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Thursday, March 28, 2019

General Knowledge Questions Answers PDF: General Awareness is a very important section in almost every competitive exams like. 5 days ago Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF Study and Q&A (English & Hindi) · Subscribe(download) Banking & Economy Awareness PDF download Current Affairs PDF - Click Here. Dear Aspirants,. General Awareness Questions asked in Competitive Exams are listed.

General Awareness Questions Pdf

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General Knowledge: Static GK PDF for Bank -SBI,IBPS,RRB & Railways,SSC, UPSC and AffairsCloud Recommends IBPSGuide Mock Test. The file Size Is 2mb You can Download It Directly From Below Link. Thank You. + General Knowledge Pdf · + Indian National Movement Question Pdf. GK questions with answers from varierty of topics like Static GK, Geography, History, Current affairs, Banking. Get GK Questions asked in.

Answer: Benjamin Franklin Who is the inventor of electric Bulb? Answer: Thomas Alva Edison Who is the inventor of Television? Answer: John Logie Baird Who is the inventor of Barometer?

Answer: Evangelista Torricelli Who is the inventor of Radio? Answer: Marconi Which was the first linguistic state in independent India?


Answer: Andhra Pradesh Answer: Cullinan Answer: Morarji Desai Who is the father of computer science? Answer: Alan Turing Which is world's first coin?

Answer: Lydian coin Uri dam is constructed across the river? Answer: Jhalam Which is the lightest metal?

Banking Awareness PDF – March

Answer: Lithium Answer: Carcross Desert, canada Who is the chairman of Rajya sabha? Answer: The Vice President Who is the chairman of Niti aayog? Who is the first women prime minister of India?

Answer: Indira Gandhi Who was the first women president of India? Answer: Pratibha Devisingh Patil The state which is known as "Sugar bowl of India"? Answer: Uttar Pradesh The instrument used to measure Blood pressure?

Answer: Sphygmomanometer Super computer was invented by? Answer: Seymour Cray What is the Expansion for LED? Answer: Light emitting Diode The largest Democracy in the world?

Answer: India The longest written Constitution in the world? Answer: Indian constitution You can write the number of Tests on your interest.

Read the Daily Updates of GK carefully and check the answers which will be given below. Practice Online Quiz Questions. Based on these updates, the candidates can practice the Quiz Questions daily.

You can get the General awareness questions and answers for the examinations. Go through the General Knowledge questions with answers.

This is the Place where you can practice the General Knowledge Questions with answers. Today, no competitive exam is without the Quiz Questions.

And hence is a chance to gain marks and knowledge too. If you wish to gain the professional General knowledge regarding the various streams like Engineering, Medical, Banking, Railway Exams, this website is the appropriate destination.We have provided General Knowledge Questions and Answers based on several topics such as famous personalities, sports, politics, etc. Thanks to all of you.

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Please update more questions. Once again thank you. Thanks for arranging such type of site full of knowledge.

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