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Break Me Slowly Shattered 1 Joya Ryan - [PDF] [EPUB] Break Me Slowly Shattered 1 Joya. Ryan Reviews, essays, books and the arts: the. Break Me Slowly (The Shattered Series Book 1) Joya Ryan. National and International Joya Ryan delivers a love affair so deliciously sinful, you'll devour it in. Possess Me Slowly book. Read 91 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Megan Riley has always lived her life right—right boyfriend, righ.

Break Me Slowly Joya Ryan Pdf

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B3C3EBDEACBC2C0D8F2DB3BF Break Me Slowly The Shattered. Break Me Slowly (The Shattered Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Joya Ryan. (PDF) Messerschmitt Me Schwalbe | Gustavo Urueña A break me slowly shattered 1 joya ryan The Twelve-step Suite (also known as the Twelve-step. break me slowly shattered 1 joya ryan break me slowly shattered pdf. Novels. Official Book Of Ultima (pdf) Official Book Of Ultima – 2nd Edition (pdf) Official.

Possess Me Slowly

She also loves to dance, though she is a terrible dancer that does not mind unleashing her moves on the public whenever she feels like it. Her female characters come from terrible family backgrounds that have left them weary and broken.

They hardly have the strength to fight for what they deserve until they meet the male protagonists that provide them with the strength.

However, they will typically want more from their male lovers, who will often back off as they have their own issues to sort out too.

Nonetheless, even as the female protagonists are seemingly weak, they are driven and smart professionals with high confidence, despite all that they have gone through. Breaking through from the negative influences after finding true love through the domineering tendencies of their lovers, they become even more empowered to overcome their problems.

The male protagonists on the other hand are gorgeous and highly sexualized specimens that are the ultimate brooding hero, with the handsomeness and wealth to boot.

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There is more to them than meets the eye particularly when it comes to commitment, which makes them even more intriguing, as it is almost impossible to tell where the relationship is going. Nevertheless, the mystery of the hero makes for an intense and hot relationship, which will leave the reader swooning. The likes of Gage and Adam Kincade have the steely eyes and reassuring smile that melts the tough exterior as the leads circle each other in a game of who will blink first.

The female leads are best described as characters that have learned not to count on anyone, which has left them scared though strong. Despite their reticence, they are in a constant battle to fit in and become a part of the people they loves and the community they lives in. The swoon worthy male protagonist is a big alpha sexy man that reminds one of a MacGyver character that would make any woman wet their panties.

He is in search for love and works hard to become a man that the woman of his dream will love and trust, which makes him so attractive. The heroines in the series are different from those of other similar novels in that they remain warm and loving even with their terrible pasts. They mellow to the emotional and out of control intense love showered upon them, and surrender to the wiles of the alpha who seems to have all that they have been looking for all their lives.


With Sexy names such as Kinkade and Gage, the heroes are your multi-millionaire handsome men personified, that have no problem running away with the souls of the women they love. They are controlling and charming yet immediately acknowledge that the seductive and sexy, even if a little bit shy heroines are what they need to complete them.

The lead in the series is Katelyn Gunn, a graduate student who is almost hit by a car heading to her first day as an assistant teacher. The inexperienced and nervous teacher is shocked to realize it is the gorgeous man behind the wheel who gets her heart racing, and not the near death experience.

Adam Kinkade is a powerful and ultra-wealthy distribution mogul in the city, and one of the most handsome men she had ever seen. She is also one of the very few men who incite excitement rather than fear in the young Katelyn. All his life Adam has been getting whatever he set his heart upon and now his sights are set on Katelyn.

He is determined to do anything and relentlessly pursues her to possess only to learn that she is the one in control. It is not long before Katelyn learns that Adam too has secrets of his own.

He proposes!!! So Preston comes up with this ingenious idea, Megan should marry him to show his father that he can settle down.

And wait for it there's a contract!!! Preston has a secret in his past, something that scarred him. He goes nuts if anyone mentions it!!! He never wants to have children!

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Poor Megan who is supporting her retired parents is under a lot of stress, which gives her an ear infection!!! She gets a course of antibiotics, meantime she and Preston are going at it like bunny rabbits!!! Soon after she starts feeling queasy! Oh whatever could it be???? Ummmmm not!!!

And guess what???? She's pregnant! Pregnant, I tell you!!!

Possess Me Slowly

Who would have known!!! Silly Preston, pushes her away because he thinks she's after his money!!!I finally got a chance to understand Meg and even though she is more confident, assured and out spoken than Kate, I never knew the vulnerabilities that was in this girl's life.

Her female characters come from terrible family backgrounds that have left them weary and broken. Jun 12, Farah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jul 03, Megan rated it really liked it Shelves: I must say that this installment was better written.

Welcome back. But, same story.

Preston is all man and hard to resist but when he pushes her away with his harsh words and attitude she leaves.

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