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New Horizons includes % new content and updated exam training to prepare students for the B1 school-leaving exam. A wide range of topics engage. New Horizons: 1: Teacher's Book by Paul Radley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. New Horizons: 1: Teacher's Book on weinratgeber.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

New Horizons 1 Teacher Book

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weinratgeber.info: New Horizons: 1: Teacher's Book: New copy - Usually dispatched within 2 working days. Results 1 - 27 of 27 New Horizon College English (4) heard tutorial (Teacher s Book) Published by Beijing Language University Press; 1 (July 1, (). Oxford New Horizons 4 Levels Student's Book + Workbook + Teacher's Student's Book + Workbook + Teacher's Book + Audio CDs + MultiROM 14 Files | MB ​. New Horizons is a four-level upper secondary course that sets achievable Oxford - New Horizons 1 weinratgeber.info [ MB].

Extensive Reading and. Seller Inventory CZ This series of tutorials teaching system consisting of textb. Seller Inventory CF Chiron Media Wallingford, United Kingdom. OUP Oxford , Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely.

Published by Oxford University Press Oxford University Press, Ships with Tracking Number! download with confidence, excellent customer service!. English Chinese. Seller Inventory DN May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Item added to your basket View basket. Order Total 1 Item Items: Shipping Destination: Proceed to Basket. View basket. Continue shopping. Results 1 - 27 of United Kingdom. Search Within These Results: Seller Image.

New Horizons: New Horizon English Course. I heard that tutorial. New Horizons 4: Create a Want Tell us what you're looking for and once a match is found, we'll inform you by e-mail. HUF Free delivery in Hungary above orders of HUF Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter and receive interesting professional articles, learn about our new books, offers and games. New Horizons is a four-level upper secondary course that sets achievable goals and builds confidence.

Soft cover Series: New Horizons Publication date: Book Level: A1-A2 Publisher: Vou look worried. Jackie I'm nOI worried, but I'm sure they're 6 isn ' t worried. And I'm sure you're the best! What about something to eat? You look worried. I'm sure You're the best! Tick tI' the correct s tatements. Write down the correct! Look out! Yaul They aren't..

We'rel You'rel They're not A.. Ellie Josh and Sam 3 I'm hungry. Jessica Peter Vocabulary feelings 4 Look at the pictures. Match the adjectives in bold to the Polish translations below. Now translate the sentences J- i into Polish , g I'm sleepy. I'm worried. I Steve Chang is at Emily Watson's house.

Sieve Hello. Are Mr and Mrs Watson at home? Emily Yes, tbey are. Steve My name's Steve Chang. Are you Emily? Emily Yes, I am. Hi, Steve. Emily I ley, Katie. Where's Clare? Katie Er Maybe she's in the kitchen. Emi ly Clare! Where are you? Are you in the kitchen? Mrs Watson No, I'm not. I'm in the garden with Ziggy. Emily Steve's here! Mrs Watson Pleased to meet you, Steve!

Steve Nice 10 meet you, too, Mrs Watson. Mr Watson Aargh! What's all this rubbish? Steve Sorry! It's my luggage. Mrs Wa tson Yes, urn This is Steve. Steve, this is my husband. Mr Watson Oh! Correct the ialsc sentences. Mr and Mrs Watson aren'l at home. Nice to meet you.

S Ziggy isn't in the garden. Czasownik be Zdania twierdzctce garden f My name's Steve. She isn't in t he living room them to the correct furniture in the house. We're in the garden. They're at home, C.!! Yes, she is.

New Horizons 1 Teacher's Book

No, they aren 't. Yes, they 3 Ii Maggie in the garden? Ah, look! He l"l in the kitchen. I ,l in my bedroom. Steve isn't a student 4 Complete the information aboul Steve with the affinnative v or ncg. Steve Chang I S v a British teenager. He where's the armchair? Close your book. He's at Emily's house. X in London. They in the house. His mother Exa mple: He 9 J, v Chinese. Steve A It's in the dining room. Workbook p. Steve You've got a really nice garden. Emily Thanks. Have you got a garden at home?

Steve No, I haven't. We live in a flat Wow! You've gOI a really cool stereo, too! Emily Actually, it's my dad's. Those are all his CDs. They're awful. Actually Emily Yes, I have.

II's in my bedroom. Guess whatl Emily Yes, I have. What about you? Steve No, J haven'!. Well, I haven', got any CDs. Comprehension chl! Write Steve Yes, it's a birthday present rrom my parents.

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E EmB y or S Sieve. Actually, it's my birthday today. Happy birthdayl. When's your birthday? Guess what! It's Steve's birthday loday. Clare Really? Happy binhday, Steve! Grammar Guide. Krotkie odpowiedzi Yes, I have. Yes, I have. No, I haven 't. Com plete the sentences w ith the correct form of have got. Yes, I Jmve. Listen and check. Listen to the s pelling or the words. Have you got a mobile? A lIave you gOi any rollerblades? Write six sentences a bou t your possessions. B Yes, I have. I haven 't!

Jot a mObile. Sow talk about your other possessions. IIS Ex. Take turns to ask and answer Si ll fifth 20th twentieth questions about the festivals.

Check your answe rs. December March August June Example: A When's your birthday? Listen and rel:. Christmas Day father. Now write the dates in the fuU form. New Yea, S Daj is on tlte irst ofjanuary. Listen and rt!

Write the dates of four festiv. The verb be KnIIkl. No, you aren't. Yes, he is. No, she isn't. Yes, iI is. No, we aren't.

Yes, you are. No , they. Complete the table. I a I am nOI English. Yes, J have.

Yes, I'm. Have got you an MP3 player? Yes, I am. Write s hort ans wers. Yes, I have got. I hi she in the bathroom? Z Are they in the living mom? R Are you and Tim in London? Wrile questions and answers. Her HameS Anna. Rachel Yes, Anna No, l '. I HI 8 how old? Speaking Reading I Match the names of the media jobs to the pictures. Test your partner. How old are the finalists? A What's At Write their ages. Steve Rebecca Emily Amar.

IYJC fflnalists are', now. I'm Steve Chang. H "";:: I'm English and I live in Manchester. My mum's English and my dad's Chinese. I'm seventeen. Oh, and I like cooking - Chinese food, of course! Blrthdoy 20th September My interests are the cinema City Vancouver and multicultural British society.

Country Canada My ambition is to be a reporter. My name's Emily Interests fashion and politics Watson. I'm sixteen years old and my birthday's on 30th November. I'm from N. I like dancing Hobbie. Flvourlte My ambition is to be a colour brown newspaper editor one day.

Special My special interests are sport Interests the media and the environment and science and technOlogy. Complete the tahle with Information from the text. Steve f. Speaking 7 Match the questions to the answers.

Wbal's you r favourite colour? I' m eighteen and a To be a reporter. My hobbies are c It's on the 21st of September. My ambition 8 Read the instructions and do the task. Zaczynaj je od how old, when, what, who iip.

One day I 9 Complete the table in exercise 6 with your own answers. Then write a paragraph SO T. O be a cameraman. QED Which names do you hear? Listen and tick tI' Ihe names. Then listen again and fill in the missing words. Dear Mum and Dad. Well, here 1 am in Londonl I'm at e. Her name', katit. Emily haM1't got iII1j brothers 'bht'f, got a boyfriend.

Hifl namt. IZob', got a 'ister. Htr name: Comprehension check 2 Choose the correct answer. Yes, she has. Yes, chey! He is Emily's granda d grandfather. She is Emily's gra ndma grandmother.

Emily's family tree They are Emily's grandparents. Carol Watson Dave Watson Clare Watson Enuly's uncle.

New Horizons in English Form 1

She is Emily's aunt. He is Emily's dad fatherl. She is Emily's stepmum stepmother. They are Emily's parents. She is Emily's stepsister. How old Is he? Choose two Grammar Guide membel'"S of your family. Student 8: Find out Czasownik have got. Ask about his or her: Wl'ite We haven't got pets sentences about two of your IJartner's re latives. Yes, they have. Have you got a sister? Choose a member 6 Write questions and answers or sentences of Emily's family on page Imagine that wi th the correct form or have got.

A No , I haven'l. A Yes, I have. A No, I'm not. A Yes, 1 am! Who are Ihey? Write the correCI lellef below. Compare your. Now Illillch Ihe descriptions to four of them.

Hc's tall and q uite thin.

He's very good- looking. He's gOl shan, straight, dark brown hair and brown eyes. She's gOI long. She's gorgeolls! He's got brown eyes. She 's gal long, wavy hair and blue eyes. She's very anractive. Now wrile the remaining two descriptions ror the photos in exercise He's a bit thm. My favourite star 14 Work in pairs. Student A:. A Describe your favourite sLar. Guess who A's star is. A She's American, She's got long, straight , blonde hair and green eyes, She's slim and she isn't very tall.

She's quite young but she's a very good actress! Write the name of Tick tI' the picture of Aunt Wendy. Give it to Student B. Adjective order Student B: Don 't look at the paper. Try to find out who you are. Put the words in the correct order to write sentences. B Am 1 American? SiJlijOt fon! Remember to include infonnalion on looks, height.

No, you haven't. No, you haven t. Her ndIlle's Sally. Yes, 1 has. S He's got long, red hair. Yes, we haue. Speaking 1 Look at the information about British families. Choose the correct answer. Ask and answer to compare your answers. Then check your answers on page Natalie's from Match the Ilames to tbe surnames: Hope H , Wright W or Smith 5. Read all three texts a works fo r the London Underground.

Correct the b teaches children al school. S Mike is a mechanic. S Doug is a librarian in Stratford. Natalie Daley Is Her grandparents Sonya Hope and her husband. Mike, Lucy and Doug Wright are divorced. They've got Do ug's gOt a new wife, Megan Smith.

Kevin's 12, and laura's 9, a big ho use. Megan's gOt a daughter. Her mum. Mike's also called Sophie , and she's II. Mark and got a son called Joe from his first Jessica spend the weekends with Natalie's got a brother and a sister.

The three N. Lucy works from home for an Her brother's name is W inston and insurance company. Doug Is a taXi he's 8 driver and Megan is a librarian.

Find these words tn the texts Writing and m a tch the m to their Polish translation. Vocabulary 4 Read the information ilnd answer the I Complete the advertisements with the parts questions. Write any dates in full. Grammar 5 Choose the correct a n s wer. Yes, 1' am. Down There is one phrase you do not need to use, Who is 2 Down?

J 5 permocUl maseg 19 years old. Adam's a rock Singer and II a fantastic electric guitar. Adam's a bit sad now. Think about 1 I' ve got red, long, wavy hair. Examples; Where areIOU f om? II Work in pairs. Ask YOUT partner the questions you made in exercise 10, and make notes of their answers. Then swap roles. Decide if the leiter 's is a fo rm of the verb be, the verb have.

Write B. H, or P. M y ' s Jason Miller. Lucky 5 When's your hinhday? J ott.. He s[ very jood-lookil1g! Ll brothus. Awl of GOKrse, m. J '" very joad tewtir pltllyer! Rob wants to download.

Comprehension check 2 Complete the sentences with the correct name s: Rob, Steve or Emily. I can't stand it! I prefer rock, really. I just don't know 4 likes hip hop. At least, I think so. Yes, they do I No, they don't Does she like her' Yes.

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Take turns to ask and answer questions about music. I Do Chris and Jo like reggae? A Who's your favourite si ngerlband? Write three more ques tions for John. Jane, olnd for Chris a nd Jo. Kale Il1es Her avoun'te sl'nJer" is Work In pairs. Take turns to ask your Memory game questions rind give short answers. Lorraine john likc. Look at the table for two minutes, Cover the tab le and ask and answer questions.

A Do Jack and Tony like reggae? B Yes, they do. Does Lorraine like pop? Workbook pp. Then match them to photos A- P. Write th e correct numbers. Language J!! Czasownika play grat utywamy, gdy rro. Czasownika go z czasownikiem z czClstkct -ing utywamy, gdy m6wimy 0 zaJ'! Gdy m6winry 0 innych zajqciach, stosujemy zwykJe czasownik do. I hate going cycling 7 Rob's sister, Sandy, is at home with her friend, Jade.

Write the correct letters. What do you like doing? YOLI are doing a survey for a magazine. Find QUi which free-time activities on the page 8 likes and complete the questionnaire. Answer A's questions. Then change roles. A What do you like doing in your free lime? B I Jove playi ng chess.New vision of College English education.

Item added to your basket View basket. Student A:. As k a nd answer about wha t you think th ese people are doing at Grammar Guide he moment: ID Li ste n a nd check. Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter and receive interesting professional articles, learn about our new books, offers and games.

Also, I always eat a lot of fruit! Excuse me, is this the IYJe centrel Yes. I' m such an idiot! This is their new CD, Nice Hair.

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