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VOGUE PDF запись закреплена. 11 дек Vogue Paris December/ January / (PDF) #vogue Vogue Japan January (PDF) #vogue. Vogue Magazin weinratgeber.info МБ. 6 Vogue Italia N Aprile pdf. МБ. 15 Vogue weinratgeber.info МБ. 9. Vogue Paris Collections Pdf Free. Description In the special-issue Vogue Collections, Vogue gives you its expert eye on the latest catwalks.

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VOGUE PARIS | NAOMI CAMPBELL. EDIT. September naomicampbellbymikaeljanssonforvogueparisseptjpg. Aller au contenu. Panier · Espace personnel · A propos · lien aide contenu. FR, EN, IT. Accéder au site de la Bibliothèque nationale de France (Nouvelle fenêtre) . PDF | What happens when fashion design is converted into language? Roland Barthes's thought-provoking question, from his influential.

Somehow I knew it would serve me. Words had to come fast.

CLM (new york)

Fairchild simply let a man prove his worth by measuring his work against the rush of deadline. He believes in accurate reporting and nothing invented. Fairchild fueled his pages with text and articles that Karl Lagerfeld said were like drinking the most wonderful fresh water from a beautiful crystal glass. Humor and wit are part of his originality. He has a gift for the dry turn of phrase.

The expression tongue-in-cheek could have been coined to describe his gift for dressing down those ladies who lunch and who often take themselves too seriously.

He would use his gift in devilish, schoolboy ways to show people the silly side of taking their own press to heart. Very often, people suffered from his authority. And who would ever want to incur his wrath? My wildest extravagances were supported by Mr.

But the great joy of working with him in Paris was his way of entertaining. Lunch became a long, lively, and memorable session of gossip and news for the paper. Comments on people as they walked into a room were also dynamite. He could destroy or build a person up in one succinct glance.

Such is his power. And though many a designer has experienced rough critical waters, Mr. Fairchild is loyal to a fault to those he finds talented or gifted. He has no patience for fools, or the foolhardy. In his third book, Chic Savages, there is a truly touching passage in which he and his wife dine with their son. In it you see the real man. His love of his family is the fiber that holds it all together.

He is immensely proud of his son Steven Fairchild, who works for Valentino in Rome, and particularly his new granddaughter, Natascha. Weeks after the July couture one can find him and his wife, Jill, having a candlelit dinner in the Ritz garden, like two newlyweds. Louis Fairchild's apartment off Fifth, and Mr.

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Fairchild would go over there for dinner frequently. Family and friends are all to him. He stood by his great friend Kim d'Estainville through all the heavy moments of his illness. When Mrs.

Fairchild had a terrible cold this past January, he canceled his trip to Paris for couture to stay by her side. His first book, The Fashionable Savages, long out of print, brilliantly recounts his life as a young man taking charge of the fashion brigade in the early sixties in Paris and New York. When I was a junior in high school, fanatically devoted to my great French instructor, Cynthia P.

Smith, who made France come to life in her slide lectures after her annual trek to France each August, I would comb the pages of Mr. Fairchild's book. In it he described the characters I would hook my style fantasies on: Diana Vreeland, still photographed then in her snoods with a cigarette in a lean holder; Chanel with her legs crossed in one of her suits; the women he then called Goddesses—Babe Paley and Gloria Guinness.

The book's wonderful photographs by Tony Palmieri caught C. Guest, unadorned in her Mainbocher suits, lined in white ermine, at the races; Jackie O, in a strapless evening gown, out on the town. I had stumbled across this book in my high school library, where I isolated myself to travel through books on every subject imaginable.

For one, the law has teeth, unlike municipal regulations that impose, at most, token fines. Secondly, and critically, France is the epicenter of the fashion industry while Israel barely leaves a footprint.

Vogue Paris – Fevrier Vogue Australia – February Vogue Latinoamerica – Febrero…

Runway models are, by definition and professional necessity, starving to death. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA , which regulates workplace hazards that create a significant risk of material health impairment that can be mitigated, has authority to require modeling agents to protect against risk of starvation by prohibiting models below a given BMI e. Occupational health researchers have long recognized that some diseases and disorders occur at higher rates in certain occupational subgroups compared with the general population because of noxious workplace exposures e.

Professional fashion models are particularly vulnerable to eating disorders resulting from occupational demands to maintain extreme thinness; they exhibit elevated eating disorder symptoms and higher prevalence of medically concerning low BMI i. These arguments are strong at first blush, but would not defeat workplace regulation protecting fashion models.

Yes, BMI is an imperfect measure of health, particularly for individuals with higher levels of muscle mass.

Healthy BMI estimates also vary by geographic ancestry e. Indeed, when it comes to extremes, the deficiencies associated with BMI as a metric dwindle. Yes, agents identify models as independent contractors, an employment category over which OSHA lacks regulatory authority.

Rather than the terms of a contract, the level of control exerted by the employer is the determinative factor: substantial control indicates an employer-employee relationship. Yet a minimum BMI would not constitute discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act so long as it was implemented to protect employee health.

Furthermore, the severity of anorexia nervosa weighs in favor of allowing for a BMI requirement to protect against starvation courts consider severity in addition to duration, likelihood, and imminence of harm.

The fashion industry is irrefutably powerful—it drives commerce around the world and affects what we wear more than most consumers even realize. Regulating such an industry is extremely difficult; it is complicated to enforce laws against an industry that so seamlessly crosses national boundaries, not to mention into media, in which images can be manipulated endlessly.

Yet the United States is in a unique position to apply its occupational standards to an industry of employees fleeting in and out of our borders.

Paired with similar restrictions in France, OSHA regulations in the United States would shake the fashion industry, even if enforcement dollars were few and far between. Designers would be hard pressed to maintain a presence in the fashion industry without participating in the New York City and Paris Fashion Weeks.

The authors thank Samantha Glover, JD, for her contributions to this project.Secondly, and critically, France is the epicenter of the fashion industry while Israel barely leaves a footprint.


Update: Thank you to Amy for reminding me of this amazing website. Choreographic Objects.

Healthy BMI estimates also vary by geographic ancestry e. Guest, unadorned in her Mainbocher suits, lined in white ermine, at the races; Jackie O, in a strapless evening gown, out on the town.

William Forsythe: Mod Maid!

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