thriller"? Because I want in. Mind Games is a refreshing addition to the YA genre, especially when psychological thrillers is often exclusive to adult fiction.

White delivered a interesting plot and a fierce female character albeit she stole the the spotlight from everyone else all in a fast-paced two-hundred page novel. We've seen all the elements before from crazy training schools Ender's Game, Insignia, Variant, The Vindico to exploiting p Did I hear "heartstoppingly intense psychological thriller"? We've seen all the elements before from crazy training schools Ender's Game, Insignia, Variant, The Vindico to exploiting psychic abilities Minority Report , but White takes these elements and weaves something her own.

Unfortunately, despite the compelling premise, the delivery fell short, leaving much to be desired. Poor Organization: While usually perspectives alternate, Mind Games didn't follow a specific pattern: Eventually I gave up trying to do the math to figure out the chronological order between chapters. I often had to flip back to the start of the chapter to find out why a character supposedly imprisoned in the last chapter could be roaming free in the next.

I know chapters from the past aid in giving backstory, but the sudden transition confused rather than enlightened. Many times, I didn't care what mundane stuff happened in the distant past, I want to get back to my "intense psychological thriller" already!

Another problem with the multiple perspectives was that Fia stole the show. From the start of the novel, she establishes herself as a femme fatale who is not afraid to lie and break a few bones to get what she wants. She is manipulative and cunning. After the first chapter, I was sold. But then I found out, Fia wasn't the only voice of the novel. Annie, Fia's older sister is radically different from Fia, she's the calm, reserved one. She basically sat around being emo. White's writing didn't do it for me.

I'm not sure if it's because this espionage training school forgot proper English lessons so neither character sound eloquent, or if both characters are too screwed up. Both characters speak in a stream of consciousness. From the writing, we can feel the sister's troubled state of mind, especially Fia's. I thought I was supposed to feel fear, frustration, and hurt from Fia, but I just kept thinking she was high on drugs.

Her terse sentences and repetitions were meant for emphasis, and perhaps to imitate the impulsive, conflicted, uneditted human consciousness that characterizes Fia, but it wasn't long before I grew exhausted with those short sentences. There was not enough contrast between the two sisters' voices. I found it odd that her action scenes are the few moments when Fia turns "eloquent" or her sentences turn long , but not in a good way.

Her sentences turn into lists of action after action, then some other action. I kept wishing for sensory details to bring me into the scene. I admit I rarely come across action scenes that actually work in writing without sounding like a list but because of the rigid, un-varied nature of these sentences, they felt jarring-- I didn't believe for a second it was Fia recalling the moment , but a third-person narrator giving me a summary of what he saw Cat Woman do in a movie.

These action scenes drove the novel, but unfortunately, they were also the weakest parts.

The Emotions I was not convinced. From romance to sisterly love, all of it was forced. The romance was borderline random; I had no reason to care for either prospective lover. As for sisterly love, Fia and Annie are supposed to care deeply for each other, sacrificing and taking care of each other when they have nobody else. But I don't know what bonds them together at all. For most of the novel, they have no interaction Annie misses Fia holding her hand aside a few secret whispers here and there.

I felt not warmth from these two. Only betrayal, negligence, and jealously. What is This Story About Again? There are so many subplots going on that aren't adequately explained that I really can't tell you what's going on.

We have two sisters enrolled in a suspicious school run by a mysterious guy. That mysterious guy's sexy son is trying to overthrow his father. To overthrow his father, he "trains" Fia. This sexy guy is not to be trusted, but Fia likes him so she helps him overthrow his father. Somehow the president is involved in the school.

There's a nice doctor who's saved by Fia and randomly reappears. There's a society going against the school they have the weirdest logic where they kidnap people only to let them out the font door On top of that, the sisters need to get their relationship sorted out.

Yep, I'm lost. Too many random faucets are opened all at once, and we are still at square one trying to answer questions and figuring out why I need to care.

Fia has Perfect Instincts? I am not sure what having perfect instincts entail, but that's Fia's special power and what makes her so valuable. Is it just keen perception? I find it weird that she can just pick the best selling stocks. Those things have nothing to do with gut feeling. Apparently her instincts also allow her to ace multiple choice tests.

Plot Twist: I suspected it. Overall, I appreciated the unique concept and the fast-paced kept me reading, but execution is far from perfect. This is one of the messiest books I've come across, with way too many subplots, confusing transitions, and no answers. View all 3 comments. Dec 22, Katy rated it really liked it. I really like this one, but not for the reasons you would think. I kind of got the "Ocean's 13" satisfaction at the end of the book. And I think this book is better named "Mind Games.

The action scenes were too shor I really like this one, but not for the reasons you would think. The action scenes were too short and kind of disappointing. For a book that promises to be about a kickass assassin, I couldn't get a good image of all the hits, all the kicks or all the blows Fia was giving.

Nor did I really get to see much of that instinct that made her so deadly.

Mind Games

And the whole espionage thing could have used a bit of work. I was hoping to be wrapped up in this whole conspiracy behind the school of specials. While it's obvious from the very start that the girls are being used for their powers, I'm not exactly sure what that power is being used for.

I mean, I'm assuming it's for some mafia-type assassin business, but really, what's the point? Don't get me wrong, it was a bit irritating at first - the constant switching back and forth of POV and from present to past. But, I really began to appreciate the style that White put into the book. I did feel, that even though the POV were spread out quite evenly, Fia kind of dominated the book. I would have liked to see more character from Anna, especially since it all started because of her.

But at the same time, I can see how her blindness fits so perfectly well in this book - how she could not see the very thing that was right in front of her all along. And the constant flashbacks were a bit grating on my nerves because they interrupt the story at the most inopportune time. But I can see the effect White was going for, pushing readers forward, and the timing wasn't bad as far as giving us the background when it seemed to fit. The only place I felt it was just wrong was at the end You have an amazing end - kind of a cliffhanger, but kind of a forward-looking determination.

Why in the world you use that point to give it a bland flashback? To me, it dulled a powerful end. I would have liked to see more of the other characters in this book. I think James is way deeper than we give him credit for, and Adam may be linked to this whole thing, but his appearance in the book was weak considering his role and his powerful start.

I wanted to know the story behind Ms. Robertson, and Eden is not the shadow that she appeared to be. With every amazing book is amazing supporting characters, and in this book, they were just taken for granted.

But the thing that really got me was because although some parts were predictable, as expected, the most of it kept me guessing until the end, especially those questions concerning Adam and James and their roles in this book. And the end? Holy crap!

I never saw that one coming. I did understand about Anna's vision while she had it, but Fia's final move?

So my question is: Or was it the Lerner's plan, and Fia filled him in? So many questions still left unanswered. But like I said at the beginning. The book, sans last flashback, ended without that "Ocean's 13" satisfaction, where you walked out of the casino, knowing you have beater the system. View all 21 comments. Dec 24, Kira Simion rated it it was ok. A good read, but sometimes had no idea where the author was going with this.

Dec 22, Rachel Finney rated it really liked it. It took me a second to get into this one and really understand what was going on, but I honestly flew through this book.

It's definitely more on the action side rather than character development, but that's okay! That being said, I wished I wouldn't have waited this long to discover her writing because this book was beyond my expectations! It's just like the title conveys, a definite mind game for both the reader and Kaely Quinn.

Kaely's character was excellently portrayed; she's smart as a whip, excels in her job as an FBI behavioral analyst, and has a natural knack for reading people. She's what I would call a slayer of human monsters; those who kill without remorse or thought for life. The killer who has a personal vendetta against her wants to trip her up, make her doubt her abilities and mete out revenge for some unknown crime committed against him. With the help of special agent Noah Hunter as lead, can they stop this reign of terror and bring the psycho to justice before its too late?

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Like I said, this exceeded my expectations! It doesn't fucking matter. He could have been a serial killer.

She doesn't know why she has to kill him, but he's her assignment. Ted Bundy was handsome, too, he was wholesome-looking, too.

And look where that got all his 30 victims. That dumb dog has killed us all. No, it hasn't. You've killed "us all," Fia. You had one fucking job, to kill that boy, and you couldn't do it because of a cute motherfucking dog.

So instead of doing her job and just making it simple, and you know, killing the guy, Fia ends up incapacitating some random thugs instead and saves mysterious boy, named Adam, a year old "doctor," by which I think he means he's a Ph. D and not an actual doctor, because no doctor would be so incompetent and overdose their patient unless they graduated from a cut-rate medical school in Guatemala that would admit a student from an non-biological science major who spent her entire college career playing Worlf of Warcraft every night and cramming for her exams the hours before.

Meaning they'd take me. No offense to actual Guatemalan doctors everywhere. I kid. Not really. Despite the fact that fucking child-savantyear-old-"doctor" Adam fucking drugged her without her consent, Fia still trusts him.

Because she's the most idiotic assassin in the history of YA literature with the exception of perhaps, Celaena Sardothien. He shifts uncomfortably, eyes on the road. Just a little. I needed to think. He drugged me. I felt like I was safe with him. I still do. Clearly, along with her inability to do her fucking job, Fia has to get her priorities straight. Here is a girl who's been raised in a psychic school who's been trained to be deadly for years, who's had her sister taken hostage, whose parents died under mysterious circumstances, who knows better than to trust anyone, suddenly fucking trusts a guy who: 1.

She's been assigned to kill, obvious there has to be a reason if he's seen as a threat 2. So now she hasn't killed the boy, she's faked his death at the risk of having her sister killed because she can't complete her assignment, she lets him go, she TELLS him that she's been assigned to kill him, he believes her and they part with a hug, because it's just totally natural that she tell a guy that there's a hit on his head, that he has to abandon his family and friends and go into hiding, and she's going to pretend she's killed him.

And now she's going to return to the agency and pretend that everything is normal, singing Justin Bieber while she goes. I should be terrified. I should turn around and go anywhere else. I should curl up in a ball and cry.

Instead, I think about everything in the whole entire world that makes me angry—there is a lot, oh, there is a lot—and I start singing Justin Bieber at the top of my lungs. Clearly, she just needs somebody to love I need somebody, I, I need somebody I do like that song, by the way.Not really. As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!

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You use her? It had a ton of potential. How exactly do elite sports performers harness the power of their mind in pursuit of physical perfection? Everything was already screwed up; we were already in trouble.

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