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Nichole Chase. Suddenly Royal (Royal #3) Part 1 of 1. Nichole Chase - Royal weinratgeber.info KB. Nichole Chase - Royal weinratgeber.info Read Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Read "Suddenly Royal" by Nichole Chase available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Samantha Rousseau is used to getting.

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Home>; FICTION>; Romance>; Suddenly Royal - EPUB. Share This Title: The Royals; Volume number 1. Suddenly Royal. by Nichole Chase. On Sale: 11/26/. Shopping Romance Suddenly Royal Audiobook Free Download now. Suddenly Royal Free Audio books for Download | Romance Written By: Nichole Chase. Some Like It Hot: An Erotic Romance Anthology by Olivia Cunning, Nicole Edwards, Cherrie .. August - Recklessly Royal (Suddenly Book by Nichole Chase.

She had lost an eye, so tended to be nervous when people approached her mew. Hi, sweetheart. Time for some food. I unlocked the cage door and stepped in slowly. I untied the string that held her to her perch and gave her a good look-over. Once I had her in the office, I weighed her, careful to note the exact amount in our logs before getting her food.

Eat up. You know you want it. I lifted the mouse to her beak but she turned away. Your favorite. She ruffled her feathers and sighed. Dover was beautiful, but getting her to eat was always a frustrating process.

I lifted the mouse to her beak again, making sure she could see the food out of her good eye. Delicately, as if she was doing me a favor, she took a small bite. Slowly she lifted her claw and grasped the mouse. I sighed in relief.

She needed to eat to keep her weight up.

It was also how we administered her medicine. Dover was a smart bird and I suspected she knew we were putting something in her food. Once she was done, I took a few measurements and took her back to her mew. I checked the cage quickly and then cleaned up any mess she had made. I checked all our logbooks to make sure nothing had been missed, made a few notes about a Harris hawk with an injured wing, and closed up shop. I felt much better by the time I was ready to leave.

After double-checking the medicines and the food for the next day, I flipped the lights and headed out the door. I fished out my keys to lock the gate as I neared the entrance. No one else would be in until the morning. Samantha Rousseau? I looked up at the man standing just outside the gate to my research center. Dark pants met with a black blazer and an equally boring tie. The only thing remarkable about him was the expensive pair of sunglasses sitting on his nose and the little gizmo tucked into his ear, complete with a curly cord running down into his shirt collar.

I finished locking the bottom of the gate and stood up. Since I tend to have issues with authority, I immediately disliked the guy. Are you Samantha Rousseau?

No offer to shake hands. Who wants to know? I slung my bag over my shoulder as I headed toward the old pickup I drive. Authority dude followed close behind, making my hackles rise even farther. If you are Samantha, I need to speak with you privately. I threw my bag into the back of my truck and turned around to look at him. I motioned toward the unoccupied parking lot. We were the only two people.

His frosty expression seemed to crack a little and he gave me something that could almost pass as a smile. Miss Rousseau, I would like to ask you to accompany me. I have someone who would like to speak to you downtown. Uh, yeah. I yanked open the door to my truck and started to climb in. A hand landed on my shoulder and I reacted without thinking. Grabbing his fingers, I twisted as I turned and swung my other arm around in an attempt to clock him. Unfortunately he seemed to be expecting this move and countered smoothly.

Taking his hand back, he ducked under my swing and danced out of the way. Who the hell do you think you are? Brushing some of my brown hair out of my eyes, I glared at him. The fact that his weird smile had grown made me even more irritated. Nicely executed, Miss Rousseau. You almost had me. The FBI wannabe nodded his head at me. I clenched my fists at my sides to keep from trying to cream him. What a snide little— Here is my card. My name is Duvall. It would please my boss a great deal if you could meet us for dinner tonight.

She is staying at the Parallel and has dinner reservations set for eight-thirty at the restaurant downstairs. I looked at his card and then back to his face.

What on earth could this be about? The Parallel was the nicest hotel in town. I looked back at his card and noticed the odd crest at the top. A small bird rested on a branch that wrapped around a blue shield. Who was this weird little dude wearing an earpiece? The Duchess Rose Sverelle of Dollange. I looked at him for a moment to see if he was joking. Nope, his face was still set in that frosty, serious expression. I blinked slowly and looked back at his card before returning my eyes to his face.

I think you have the wrong Samantha. There is no reason a duchess would be looking for me. I rolled down the window and tried to hand him back his business card, but he waved a hand to signal I should keep it. You are Samantha Rousseau, wildlife biologist specializing in raptors? Graduate student, daughter of Martha Rousseau? Uh, yeah, but— I shook my head when he stepped a little closer to the window.

I am very good at my job, Miss Rousseau. I was told to find Samantha Rousseau, and I have. He shrugged. Of course, falconry is a large sport in our country. Perhaps it has something to do with that. And what country is that? I looked back at his card as if it might offer some answers. He stepped away from the car and nodded to me.

I looked at him for a moment in confusion. Eventually I threw the business card onto the pickup bench next to me and stuck my key in the ignition.

Okay, Duvall. Got to check the calendar first. With that, I threw the truck into reverse and backed up. Of course. He nodded at me as I switched to drive and pulled out of the parking lot. From the way he smirked at me, I was pretty sure he knew I was lying about being busy.

I watched him get into his black sedan, noticing for the first time the little flags on the hood. What on Earth would a duchess want with me? My mind worked through reasons that someone from a country I barely knew existed could possibly want to speak to me.

Maybe she was interested in the research center. But why would she come to me? He would be the one to handle donations or any sort of involvement on her part. He was out of town; maybe he forgot to tell me this lady was coming. The truck coughed as it switched gears and I entered the on-ramp for the highway.

The clock on the dashboard said it was almost five-thirty. Geller would still be in the field, so there was no point in calling him to find out what was going on. I snorted and sped the truck up. The staff was making do with half the supplies they really needed to rehabilitate the injured raptors in their care.

The cages were much smaller than they needed to be, and medical supplies were expensive.

Book Preview

When I pulled up to the little house I shared with Jess, I sighed and parked at the curb. Her boyfriend was parked in my spot again, not that it mattered since I was leaving soon. Yanking the key out of the ignition, I hopped out and grabbed my bag from the truck bed. When I opened the front door, the smell of fresh chili wafted to my nose and I groaned.

It smelled delish. I dropped my bag and kicked off my boots before walking to the kitchen. Bert was wearing a flowered apron and stirring the chili with a large wooden spoon while Jess sat on the counter next to him. He held up the spoon for her to taste and she laughed when some of it dropped onto her legs.

The little TV was on and there was some type of news show playing, which surprised me. Jess liked to watch all the pregame shows. We made chili! Ready for the game? When she saw me she smiled and waved me over. I forgot about the game.

I made plans. Jess groaned. What could be more important than this game? Every game is the most important game of the year to you. I rolled my eyes and looked back at the TV. What are you watching? But it was too late.

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Jess glared at the old television set. I looked back at the TV, interested. She used a gold pair of scissors to cut a red ribbon and waved at the people around her. The prince was speaking to a blond coed near the front door. He was definitely not a frumpy prince. Enviar pesquisa.

O slideshow foi denunciado. An annual anal Inicie em.

Mostre SlideShares relacionados no final. Publicada em: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Sem downloads. The story starts with the huge royal wedding of the previous couple in the series so this was a brilliant choice for me to read while I was watching the build up to the real life ceremony.

Cathy is Alex's sister and has spent her whole life living in the spotlight as the princes of I picked up this book when I was swept up in Royal Wedding fever on Harry and Meghan's big day which gives you a clue how long it's taken me to sit down and actually write this review! Cathy is Alex's sister and has spent her whole life living in the spotlight as the princes of Lilaria.

She loves her country and is proud of her heritage but sometimes life can be pretty stifling with the press watching her every move and people always wanting a little piece of her. She can never be sure if people are interested in her or just want to get close hoping they'll gain something so it is very hard for her to trust anyone new. She loves her brother and his new wife Samantha and has enjoyed helping organise their wedding but she's really ready to let her hair down and have some fun.

David is one of Sam's friends from America and he's travelled to Lilaria for the wedding but also to run the bird sanctuary that Sam started.

He has a pretty low opinion of royalty and has no interest in life in a spotlight so he might just be the perfect person for Cathy to have a long wished for secret affair with. Both books in this series have hit the spot perfectly when it comes to fun and light-hearted romance with a feel good factor.

There has been no unnecessary drama between the couples, the romances have been sweet but heartfelt with a nice amount of heat and I've enjoyed spending time in this world getting to know the characters.

I'm definitely looking forward to reading Max's story next and hope the series finishes with a bang! Review originally posted on Mostly YA Lit After I enjoyed Suddenly Royal so much, I knew I had to get my hands on Recklessly Royal - especially after the first three chapters of the latter were included with the former!

Two things got me with those first chapters: Just based on those two things, I was definitely raring to go for Recklessly Royal. She's a very funny, strong character - a little younger and more immature than Samantha from the previous book. In that book, she was a little big headstrong and really interested in having fun and partying, but it's been a year since she did that, and you can see that she's grown up a lot.

Just in time, too, because along comes David Rhodes, Samantha's good friend, and a seriously sexy dude. David is sweet, sexy, and hella passionate, and it's hard not to fall for him. He's obviously a really amazing guy who cares a lot about Cathy - and who doesn't care about her princess title.

He's basically perfect for her But it was missing a little something. For me, Recklessly Royal fell a little flat. The internal conflict in this book was basically Cathy trying to figure out how to be more herself as a royal.

The external conflicts - like dealing with the paparazzi and a new assistant in the midst of someone else getting sick - were more prominent, and weren't exactly life-altering. For me, these conflicts were dealt with well, but not in a substantial way. They also didn't really get to me that much because, frankly, Cathy is pretty strong and has had to deal with being a royal all her life. The other problem for me was that the romantic conflict was kind of fluffy. It stems from the fact that Cathy really doesn't believe there's anyone out there who will love her because she's a woman, not a princess.

Throw in the fact that she's still a virgin, and she's at an age where she feels like she's ready to give up her V-card to pretty much anyone - and when David comes into the picture, he wants to wait and make sure she gets to experience everything - not just sex right away.

It's a very adorable and noble gesture, but it makes the conflict pretty silly, because you know in the end they're going to get to it. It's definitely not something that drives the story along.

I didn't feel like Cathy really changed or grew as a person because of it. That said, as a fan of the series, it was still really fun to see what happened to the characters in the last book. It was also great that Chase continued to explore what it meant to be a modern royal - Cathy spends a lot of time trying to get an art program for kids started, and her work life is interesting and meaningful to her. Since I liked her character, it was nice to see her find someone to share her life with, and I liked the continuation of the series.

While Recklessly Royal didn't set my world on fire, it's definitely a sweet and fun book, and one for fans of the series. Romance Writing: I gotta say, Nichole Chase does a great job building the tension to a sexy moment. She's very, very good at making her readers and characters wait for the perfect moment for sexy times. She also kind of kicks arse at finding ways to make sexual encounters interesting, and adventurous, but not TOO adventurous, you know what I mean?

The Final Word: Overall, I enjoyed Recklessly Royal, but I felt like it fit a little too much with the stereotype of a romance novel - fluffy and insubstantial. Even though David and Catherine's relationship is cute, it's not quite on par with Alex and Samantha's relationship in Suddenly Royal, and because of that, this romance wasn't quite as strong for me. Feb 08, Emma rated it really liked it. I will say that it is most definitely a adult fairy-tale — think The Princess Diaries for adults.

In Recklessly Royal, the focus switches from Alex to his younger sister Catherine. Cathy is a selfless person putting the needs of her family and her country before her own.

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How they constantly have to questions the motives of the people around them, not being able to fully relax without the threat of harmless fun being twisted into something else by the press. I will be honest and say that I had a hard time remembering David from the first book, I think this is because Alex is such a larger than life presence that every other male in the book fades into the background.

I loved how calm and solid David was, he is so self-assured that he carries a sense of tranquility with him that transfers to other people especially Cathy. I really would have liked to see some of the scenes from his point of view. I am not going to go into details of the plot as I think to fully appreciate it you need to read it. The nuances of life within the public eye portrayed within the story provides much food for thought, especially the way the paparazzi is run.

Recklessly Royal is an enchanting, character driven story that will leave you anxious for more. This was the perfect start to my 24 in 48 hour readathon. This book was fun, sweet, sexy, and sassy. Catherine is a princess that has done everything right in the eyes of her kingdom. So when she meets David things get a little sticky as she starts to feel things. David is this rugged, American man that pushes Cathy without overwhelming her or using her.

I really enjoyed the lightness of this book and look forward to reading the first and third books in the series of standalones. This specific v This was the perfect start to my 24 in 48 hour readathon. This specific video review will be included in the July wrap-up and 24in48 Readathon Vlog. For other video book reviews check out my Youtube Channel: Steph's Rom Book Talk.

Sep 07, Tricia Santos added it. And Recklessly Royal is an adorable follow-up. And it was insanely easy for me to connect with Cathy. Until she meets David, of course. What Alex had found with Sam was a miracle.

We get to see them prepare for their wedding and go on their honeymoon! I really missed them, and I seriously need more of them in my life. Then they go on their tropical honeymoon, and Cathy can go back to focusing on herself.

Except not really. I never thought that would happen, and the feeling was intoxicating. She was always busy and on-the-go, she was always trying to do stuff for others, and she would barely ever take care of herself. But, I truly enjoyed watching Cathy put Cathy and Princess Catherine together, because throughout the book she felt like she had to switch between the two. And, of course, I enjoyed watching her fall in love.

But I think we should give it a shot. I know I want to know more. But, we get to know David plenty through Cathy. I thought their first few meetings were hysterical. Cathy was so unintentionally awkward with him! It was so cute!

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The first signs of a crush. Which turns into more of course. Not seeing you would be the most difficult thing I could do. He takes care of her and he brought her back to life. One step at a time. The teasing touches, the almosts but not quite. And then I want to make love to you. Not scratch an itch or check something off the list.

I want you ready and willing, begging me for what you need. And there was plenty of steamy-ness. That lake scene? Wow, they might give Alex and Sam a run for their money! And if not I need it. He has the whole mysterious, tortured artist down to a tee. I need him in my life. Just like I need more of all the characters. Aug 06, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: What a day in the life of a prince or princess would be like?

Well this is the book to read. This book to me gave me a fairly accurate view of what it would be like to be royalty. Now don't get me wrong this isn't like reading a journal or anything If you liked Suddenly Royal, then you don't want to miss this book. I will say that I still liked book 1 better but this one is definitely worth the read. If you are looking for a sweet love story without a lot drama, then this is it. This could be described as a funny, sexy, swoony, easy to read, beach read.

This book definitely doesn't have a lot of drama and what drama it did have was fairly predictable but over pretty quickly. This well a well paced book, nothing dragged but nothing was rushed.

I really enjoy Nichole Chase's writing style, she knows how to draw you into a story and keep you intrigued until the end. This is the second book in the Suddenly Series. In this book Cathy struggles in how to be both a Princess and a "normal" person.

She is determined to find love and have it be with someone who loves her for her and not because of the crown or title she holds. It was fun to see her loosen up in this book. I loved that this book continued on where book 1 ended. So that means not only do we get Cathy's story we got to see the conclusion to Alex and Sam's story. I was so happy with everything that happened between them. We also got to know David pretty well in this book. I loved his character!!!!

He was a good old southern boy from Georgia. I loved how he treated Cathy. He was funny and sexy when he needed to be but he was also sweet and swoon worthy too. I just have to say I had a lot of respect for David while reading this book. He handled himself so well, you don't see that in many books these days. My only complaint when it came to Cathy and David, was I wished we would've gotten more interaction between them.

There is a part of the book were we don't see much of David and I would've liked more. But it didn't take away from me enjoying this book.

I loved that we got to see some of the old characters again. Jessie, Chadwick, Sam, and Alex were all in this book. We also saw a lot of Max Cathy's other older brother. I loved the girlfriend bond that Sam, Jessie and Cathy have.

They had me cracking up in the beginning of the book. I just wish they would've been in the book a little more. We see Chadwick throughout the whole story and is was just as great as he was in the first book.

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I loved meeting and getting to know Max…he was such a sweet and protective older brother to Cathy. I can't wait to read his story: I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun, easy, and sweet love story. This will for sure hit the mark for you. You also don't want to miss this book if you liked the first one or are a Fan of Nichole Chase. For more reviews go to Book Bitches Blog View 1 comment. Dec 22, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Princess Catherine is preparing for the wedding of her brother and her best friend, Sam. She meets Sam's good friend David at the bachelorette party in which Catherine sort of makes a fool out of herself. Things get off to a shaky start because David is feeling a little protective of Sam and is worried she won't be happy living outside t Recklessly Royal by Nichole Chase is a Avon Publication. Things get off to a shaky start because David is feeling a little protective of Sam and is worried she won't be happy living outside the US.

But, at the wedding, Catherine and David have a moment together. Catherine is left feeling embarrassed once again in front of David. However, David steps up and begins to try and understand Catherine's life and why it is so hard for her to do the normal things others take for granted As David immerses himself into Catherine's world he finds there are two sides to Catherine's personality. The public Princess Catherine, and the oridinary Cathy. Before the couple can begin to sort out what is happening between them, Catherine's long time personal assistant has a heart attack and leaves Catherine at the mercy of a woman named Tabitha.

Tabitha's attitude and missteps will bring a world of grief to Cathy and David and could bring the budding fairytale romance to a crashing halt. A princess longing for real love , but knowing that her evey move is being monitored makes romance very difficult. David is an American and has no idea what life is like for a princess.

He doesn't know all that will go into just taking Cathy out on normal dinner and movie type date. He won't realize until it's too late the great lengths the media will go to in order to snap a few pictures of Catherine with her mystery man. While this book is written on the very light side of things, there is a little note of caution. We can judge the life of royalty or of anyone with fame or fortune, really. It all looks so glamorous, but in reality it can really suck.

Naturally, things work out for the couple with each having to make some concessions. Hopefully, Catherine will have her assistant back and in good health for a long time in the future. Good, loyal people who do not have a hidden agenda are also really important to those under the microscope at all times.

Overall I give this one a B. Ele vem para cobrir a Sam do p 3,5 estrelas fofas!!!! Eita, que cara gente boa! Vou te dizer: Quer desestressar? Quer ler algo leve, doce, singelo e fofo?

Suddenly Royal

Cantinho da Caro Feb 23, Nancy The book junkie rated it really liked it Shelves: Review coming soon! Nov 01, Ella rated it liked it Shelves: Cathy and David were beyond precious.

I love how their dynamic developed. The author is really good at writing the main characters and even supporting players. The minor characters who are in and out of the books for only a few pages or chapters even appear to be fleshed out or given some layers.

I feel like if Goodreads had a better rating system this would have closer to a 3. Honestly I really enjoyed this witty, easy, fun read! I couldnt find a reason to love this book It was really just normal. Well, this book was as safe as the prequel.

However, the second installment was just plain jane. There wasnt anything fancy: To add on, Catherine's love story was just meh. Thankfully, it was a fast read.

Sep 11, Pam rated it liked it. Feb 07, Gayatri rated it really liked it. She has a plan, and it all hinges on seducing Catherine has spent her life being the perfect princess. This is the second book in the series Suddenly by Nichole Chase and let me tell you this.

I was not disappointed. I had read a few reviews before I read this book and they all talked about how this book was completely drama free and there were no problems for Catherine and life is not that easy in real life and I disagree with them. While the romance in this book was drama free and as you guys know I love books like that.

It was just that she handled it maturely and did not go crying something bad happened in her life which is there in so many books you would not believe.

She was stalked by the media to the point where she could not leave the house without getting attacked by them. It was so great to see them married and there were a lot of other problems throughout the course of the book. I admire her as a person in this book because she has a lot of strength to deal with the stuff she went through. A lot of people would have broken down and cried for help.

She never asked for help and I respected her for that. There was a bit of humour in this book as well. I love the way David and her met. It was hilarious and extremely embarrassing. There were certainly sparks there. David was a gentleman. That was for damn sure.The romance was developed well, with plenty of interaction between them, as they get to know one another better. I had suspicions of Tabitha right from the beginning. For more reviews go to Book Bitches Blog He's helping out with the birds while Sam's on her honeymoon, and that gives him and Cathy a lot of chances to meet.

She has never let her popularity get to her head and I liked how she was so involved in her charities. Then Samantha's friend David comes to help with the birds while Samantha and Alex are on their honeymoon. Why not?

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