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The administrator of this site (weinratgeber.info) cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of its users. You may not use this site to. The vicious and merciless world of the Crossed has pushed hardcore horror storytelling to the brink and now with the release of Crossed: Badlands, it goes beyond. Garth Ennis launches the all-new ongoing BI-WEEKLY series with the fellow horror luminary, artist Jacen Burrows. A new series, Crossed: Badlands is written and drawn by rotating creative teams. The franchise has also spawned two webcomics: Crossed.

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Crossed: Badlands (Vol.4 - 6). Crossed 01 ~ download. Crossed 02 ~ download. Crossed 03 ~ download. Crossed 04 ~ download. Crossed Crossed is a comic book written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Jacen Burrows for the first ten Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . Crossed Badlands 18 - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Comic.

In issue 97, a navy patrol ship captain with access to a long-range communications system communicating with other survivors across continents told Smokey that such intelligent "super-Crossed" were exceedingly rare, being more of a scary campfire story that survivors shared with each other. The captain mentioned that besides Smokey, he had heard rumors of a nun in England Aoileann , twin sisters in Florida Ashley and Ashlynne , and an autistic kid in Montreal similar to epilepsy, apparently his Autism made his brain structure different enough that the virus didn't take full hold.

Of all these "super-Crossed", there is one who takes it to another level: Salt, an infamous serial killer known as the "Phonebook Killer" who was infected on C-Day. Because Salt was already homicidally insane and had no restrictions on his impulses, the Crossed virus did not significantly change him perhaps because his psychopathic brain structure was already significantly altered from normal.

Retaining all of his intellect and long-term planning ability, Salt soon became a dark messiah of sorts to the Crossed. He created the hundred-year plan to ensure the Crossed survive and continue the apocalyptic cycle indefinitely.

The "super-Crossed" tend to appear in comics that take place long after the outbreak first occurred, up to five years later by The Fatal Englishman.

As Shaky explained in Wish You Were Here, it is not so much that the Crossed "evolved" during these years, but rather the process of natural selection setting in. Logically, many of the Crossed who were so insane that they didn't care about their own self-preservation have died off, while the far more dangerous rational and calculating ones took steps to survive over a long period of time. Those Crossed with little sense of preservation, not even the sense to put on warm clothing in colder weather, tended to die off in the winters.

The Crossed who survived that long tend to be the more rational and lucid ones who have the wherewithal to preserve themselves, use combat tactics like avoiding gunfire, use guns themselves, and setting complex ambushes. Meanwhile, the few surviving non-infected are hardened veterans who have been combating the Crossed for years, further increasing the pressure of natural selection as the Crossed are forced to become smarter and more cunning to catch the survivors off-guard.

Most of the completely "anti-social" Crossed die out in the heavy fighting of the initial outbreak. By the time of Crossed: Family Values, survivors observe that most Crossed usually form up into gangs of about five to fifteen members — any larger than that and they start fighting each other again, bringing the number back down to below about fifteen. The more coherent Crossed who survived many years, however, are capable of forming into even larger groups of over a hundred without fighting each other as seen in The Fatal Englishman and the webcomics.

As seen in Family Values and the webcomics, when there are no more uninfected around to attack, after a while a group of Crossed will usually fall into a sort of bored stupor, aimlessly wandering in one direction until they find more people to attack. A number of Crossed, however, appear to be naturally smarter or, at least, more capable of patience and planning: deferring immediate pleasure to have a greater atrocity later.

These appear more often in stories set months or years after the outbreak. Outbreak[ edit ] Before The Thin Red Line, the Crossed stories agreed that the infection was stunningly rapid, so fast that the news media and most world governments had little, if any, time to respond, but the exact specifics of the outbreak differed from writer to writer.

Depending on the story, it took anywhere from a week to a mere matter of hours for the infection to spread across the globe. In the original story, the infection erupts suddenly across the entire United States without warning and later spreads; a survivor says Canada tried to fortify the border "in the first week" and were unaware the virus had reached them until after that point.

Badlands 10—13 ignores this and has the Crossed tearing through small towns without being noticed, getting more and more numerous over the course of a week; and Badlands 26, also by Ennis, has a British soldier named Harry later appearing in The Thin Red Line say he's been aware of the Crossed for "the past three days" by the time the outbreak is public. Badlands arc 62—70 shows the initial outbreak in the city of San Diego and the attempts by the US military to restore order in the city, and, as the epidemic got out of hand, evacuate thousands of surviving civilians from the city to waiting cruise ships and extract them to a supposedly secure island off the California coastline.

However, a US Navy fleet sent from Pearl Harbor to protect the evacuation ships at San Diego harbor somehow falls victim to the infection and ultimately massacres much of the civilian evacuation vessels still residing in San Diego, killing and maiming hundreds or possibly thousands of survivors. Homo Tortor by Kieron Gillen would introduce a fringe scientific theory that a viral pandemic of sociopathy had caused the mass extinction of prehistoric hominids.

When the outbreak happened, one man attempted to find the theory's professor in the hope of learning about the origins of the Crossed — there turned out to be no link, with the prehistoric scenes being an in-universe story by the Crossed about the world they were making now.

This origin clashes with other outbreak stories: London is not overrun for several days, the White House is overrun before most of the US, and the Crossed are public before an outbreak in Japan or most of the US. The outbreak began in Yorkshire , United Kingdom : the patient zero was a man who had a psychotic breakdown and murdered his family, and the infection spread rapidly from two local policemen to the entire population of the village of Tethersby.

During the story, government scientist Dr. Chopra pointed out that the British "patient zero" cannot logically be the patient zero if the infection is appearing so far abroad, and theorizes if the virus is "something in the D. Under the belated state of emergency, the UK suspended all public transport, airlifted troops back from Afghanistan , and blockaded the M1 motorway just north of Northampton ; south of there, cordons held and prevented large-scale refugee migration, which could bring more of the infected south.

As the infection appeared worldwide, Pakistani Crossed dropped a nuclear bomb on Delhi , wiping out most if not all of India's government; India's remaining military at least had the wherewithal not to launch a nuclear counterstrike against Pakistan, realizing it would achieve nothing.

A single Tornado GR1 was launched to intercept the Russians and the crew sacrifice themselves to prevent nuclear war breaking out.

After this, the government is evacuated to bunkers, civil authority is superseded by the Armed Forces and orders go out to shut down all nuclear facilities. However, Brown says in the long term they should "hopefully" regain control and that government scientist Dr. Chopra has a chance of finding an answer to the virus. Unfortunately, Brown's advisor — acting without clearing it with the PM — had ordered two of the SAS to torture "patient zero" for information, which led to their infection and "zero" turning fully Crossed.

As the bunker is being sealed, it's revealed Chopra is infected and about to butcher the Prime Minister. Within days of the outbreak, the power grid had failed in Atlanta, St Louis, Columbus and Chicago, and likely most other cities. NDMS deployed mobile mortuary teams across the eastern seaboard in an attempt to contain the epidemic and private health care centres were federalised. Human society has somewhat begun to rebuild in the former United States, but is still socially and technically backwards compared to society before "The Surprise", as C-Day is referred to in Series[ edit ] Crossed Volume One [ edit ] The first story Volume One in trade takes place ten months after the outbreak, with flashbacks to those events, as a small group make their way toward Alaska in the belief that its low population before the outbreak will mean there are fewer Crossed to be avoided, and that the Crossed's gleeful bloodlust hampers their ability to look after themselves.

However, they encounter a small group of Crossed who have a degree of self-control and subsequently begin a hunt for the survivors. Crossed: Family Values Volume 2 [ edit ] In Family Values, the story centers on a religious family who escapes their North Carolinian ranch to survive in a mountain compound led by the protagonist Adaline's father, who, while being a strong leader against the Crossed, is a sexual predator who has routinely raped his daughters.

Crossed: 3D[ edit ] 3D was written with the 3D effect in mind and is not available in a 2D format. Hunt MacAvoy as he leads a rescue mission into the middle of Crossed-infected New York City to rescue a stranded doctor. At 48 pages, the 3D one-shot is about a quarter of the size of one of the collected "Volumes".

Crossed: Psychopath Volume 3 [ edit ] In Psychopath, the story follows a group of survivors who pick up an injured man, Harold Lorre, who understands the way the Crossed think, and is tracking a specific group of Crossed. Lorre is the titular psychopath, and is killing members of his group of humans as he deems them problematic, passing the deaths off as the grisly acts of Crossed.

The Crossed group they are tracking killed a woman Lorre had stalked prior to the outbreak, and subsequently forced a relationship upon her as they survived. After she was turned into a Crossed and killed, Lorre kept a fragment of her breast in a plastic bag. He appears to be tracking down the scientist who created the Crossed virus, an earlier version of which drove Jackson mad; this is simply a delusion of his, he'd always been psychotic and the 'weapon' does not exist.

Crossed: Badlands Volumes 4—17 [ edit ] Badlands features shorter story arcs of varying length, by different authors. As they struggle to stay ahead of a horde of Crossed — hoping that the harsh conditions of the Scottish mountains will wear down the self-destructive Crossed — the leader of the group, Ian, relates his introspection on the purpose of survival when there is no hope.

In issues 4- 9 Homo Superior, by Jamie Delano and Leandro Rizzo , the story follows individual survivors in the Everglades — Steve, a former military woman who has become cruel and sadistic after countless traumas in her past; Greg, a jaded family man who lives off the grid to get away from his dreary home life; Leon, a teenage "swamp rat" living at a fortified "base" with his domineering extended family; and the twins Ashley and Ashlynn, who fled the city after the Crossed outbreak began.

The survivors eventually meet and band together, only for their individual psychoses to ultimately cause them all to become Crossed, with Steve infecting herself willingly after realizing that she was barely different from the infected in the first place. In issues 10—13 Yellow Belly, by David Lapham and Burrows , a teenage survivor named Edmund nicknamed Yellow Belly for his cowardice relates his experience of being at a carnival where the clowns and other workers become infected in the early hours of the outbreak, turning fun times into depraved terror.

In issue 13, he crosses paths with Harold Lorre, the main character of Crossed: Psychopath, who encourages Yellowbelly to use the Crossed-infested world as an opportunity to obtain power by force.

Ultimately though, he is killed by a biker woman he fled with, when he confided his cowardice that resulted in the death of her sister-in-arms. The town gained the colloquial nickname of "Stumptown" after its residents participated in a mass insurance fraud by "losing" limbs to collect payouts, only to have their scheme exposed by infamous transgressive writer Gideon Welles, who used the town as inspiration.

To add insult to injury, Welles built his massive estate, Samarkand, on the outskirts of the area. The story centers around aspiring writer Clooney and his girlfriend Tabitha, who Welles has invited to Samarkand for a writer's retreat.

Unfortunately, Welles is a sadist who psychologically breaks down his guests; worse yet, a horde of Crossed has arrived in town by train. Emasculated and humiliated by Welles' debauched sex orgy with his girlfriend and other guests, Clooney uses the Crossed to turn on his fellow writers, leading to all of them being killed or turned by the horde.

Crossed Badlands 17

The only survivor is Philly, the young niece of town cop Lorna; she escapes by boat after being forced to kill her aunt, who was infected when a dead Crossed fell on her. A paroled enforcer for a local mobster, Mattias fell in love with his parole officer, Serena, and they had a relationship that ended due to the conflict between their duties and their love.

In the present, Mattias travels to the police station to find Serena, only to find she had taken her own life days earlier. After a ketamine -enhanced rampage, he passes out in a parking lot, reawakening with no memory of his search for Serena and repeating his futile journey.

Having been scarred by her experience with Lorre, she no longer trusts anyone, and uses whatever means at her disposal to survive, while paranoia ultimately causes her to kill anyone who takes her in before they can get her. She falls in with The Livers, three survivors that have formed a close bond despite their mutual insanity and occasional cannibalistic tendencies, and finds a new way to survive.

Four British Army soldiers representing each nation of the United Kingdom go on a suicide mission to break into Porton Down and release the biological weapons, hoping it will wipe out the Crossed but leave enough humans alive for Britain to rebuild and go on an offensive war against the infected. Along the way, they become guardians of a group of children and a Catholic priest, with whom the title character shares his wisdom.

Eventually, after ensuring the survival of the priest and his flock, they decide against their genocidal plan, instead blowing up the entrance of Porton Down to stop anyone from using its lethal cargo before setting off to make a final stand against the Crossed. However, the leader of the group realizes that he cannot see his friends suffer a grisly end at the hands of the Crossed; thus, he shoots them dead on the way up before confronting a horde of Crossed with nothing but a half-filled pistol.

Issues 29—32 Quisling, written by Christos Gage follow Oliver, an anthropologist and self-proclaimed "survivor" who studies the Crossed while doing whatever it takes to prolong his life. While hiding out with a group of survivors, he observes an imposing axe-wielding member of the Crossed, dubbed "Smokey" for his fireman's garb, noting that he seems to have much greater intelligence that allows him to lead his fellow infected paralleling the character Big Daddy from Land of the Dead.

After being cornered by Smokey's band, Oliver betrays his fellow survivors and strikes a deal with the Crossed, helping them hunt other survivors while hoping for a chance to escape or to find a group capable enough to fight back. As his guilt grows and rumors of other "Super-Crossed" reach him featuring a cameo of the twins from the Homo Superior arc , Oliver realizes that Smokey is far too dangerous to leave alive; especially when the Crossed reads his journal and assaults a nuclear base for its weapons.

Ultimately, Oliver gives his life to stop Smokey's plans, willingly infecting himself to prevent his "partner" from using him any longer. Enraged, Smokey slaughters his band of Crossed before storming out of the base, setting out for Florida in search of more "Super-Crossed" like him.

Issues 33—36 Breakdown, by Lapham and Miguel Ruiz pick up with Amanda as she is hunting for the Livers and is forced to hide from a religiously-themed tribe of Crossed pursuing the same prey. She hides in a crawlspace for days, but is devastated when the Crossed bring in her two Liver companions — one captive, and the other infected — and she loses the strength of the delusions they supported.

She attempts to re-integrate with another group of survivors, but her growing insanity represented by hallucinations of Harold Lorre from Psychopath drives her to kill them all before returning to the crawlspace, determined to remain until she either dies or overcomes her madness.

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Issues 37—39 American Quitters, by Spurrier and Rafael Ortiz follow the odd couple of a stoned out hippy and a hardcore biker traveling cross-country to San Diego to die by the ultimate overdose and while exacting revenge on a rival biker gang leader, respectively. Along the way, they pick up a pregnant Mexican woman fleeing from the drug lord father, trying to reach an island sanctuary off the Baja California peninsula.

Ultimately, 'no lesson is learned' as all three of them die in unexpected ways; the biker is overrun by Crossed while overdosing on the ultimate high, the hippy is killed fulfilling the biker's revenge, and the pregnant woman is torn apart by her infected relatives on the island. Issues 40—43 Gore Angels, by David Hine look into the broken mind of an abused girl during the early days of the Crossed epidemic in rural Japan.

After being drugged, gang-raped, and humiliated on the Internet while in America, Emiko channels her anger and shame into Gore Angels, an incredibly violent manga sold under a pseudonym with the help of her friend Satoshi. By chance, one of her few friends from America has come to Japan with the instigator of the incident and the latter's girlfriend in hopes of finding a resolution to Emiko's pain, but everything goes off the rails when the Crossed begin to emerge However, taking on a pair of survivors leads to a whole new array of problems, not the least of which include a horde of Crossed pirates and the increasingly erratic behavior of their own Captain.

The story shows the very beginning of the Crossed outbreak, focusing on Britain's efforts to contain the madness and discover its source; however, they soon realize that the situation is far worse than they could have ever realized. Issues 57—61 by Justin Jordan and Georges Duarte follow Esperanza and Jane, a pair of young women fleeing from Alejandro, Esperanza's Crossed brother, and the horde of infectees at his command.

They eventually find safe haven at a woodland camp commanded by Sutter, a hardened survivalist with plans of his own that have little to do with the survival of his campmates Issues 62—70 by Lapham and Francisco Manna concern Gavin Edward Land, a former police detective seeking vengeance against the people who raped and murdered his daughter. As he works through his list and the Crossed outbreak in San Diego, US, he learns more than he wanted to know after Welles, his final target, seems to have turned a new leaf in the wake of the apocalypse.

Finding Hazuki, the girl he loves and one of his blood brothers turns to be a harder task than he thought, as her father is a yakuza boss who is also on the lookout for her. The friends find themselves making a stand against the Crossed at a Japanese cosplay convention, where their blood oath may be tested with the relentless threat of the Crossed Issues 75—80 Homo Tortor, written by Kieron Gillen show two simultaneous narratives.

The main story concerns the attempts of a survivor group, led by college student Washington, to find a possible cure to the Crossed from the notes of Professor Nelson, a man who believed that a race of early humans similar to the Crossed nearly wiped out humanity 75, years ago See the Toba catastrophe theory.

Hounded by the Crossed at every turn, Washington's group eventually discover Professor Nelson's bunker, containing information about the early humans, which he has dubbed Homo tortor "man who tortures". The second narrative goes 75, years in the past, where a group of early humans, led by the young hunter Lion, are captured by the "Blood Men" Homo tortor after their village is wiped out; they are subsequently brought to the Blood Men's "city of cities" to fight in an arena against men and giant beasts that the Blood Men had collected.

When the "festivities" are cut short by a Crossed outbreak, Lion and his group must attempt to survive the ensuing carnage. Ultimately, Washington discovers that everything about Homo tortor was made up by Professor Nelson, who has become Crossed during the outbreak. Along with his similarly-infected assistant and Washington's college girlfriend Amy, he wrote the story not as an attempt to falsify history, but as a vision of the society he intends to create with his band of Crossed.

Although they are safe from the lingering Crossed, things begin to unravel after they are joined by Morgan and Olivia, a pair of women who claim to have survived the Crossed due to their "bible": "Surviving D-Day" a best-selling "zombie survival guide" novel similar to The Zombie Survival Guide.

Issues 87—90 Shrink, by Max Bemis and Fernando Melek follow two brothers; the straight-laced psychologist Jack and the hedonistic bully Clancy. As Jack and Tiffany a close friend of his prepare themselves for the day the Crossed outbreak finally hits their suburban neighborhood, Clancy crashes by and asks Jack for a favor; after willingly infecting himself with the Crossed plague, he has his brother lock him in the basement and attempt to psychoanalyze his Crossed self, hoping that Jack can learn something of importance about the outbreak and its source.

Issues 91—92 Anti-Crossed, by Bemis and German Erramouspe follow a group of 5 survivors — 4 men and a female author named Leigha — surviving in a barricaded comic book store as they struggle with their depleting morale and growing boredom. It is soon revealed that the male survivors — all massive comic book fans — had taken Leigha hostage early in the outbreak, and have since been periodically raping her at gun point.

Due to their growing boredom, the guys make a deal with Leigha; if she writes them an "Anti-Crossed" comic, they will refrain from maltreating her and give her other "privileges". Leigha reluctantly agrees, making a comic that fulfills all of her captor's twisted fantasies, but things may change when two strangers arrive at the store.

Issues 93—99 by Gage and Fernando Heinz begins by following a band of survivors led by Cody, an opportunistic man who designed disaster shelters for the elite before stealing one for himself when C-Day hit. His state-of-the-art bunker serves the group well until it comes afoul of Smokey, the "Super-Crossed" last seen in the Quisling arc. After being driven out and left at Smokey's mercy, Cody saves himself by offering to help Smokey mold the Crossed into a coherent society, advising him on means of controlling the others' bloodlust and promising them fresh victims by breeding uninfected like cattle.

When this inevitably fails in part due to a remorseful Cody sacrificing himself to undo his own work , Smokey seeks out other Super-Crossed like himself, eventually finding the Crossed twins from the Homo Superior arc.

Issue also by Gage and Fernando Heinz follows Smokey and the twins as they attempt to fulfill the former's dream of ending the self-destructive nature of the Crossed.

Although they manage to establish a reasonably-functional homestead with dozens of followers, Smokey remains depressed that it is a far cry from the new society he had hoped to create.

The children he fathered with the twins also seem to be no more intelligent than regular Crossed, leading Smokey to believe that their species is doomed to die out within a generation. Years later, the aging Smokey is betrayed and left for dead by the twins and his own son, now revealed to be a "Super-Crossed" the entire time; the twins explain that they prefer immediate self-indulgence over long-term planning.

Smokey survives the attempted assassination by jumping into a river, emerging later and limping off to fight another day. In the first volume, Shakespeare must deal with the logistics of living on an Cava with his group, under two men Rab and Don with very different leadership styles.

Eventually the leaders decide to send out a sortie compiled of random members of the island, reasoning that anyone who wishes to volunteer is too important to lose.

Eventually Shaky blackmails one of the leaders into letting him into the sortie, and decides that if he is going to live the rest of his life in the apocalypse, he won't be bored doing it. He feels that the boredom or having too much time to think about mysteries and the past could kill him if he doesn't do something about it. While the sortie is on the mainlands, Shaky quickly and unintentionally becomes one of the two leaders among the group, the other being a schizophrenic but well-trained former military Scotsman named Jackson the insane protagonist of the first Annual.

During this time Shaky sees that the rest of the group is poorly suited to survival — Tabitha, who has shown some romantic interest in him, is fairly competent, but the two other members consist of a cowardly American woman, Selene, who almost continually wails about the situation, and an absent-minded older man who apparently only survives multiple Crossed attacks by luck. They are all being tracked by a figure wrapped in black who was previously shown with Aoileann; the pursuer finds a note left by Shaky and retrieves it.

Starting with the sortie onwards, the narrative alternates between the main story and Shaky's flashbacks to the events that first led him to Cava. He decides to kill himself by jumping off a bridge and drowning.

However, he is rescued by a police patrol on a riverboat, the captain assuring him he is now safe. Shortly after, the boat is attacked, the crew all killed or turned, and Shaky surviving only through the heroic last acts of a female member of the Coast Guard. Shaky ends up back on land, wandering alone for a week before he encounters a Crossed child.

He cannot run as his pants are down around his ankles, but a group comes along in time to save him, the leader throwing him a gun and allowing him to come when Shaky kills the Crossed himself. He spends the next eight months with a man called the Gamekeeper and his group of survivors. Though the Gamekeeper is extremely resourceful and intelligent, he is also sadistic and ruthless. The survivors dislike him, but he remains in control because he is needed for survival.

The group members are slowly killed over time until only Shaky, a college-aged Pakistani man named Ashoke, and a husband and wife couple are left.

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It is shown that the Gamekeeper used to work for the husband, and in a form of revenge, he does as he pleases with the wife. At this point, Aoileann joins the group, revealed to be a devout and chaste nun.

The Gamekeeper begins regularly raping the wife, much to the husband's anguish. The group can see that the Gamekeeper is taken with the nun, and the wife tries to make her the target of his lust. Shaky manages to spoil her plans. The internal discord culminates when the group finds a cache of guns, and the husband decides to kill the Gamekeeper.

However, the leader outwits him and kills him instead. Now without her husband, the wife soon hangs herself. Greatly upset at this turn of events, the Gamekeeper begins to distance himself from his own group, only showing up occasionally with food or when a Crossed needs to be killed. Aoileann has a seizure and it is revealed that she has epilepsy. The group continues on until one night the Gamekeeper attacks Ashoke in order to rape Aoileann.

While Ashoke lies unconscious from being strangled, the Gamekeeper cuts an X into Aoileann's face, demanding that she avert her eyes while he rapes her. Shaky walks in on the scene and shoots the Gamekeeper with a shotgun despite the nun's protests, then ties him to a tree.

He sets an alarm to go off once every hour, expecting the Crossed to finish what he started. The group continues on their own, though Ashoke has suffered severe mental retardation from the attack. Back in the present, the sortie runs into another survivors group led by a brutal but devious man named Jasper, and Shaky tells them of his group's "sanctuary" and how if the other group follows his orders, they may come along when his group goes home. Shaky realizes he can only take two of Jasper's group back with him, and plans to weed them out as time goes on.

Jackson, disapproving of Shaky's vileness, leaves the group under Shaky's sole care. As Jasper's group's numbers dwindle down, their leader steals their food and disappears. The remaining survivors from both parties come across a military fortress that is surrounded by Crossed and requests medical supplies in exchange for their weapons.

The sortie mulls over how to execute the trade with the sea of Crossed blocking their way. Shaky comes up with an idea that requires a volunteer to take on a high-risk mission.

Selene volunteers, finally building the nerve to take action and also to speak of her past, in which she had inadvertently caused the death of her husband and two children.

Seemingly in atonement, she happily accepts the task of driving a van into the fortress to get the weapons and bring them back. The group successfully distracts the Crossed the decoys mostly consisting of members of Jasper's former crew and gets Selene into the base.

However, she doesn't reappear when a day passes and it's time for her to return. The group wait for her and continue luring the Crossed a few more times. They're beginning to believe something has happened to her when they hear the sounds of explosions, followed by prolonged gunfire. The leader flips out, breaking up the group and allowing the girl to overpower them and later deal with the leader himself.

She let's the new guys leave and burns the comics store behind her. Sort of Yin and Yang, personality-wise. So Clancy volunteers to get infected on purpose so that his brother could study the disease.

It is slowly revealed, there are hidden demons from their childhood days. A sick family drama with an even sicker ending.

The short story about folks trapped in a comic book store is just a typical rape revenge. Nothing special. She definitely saved this volume from being a total waste. But the relationship between the 2 brothers was interesting, mostly. The art, too though, was really not my style. It's so Just, not a fan of the art, doesn't add to the story very much-sometimes facial expressions worked I guess, but never on the women.Both then jump into the cold, strong current outside of Cava to die together.

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As time goes on in-universe, characters note that the Crossed have apparently been developing new habits. He tells Nora that he will be among the attackers and wishes to secretly help the drift fleet. If you are looking for cheap Browning Express. Back on Cava, the infected drift fleet crashes into Cava spilling infected all across the island.

By chance, one of her few friends from America has come to Japan with the instigator of the incident and the latter's girlfriend in hopes of finding a resolution to Emiko's pain, but everything goes off the rails when the Crossed begin to emerge

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