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He figured out some violation and disobedience toward Chinese people in Indonesia. Eventually, he published Hoakiau, a series of correspondence between he and a Chinese writer revealing about the unmask history about Chinese people in Indonesia. It later dragged him to his restraint in Afterwards, he was jailed in three different prisons in almost a half of his life because he was suspected as a pro communist.

Pram suffered from imprisonment without any trial and clear evidence. Although he was finally sentenced as a freeman, he had to undergo home arrest punishment and responsible to conduct a continuous report to the police bureau. During his imprisonment, the Government burned out and banned his works to be published publicly. He was also claimed as the obstacles for Soeharto regime in New Order Government.

Nevertheless, his desire to write cannot be stopped by the prison trellis. When he was jailed in the Buru Island Pulau Buru , he wrote the most prestigious and masterpiece work, tetralogy Bumi Manusia. The tetralogy Bumi Manusia which is also known as tetralogy Pulau Buru is one of the greatest contributions for Indonesian literature.

From this work, Pram has been known worldwide. The tetralogy Pulau Buru has been published in more than 30 countries around the globe. It consists of four novel series telling the story of a Javanese nobleman who struggles in figuring out his self xiii esteem as an Indonesian under the Dutch colonialism and Javanese feudalism.


This tetralogy represents the anxiety and turbulence in Prams mind toward the real situation in his own country. In other hands, it frankly voices the deep concern of Pram for his nation.

These novels have rewarded him many honorable awards from outside this countries. However, since it was banned by the Government in the New Order era, it cannot be easily reached by people in his own homeland.

6 February - 30 April

Eventually, Pramoedya Ananta Toer is one of the greatest Indonesian authors who unfortunately was exiled by some Indonesian writers in his era because of his courage in delivering outspoken and frank thoughts in his books.

He was once claimed as a disruption for Indonesian literature because of his suppression toward the New Order writers who are not in line with his perspective. Even though it was failed to be proved but Pram was never been free to deliver his opinion since that one-sided accusation. Nonetheless, this world has reminded Pramoedya Ananta Toer as a brilliant author who eternally lives on. He is the only Indonesian artist who is continuously nominated as the Nobel achiever for Literature.

His name is also mentioned as worlds most influential authors altogether with John Steinbeck, Graham Greene dan Bertolt Berecht. Moreover, he has written 50 writings which have been translated in more than 42 languages and published xiv around the globe.

It mostly takes place in Wonokromo, one of small villages in Surabaya, East Java. The main character, Minke is a fortunate Javanese who can enroll in H. S, a high school for European students in Surabaya. As a son of noble family in the city B, Minke grows up as a well-raised boy with a proper education since he was kid. This situation is severely different with most of Indonesian children who cannot enroll to school and finally turn as uneducated natives.

As the only Indonesian in H.

S, Minke, who lives separately from his parents, shows an outstanding performance during his study. Since he meets and mingles with diverse people around the globe, Minke is able to absorb various cultures especially from west. He idolizes his teacher from Netherlands named Juffrow Magda Peters as a person who always encourages him to share his thoughts through writing because it will trace eternally and never be vanished by time.

He really adores western civilization as it is reflected on the way he is able to speak in Dutch fluently rather Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese. Later on, because of his splendid ability in speaking and writing in Dutch, Minke is offered to regularly write articles in one of Dutch newspapers.

Under the fame name Max Tollenar, Minke starts to write articles in the Dutch language. He disguises as a Dutch to hidden his real identity as a Javanese nobleman. Surprisingly, the name Max Tollenar and his writings are getting popular in Surabaya. His sharp and critical opinion in commenting and reviewing the publicly spoken issues is well-regarded by the society.

Some parties claim that Max Tollenar has unmasked some sensitive and controversial public cases with an objective point of view. In other hands, some of his articles raise inhospitable reaction from some people who dislike his existence. As an outstanding student who is always be in the spotlight, Minke grabs some jealousy from his mates. Robert Suurhof is one of his classmates who had been jealous on Minke because of his fame and great performance at school.

He always thinks that Minke does not deserve to sit together with white people in the same school. He is just like most of the Europeans who assume that Asian people will never be equal with them.

One day, he took along Minke to his friends house in Wonokromo. The house which is commonly known as Boerderij Buitenzorg is the house of Herman Mellemas family that is well-known as a dangerous place to go. They are untouchable and antisocial family who lives in a big house. Afterward, he firstly meets Annelis in that house.

Annelis is a daughter of Mr. Mellema who is famous with her flawless beauty. Frankly, Robert Suurhof has an untold interest by taking Minke to that house. He attempts to show Minke on how white people can easily get Annelis. Unfortunately, he is failed to get Annelis attention.

In the other hands, Annelis welcomed Minke thoughtfully. The first meeting has changed both of their life after all. Both Annelis and Minke fall for each other and promise to meet more often afterwards. Later on, Minke starts to know the Mellemas family deeper.

Annelis mother, Nyai Ontosoroh is a pure Javanese who had been forcedly married to Herman Mellema by her own parents. In other words, Nyai Ontosoroh was being sold to the Dutch for several amount of money. Life was never easy for her since that moment. She had to serve Herman Mellema as a compulsion. Several years later, Herman Mellema kindly married her illegally.

Hostinger ada di seluruh dunia

Their relationship was getting better and they were having two children from that marriage. They run a family company together with patient and affection until the company was becoming greater. Nyai is a fast learner and smart native woman.

From his husband, she learns about European civilization and modernity. It makes her able to speak in Dutch and knowing well about how to manage the company professionally. She learns west culture outstandingly but still be proud of his ancestors culture. It makes her becoming an xvii educated and honorable Javanese woman even her statues is not a legal wife of Herman Mellema.

However, an unfinished case with his real family in Netherlands has made Herman Mellema losing his judicious as a family man. When his son from Netherlands came to Wonokromo and sued him because of his irresponsibility in deserting his family in Netherlands, Mellema turned as a whole different man then.

Right away after that, he irresponsibly left the house, his wife and his children, Annelis and Robert Mellema. He was later trapped in the brothels house near Wonokromo. After he left, Nyai Ontosoroh took over the family business and developed it bigger than ever. Annelis was being raised well by Nyai until she grown up as a smart girl who helps her mother running the family business. Because of the great cooperation between Ann and her mother, the Boerderij Buitenzorg Company is leading in producing qualified livestock goods in Surabaya.

Nyai is a tough, smart and open minded woman who struggles to live her family independently after deserted by Herman Mellema previous years before Minke stepped in that house. However, she still kept a deep revenge on some people in her past life including both of her parents. She really loves Minke and permits him to have a relationship with Annelis.

She even asks Minke to stay in the Boerderij Buitenzorg whenever he wants to. She also the one who reminds Minke to always be proud of ancestors culture and never take for granted Europeans culture.

Different with his mother and his sister who accept Minke hospitably, Robert Mellema, who xviii never regards Nyai Ontosoroh as his mother because she is a native, reacts inconveniently with the existence of Minke in his house.

He never accepts Minke as the Mellemas guest because he thinks that native people will never deserve the equal position with the European. As time flies, Minke spends more time in Boerderij Buitenzorg and rarely back to his boarding house. As a consequence, people around start in gossiping Minke who lives in the Boerderij Buitenzorg without any bond with Mellemas family. Later on, Minke is accused as Nyai Ontosorohs new man. The rumor spreads out quite fast in Wonokromo and finally arrives in Minkes home.

His father, a major in the city B is terribly mad when he heard something shameful about his son. After that, Minke is forced to come back home and is judged by his own father with a string of unproved accusations.

His father claims that Minke has tarnished the family name and pride. However, it does not make Minke say apologize to his father. Meanwhile, he is angry back to his father and finally decides to never come back home. Minke is disappointed with his father who only considers about his self pride-importance and prefers to disbelieve his own son.

His writing style became more politically charged, as evidenced in his story Korupsi Corruption , a critical fiction of a civil servant who falls into the trap of corruption. This created friction between him and the government of Sukarno. From the late s, Pramoedya began teaching literary history at the left-wing Universitas Res Publica. As he prepared material, he began to realise that the study of Indonesian language and literature had been distorted by the Dutch colonial authorities.

He sought out materials that had been ignored by colonial educational institutions, and which had continued to be ignored after independence. Having spent time in China, he became greatly sympathetic to the Indonesian Chinese over the persecutions they faced in postcolonial Indonesia.

Most notably, he published a series of letters addressed to an imaginary Chinese correspondent discussing the history of the Indonesian Chinese, called Hoakiau di Indonesia History of the Overseas Chinese in Indonesia. He criticized the government for being too Java-centric and insensitive to the needs and desires of the other regions and peoples of Indonesia. As a result, he was arrested by the Indonesian military and jailed at Cipinang prison for nine months.

Imprisonment under Suharto[ edit ] In an October coup the army took power after alleging that the assassination of several senior generals was masterminded by the Communist Party of Indonesia. The transition to Suharto's New Order followed, and Pramoedya's position as the head of People's Cultural Organisation, a literary group with connections to the Indonesian Communist Party, caused him to be considered a communist and enemy of the "New Order" regime.

During the violent anti-Communist purge , he was arrested, beaten, and imprisoned by Suharto's government and named a tapol "political prisoner". His books were banned from circulation, and he was imprisoned without trial, first in Nusa Kambangan off the southern coast of Java, and then in the penal colony of Buru in the eastern islands of the Indonesian archipelago. He was banned from writing during his imprisonment on the island of Buru, but still managed to compose - orally - his best-known series of work to date, the Buru Quartet , a series of four historical fiction novels chronicling the development of Indonesian nationalism and based in part on his own experiences growing up.

The main character of the series, Minke, a Javanese minor royal, was based in part on an Indonesian journalist active in the nationalist movement, Tirto Adhi Surjo. The quartet includes strong female characters of Indonesian and Chinese ethnicity, and addresses the discriminations and indignities of living under colonial rule, and the struggle for personal and national political independence. Like much of Pramoedya's work it tells personal stories and focuses on individuals caught up in the tide of a nation's history.

Pramoedya had done research for the books before his imprisonment in the Buru prison camp. When he was arrested his library was burned and much of his collection and early writings were lost.

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Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Details Additional Physical Format: Print version: Toer, Pramoedya Ananta, Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Indonesian View all editions and formats Rating: Please enter the message. He was banned from writing during his imprisonment on the island of Buru, but still managed to compose - orally - his best-known series of work to date, the Buru Quartet , a series of four historical fiction novels chronicling the development of Indonesian nationalism and based in part on his own experiences growing up.

When he was arrested his library was burned and much of his collection and early writings were lost. Views Read Edit View history.

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