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Archer Book Italic. Archer Book Italic font ArcherPro Bold Italic. ArcherPro Bold Italic font ArcherPro Medium Italic. ArcherPro Medium Italic font. La meilleure des polices pour vous les avez recueillis, et aussi de toutes les. Archer Book. Uploaded by Don Scenic ( 32 styles). Report Violation Add to List.

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Tail standing is touchy due to the relatively narrow flats on the tail cap tabs.

2. Gotham—Free Alternative: Montserrat

Some of my samples were shakier than others due to the boot sticking out slightly on some more than others. Since the switch is designed to be more of a tactical switch more than basic utility I consider tail standing to be a bonus more than a negative even if it is a bit shaky.

Threading on the tail cap is wonderfully machined with square, anodized threading that is very smooth and prelubed at the factory. The thick O-ring fits tight into the tail cap and should provide good waterproofing. Mechanical polarity protection is used in the head of the light for the anode contact.

The large, heavy cathode spring in the tail appears to be gold plated and provides good current transfer. One thing I found very unusual was the use of reversed threading in the switch retaining ring. I tied using my fine point tweezers instead and bent the hell out of them. Once I tried the opposite direction the rings on all the tail caps came off quite easily.

I can only assume that they are reverse threaded to prevent them from coming loose when you remove the tail cap to remove the battery. Another small detail that shows they put a little more thought into the design.

Just remember it if you have to replace the switch for any reason. The pic below shows the tail caps completely disassembled.

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The spring isolator is a very thick O-ring that sits tight inside the back of the retaining ring. Threading on the tail cap internals are clean and unanodized. Here is a close look at the contact side of the switch board. And here we see the switch itself on the opposite side.

All solder joints are well done and heavy. A closer look at the switch boot. Back at the front of the light we can see the stainless steel crenelated bezel and AR coated ultra clear glass lens.

Adobe Type

The reflectors in all the models are smooth and very reflective. They are machined from aluminum and the emitters on all my samples are perfectly centered. The SS bezel is heavily threaded and unscrews smoothly.

It is well polished and lacks any sharp edges. Even though the C-ring is blue it glows a faint green. Here you can see the 19mm x 1.

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Slab serif lettering and typefaces appeared rapidly in the early nineteenth century, having little in common with previous letterforms. As the printing of advertising material began to expand in the early nineteenth century, new and notionally more attention-grabbing letterforms became popular. Some were developments of designs of the previous fifty years: ultra-bold types known as "fat faces" , which were related to " Didone " text faces of the period but much bolder.

Some of the type designs appearing around this time may be based on signpainting and architectural lettering traditions, or vice versa.

Fashion and Fancy commonly frolic from one extreme to another.Curly Games Heads Groovy I tied using my fine point tweezers instead and bent the hell out of them. Fax: Celtic Looking for more brand content to develop your own brand further?

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