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The Partner John Grisham. One. I FOUND HIM in Ponta Pora, a pleasant little town in Brazil, on the border of Paraguay, in a land still known as the. [PDF] Download Reader's Digest Condensed Books Volume II Spring Selectio [PDF] Download Reader's Digest Condensed Books Volume 3 The Man from St [PDF] Download The Grapes of Wrath Publisher: Penguin Classics; Reissue editi. They watched Danilo Silva for days before they finally grabbed him. He was living alone, a quiet life on a shady street in Brazil; a simple life in a modest.

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The Partner by John Grisham - PDF free download eBook. Join the John Grisham Mailing List Four years earlier he had been Patrick Lanigan, a young partner. he Partner is set in the mids in South America, and in the southern United John Grisham was born in in Arkansas in the southern. United States of. Review eBook The Partner (Bbc Radio Collection: Crimes And Thrillers) By John Grisham [EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF]. (c) - page 1 of 8.

Subtle changes to the face. They'd paid a steep bribe to the surgeon in Rio who'd performed the alterations two and a half years earlier. They found him after four years of tedious but diligent searching, four years of dead ends and lost trails and false tips, four years of pouring good money down the drain, good money chasing bad, it seemed.

And they waited. There was at first the desire to snatch him immediately, to drug him and smuggle him to a safe house in Paraguay, to seize him before he saw them or before a neighbor became suspicious. The initial excitement of the finding made them consider a quick strike, but after two days they settled down and waited. They loitered at various points along Rua Tiradentes, dressed like the locals, drinking tea in the shade, avoiding the sun, eating ice cream, talking to the children, watching his house.

They tracked him as he drove downtown to shop, and they photographed him from across the street as he left the pharmacy.

They eased very near him in a fruit market and listened as he spoke to the clerk. Excellent Portuguese, with the very slight accent of an American or a German who'd studied hard. He moved quickly downtown, gathering his goods and returning home, where he locked the gate behind him. His brief shopping trip yielded a dozen fine photos. He had jogged in a prior life, though in the months before he disappeared his mileage shrunk as his weight ballooned.

Now that he teetered on the brink of emaciation, they were not surprised to see him running again. He left his house, locking the gate behind him, and began a slow trot down the sidewalk along Rua Tiradentes. Nine minutes for the first mile, as the street went perfectly straight and the houses grew farther apart. The pavement turned to gravel on the edge of town, and halfway into the second mile his pace was down to eight minutes a mile and Danilo had himself a nice sweat.

It was midday in October, the temperature near eighty, and he gained speed as he left town, past a small clinic packed with young mothers, past a small church the Baptists had built.

The roads became dustier as he headed for the countryside at seven minutes a mile. The running was serious business, and it pleased them mightily. Danilo would simply run into their arms.

It was an equal mix of Americans and Brazilians, with Osmar giving the orders in Portuguese and Guy barking in English. Osmar could handle both languages, and had become the official interpreter for the team.

Guy was from Washington, an ex-government type who'd been hired to find Danny Boy, as he'd been nicknamed. Guy was considered a genius at some levels and immensely talented at others, and his past was a black hole. He was well into his fifth one-year contract to find Danny Boy, and there was a nice bonus for snagging the prey.

Though he hid it well, Guy had been slowly cracking under the pressure of not finding Danny Boy. Four years and three and a half million dollars, with nothing to show for it. But now they'd found him. Osmar and his band of Brazilians had not the slightest hint of Danny Boy's sins, but a fool could see that he'd disappeared and taken a trainload of money.

And, although he was very curious about Danny Boy, Osmar had learned quickly not to ask questions. Guy and the Americans had nothing to say on the subject. The pictures of Danny Boy were enlarged to eight by tens, and tacked along a wall in the kitchen of the dirty little cottage where they were studied by grim men with hard eyes, men who chain-smoked strong cigarettes and shook their heads at the photos.

They whispered among themselves and compared the new photos to the old ones, the ones from his previous life. Smaller man, odd chin, different nose. His hair was shorter and his skin darker. Was it really him?

They had been through this before, in Recife, on the northeastern coast, nineteen months earlier when they'd rented an apartment and looked at photos on the wall until the decision was made to grab the American and check his fingerprints. Wrong prints. Wrong American. They pumped some more drugs in him and left him in a ditch. They were afraid to dig too deeply into the current life of Danilo Silva.

If he was in fact their man, then he had plenty of money. And cash always worked wonders with the local authorities. Osmar wanted to grab him. Guy said they'd wait. He vanished on the fourth day, and the dirty little cottage was in chaos for thirty-six hours. They saw him leave home in the red Beetle. He was in a hurry, came the report.

He raced across town to the airport, jumped on a small commuter at the last moment, and was gone. His car was parked in the only lot, and they watched it every second of every hour.

The plane was headed in the general direction of Sao Paulo, with four stops in between. There was instantly a plan to enter his home and catalog everything. There had to be records. The money had to be tended to. Guy dreamed of finding bank statements, wire transfer reports, account summaries; all sorts of documents arranged in a neat portfolio which would lead him directly to the money.

But he knew better. If Danny Boy ran because of them, then he would never leave behind the evidence. And if he was in fact their man, then his home would be carefully secured. Danny Boy, wherever he was, would probably know the instant they opened his door or window.

They waited.

The Partner

They cursed and argued and strained even more under the pressure. Guy made his daily call to Washington, a nasty one. They watched the red Beetle. Each arrival brought out the binoculars and cell phones. Six flights the first day. Five the second.

The dirty little cottage grew hot and the men settled outdoors--the Americans napping under a scrawny shade tree in the backyard and the Brazilians playing cards along the fence in the front. Guy and Osmar took a long drive and vowed to grab him if he ever returned.

Osmar was confident he would be back. Probably just out of town on business, whatever his business was. They'd snatch him, identify him, and if he happened to be the wrong man they'd simply throw him in a ditch and run. It had happened before.

He returned on the fifth day. They trailed him back to Rua Tiradentes, and everybody was happy. On the eighth day, the dirty cottage emptied as all the Brazilians and all the Americans took their positions. The course was a six-miler.

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He had covered it each day he'd been home, leaving at almost the same time, wearing the same blue and orange runner's shorts, well-worn Nikes, ankle socks, no shirt. The perfect spot was two and a half miles from his house, over a small hill on a gravel road, not far from his turning-around point.

Danilo topped the hill twenty minutes into his run, a few seconds ahead of schedule.

He ran harder, for some reason. Probably the clouds. A small car with a flat tire was just over the hill, blocking the road, trunk opened, its rear jacked up. Its driver was a burly young man who pretended to be startled at the sight of the skinny racer sweating and panting as he topped the hill. Danilo slowed for a second. There was more room to the right. The driver suddenly pulled a large shiny pistol from the trunk and shoved it into Danilo's face.

He froze, his eyes locked onto the gun, his mouth open with heavy breathing. The driver had thick hands and long, stout arms. He grabbed Danilo by the neck and yanked him roughly toward the car, then down to the bumper. He stuck the pistol in a pocket and with both hands folded Danilo into the trunk. Danny Boy struggled and kicked, but was no match. The driver slammed the trunk shut, lowered the car, tossed the jack into the ditch, and drove off.

A mile away, he turned on to a narrow dirt path where his pals were anxiously waiting. They tied nylon ropes around Danny Boy's wrists and a black cloth over his eyes, then shoved him into the back of a van.

Osmar sat to his right, another Brazilian to his left.

Someone removed his keys from the Velcro runner's pouch stuck to his waist. He had a pretty wife, a new daughter, and a bright future. Then one cold winter night Patrick was trapped in a burning car and died a horrible death. When he was buried his casket held nothing more than his ashes.

From a short distance away, Patrick watched his own burial. Then he fled. And Patrick fled some more. But they found him. Then Patrick Lanigan stole ninety million dollars from his own firm—and ran for his life.

The Partner

For four years, he evaded men who were rich and powerful, and who would stop at nothing to find him. Then, inevitably, on the edge of the Brazilian jungle, they finally tracked him down.He stuck the pistol in a pocket and with both hands folded Danilo into the trunk.

Subtle changes to the face. It features a discussion about capital punishment. Hardcover Brand: He actually closed his eyes and smiled when he uttered the words, "It's him. His hair and skin were darker, his chin had been squared, and his nose had been slightly pointed. There was at first the desire to snatch him immediately, to drug him and smuggle him to a safe house in Paraguay, to seize him before he saw them or before a neighbor became suspicious.

There was more room to the right.

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