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«Volevo i pantaloni», è uno dei più sorprendenti successi editoriali di questi ultimi anni. Una settimana dopo la pubblicazione del libro, Lara Cardella, in una . Volevo i pantaloni (Easy readers, Contemporaneo B) [Lara Cardella] on site. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Contemporary 20th century novel. volevo i pantaloni - cascina macondo - volevo i pantaloni di lara cardèlla (estratti) pantaloni - cardella lara - libro volevo i pantaloni è un libro di cardella lara.

Volevo I Pantaloni Pdf

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Volevo i pantaloni is a Italian coming-of-age drama film directed by Maurizio Ponzi. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. riassunto del libro volevo i pantaloni di lara cardella - sono sempre in volevo i pantaloni, di maurizio ponzi. tratto dal romanzo omonimo di. libro volevo i pantaloni è un libro di cardella lara scarica questo riassunto “ volevo i pantaloni ” pubblicato dalla mondadori editore - un paese.

After two phone calls in the last two weeks to try and find a payment that we showed as having been paid but that we found out was actually missed, we received the following letter: "This letter is to inform you that effective immediately this office will no longer be responsible for your medical care. We find it necessary to terminate the physician-patient relationship.

We feel your medical care would best be handled by another physician.

No phone call, no request for a meeting to discuss, no explanation. Just a "please take your business elsewhere" letter. There were no irate phone calls, no accusations, no demands from us, just a need to understand the statements and payments which are very complicated for anyone not familiar with bills from a Dr's office.

My wife and I looked at each other in utter amazement. I'm 54 and have been to many Dr's offices, hospitals, emergency rooms, specialists but I have never seen anything so unprofessional from any Dr.

No acknowledgement of 10 years of paid bills and insurance reimbursements without any issues. I'd put two and a half stars right now if I could. G was the first doctor I've had that actually listened and understood I had lyme and coinfections along with complications from mold and heavy metals. I have been a patient for two years now and while Dr. G has definitely helped in many ways, in several others where I truly need the most help, I'm still left to my own devices.

Doing my own research and bringing suggestions into him that he approves. He really is a very good doctor, I would love to have him as a G. He is a very kind man, he is compassionate, I see the reviews where they say he isn't and doesn't care but I haven't experienced that.. Couldn't go out in the sun at all without burning. I go to my appointment, give in and say I'm not getting better, I'm ready to admit my body needs more help, I'm ready to consider the picc.

I get less than ten minutes with him every visit and I always walk in with what I want to discuss in mind. If I had another choice for a doctor I would see one. He tells me mold is still a problem, get outside and get some sun, get some fresh air, take walks, yet he puts me back on Doxycycline!

I can't get out of the mold and walk in the fresh air in the middle of summer on Doxycycline! He's in and out so quickly I never get the chance to address the issues I want to address. My gut is a wreck from antibiotics, the herbal supplements don't work in me, I have to ask for supplements, I have to ask for meds not drugs, meds like propanolol for my POTS and I have to ask for detox support.

So I call back and tell them no, I won't take it, I won't be trapped in the house all summer again plus I had asked about a picc or a port because my gut is still a mess from last year's round of antibiotics.

I should not have to ask for medicine, I should not have to ask for IV therapy, I should not have to ask for a picc for IV antibiotics because I'm 94 pounds and my stomach isn't handling taking them orally anymore. I get a call back "take half the dose so it doesn't upset your stomach so much. If your case is more complicated, try and find a naturopath or a doctor who doesn't cater to insurance patients and can spend more time with you.

I've been sick for months with respiratory issues and at the suggestion of a friend who had also seen Dr. It's very frustrating being sick and having to micromanage your medical team. Gonzalez for her husband's respiratory issues I decided to book an appointment with him.

Due to the recent Thomas Fires in the Ventura area, other Pulmonary Specialists closer to me had week wait times, but Dr. They checked my insurance ahead of time to see if they could accept it, but they were unable to. Unfortunatley, they didn't call me back with this information until about ten minutes to 5pm, which means I had little time to even try to book something else.

So, I decided to keep the appointment anyway, because I was so sick, in extreme pain from coughing so much another Dr. Gonzalez listened to my lungs and suggested that I may have fungal pneumonia, ordered a plethora of laboratory tests which I was able to walk right next door to the Quest Diagnostics Lab and complete right away. I will say that is quite convenient having the lab right next door to take care of any tests Dr.

I paid upwards of 0 for the visit plus two supplements Vitamin D and Monolaurin to take home. The following week I was still in such excruciating pain that I didn't think I could tolerate the drive to Thousand Oaks to see Dr. I canceled my follow-up appointment with him and instead saw my regular doctor. G would have suggested I had pneumonia, he listened to my lungs and said they sounded clear, and ordered his own set of lab tests to try to find me some solutions.

After struggling with Lyme for over ten years, and with several doctors, Dr. He followed up on my observations about help to my hips on taking some calcium, and the recommendations together have my hips all but normal. Gonzalez has not taken insurance for some years, and I was recently informed he'd not take any insurance any more. I'm sorry, but that is highway robbery considering I'd already paid them 0 for a minute exam.

I understand his decision, and I believe our medical system sucks, for patients and doctors alike. Any other doctor I've seen would have called or had their nurses call me right away as the results started to come back, especially given the severity of my pain and discomfort so we could start moving forward with solutions right away, but not this guy, he'll make you WAIT until you can physically pay to come see him again or pay him for a consult to review your tests. Nonetheless, I will probably limit my visits to him, and see someone else because I pay for insurance, and essentially pay twice when I see him.

Nonetheless, if you're dealing with Lyme disease, you absolutely need to see Dr. I was after a second opinion and treatment approach for a specific type of hair loss. Extensive blood work then thermography was the problem coming from previous root canals? Every appointment I really felt as though I was starting from square one, having to fill the doctor in on why I was there.

One should also be aware that you are charged the same price to be seen by the doctor as you are if you are seen by his nurse practitioner AND the price is NOT for the visit ie take the opportunity to ask any questions you feel may be relevant but, according to Barbara his apparent office manager, for the "complexity" of the visit???????? I never had feedback from the doctor regarding the thermography results, for example. G offers novel and expensive "therapies" and, perhaps, if you are one of his Lymes patients he may offer you a new perspective and hope.

I simply needed an Rx and took the occasion to ask his nurse an additional question or two I was shocked by the visit which cost in excess of 0. I could not question the fee before paying because I had waited so long that I was going to be late to another appointment. No apology or attempt to assuage our sense that I had been over-charged. Barbara addresses everyone systematically as "Honey" or "Sweetheart" on a constant basis They do not care about you and most likely the doctor won't remember you.

I could go on and offer other examples of poor service, and I won't You will end up leaving feeling sicker, poorer, and like you don't matter. Your health is more valuable than what this practice claims to offer. There are doctors out there who truly do care about their patients.

Unfortunately I found out the hard way that Dr Gonzalez and his staff did not value me in the same way I valued them.

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I am appalled, heart broken and extremely disappointed in the health care system. Gonzalez, ask yourself would you rather have a doctor who wants to see you get better? Don't settle for anything less, I know I did going here.

He listens to his patients and he will take an approach to find out the underlying problems of your concerns. Yes, be prepared to wait in the lobby and patient room for a little bit. I always bring a book or pod cast to listen to and remind my self there are days he has to spend more than then usual minutes with me.

If you call the front desk they will usually give you heads up so you can arrive on time for a little later to break up the wait on backed up days. They also offer early morning appointments so you can go before you work at 7am in the morning. Their front office staff, RNs, And PAs all enjoy working there, which makes for a pleasant experience to be at the office.

If your looking for a Dr who is integrative is in an approach to whole health care. Also to comment on the review about being stuck with a bill- As a patient you should be aware of what your insurance will and won't cover. It's your responsibility to know what is in network or out of network. You should also know if your plan covers his office to draw labs for you or if you need to go to another lab quest, labcorp etcetera If your not able to figure those issues out by calling your insurance before making an appointment to see any health care provider, you should consider hiring a personal medical advocate to do the work for you.

After seeing dozens of doctors all over la and San Diego, i finally came to see Gonzales after my Chiro recommended him. He combines western and holistic medicines, which is now the only way I prefer to go when tackling an illness. I am being treated for Lyme and I went from being unable to walk to now I'm walking and on the road to recovery- which anyone who knows of Lyme knows that is not easy to do!

He knows an insane amount about medicine and disease.

If you're looking for a Lyme doctor, I advise you to start here. His staff deserves 5, stars l, they are always nice and they remember who you are! The nurses and the doctor are also very very nice and so empathetic!

I adore everyone in the office, there's a young girl who works there and loves to share cat stories which makes my day!

This is the most friendly doctors office I have ever been to! I am still consulting him even after moving out of state. I haven't been able to find anyone locally who is quite as knowledgeable.

G is on the cutting edge of both holistic and conventional medicine. He is the only one who puts such thought into all of my symptoms and their possible causes, and weighs the pros and cons of natural vs conventional medicine, using each at the appropriate occasion.

He always takes the time to answer my questions and he's always friendly and encouragingly positive. I've never had a bad experience in this office. Ultimately I haven't gotten well yet, but with Dr. Gonzalez's help at least I was able to stop getting worse and get some insight into the origin of my symptoms, something no other doctor was able to do for me.

If things don't start getting better for me in a couple months with my new doctors, I'm seriously considering traveling cross country just to go back to him. He doesn't give up with an inconclusive test or not finding answers. His office discovered that I have Lyme disease and a whole bunch of other things that I didn't know about myself. I love this office and dr Gonzalez and I won't be going anywhere else!

I came in early with all paperworks ready but i was called in an hour later only to see the doctor for less than 15 minutes. He ordered some bloodwork done and some personal samples. For the personal sample it was fine coz they did say it was not covered by insurance.

Lara Cardella

For the blood sample on the other hand they did not say it was not covered or will NOT be covered. Didn't mention as well how much it would cost me. The second time I came for my results same thing, long waiting time and Dr.

He did not offer much and the blood test seems insufficient that they wanted me to do an oxygen test. Bonnie is an African-American attorney living in New Jersey. Her greatest desire is to live in a world of peace and to be able to write everyday. Her first novel, Searching with Qwai Chang, will be published in May Lolito Go is a professional bum and a Dudeist priest from the Philippines.

He has spent the past few years teaching English at various schools in China, Thailand, and South Korea. Sheri is currently a doing a Masters dissertation on Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton at the National University of Singapore, where she received her Honours degree in English Literature, and where she is also a teaching assistant. Ram Govardhan has a post-graduate degree in sociology.

His first novel Rough with the Smooth was longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize, while his short stories have appeared in Asian and African journals. He specialises in the long eighteenth century as well as modern Singaporean literature and has written on the Reformation, Romanticism, Protestant theology, and critical theory too. He is also a visual artist and a poet, and his published works include a graphic novel Myth of the Stone and a collection of humorous poems Who Wants to download a Book of Poems?

Editor's Note: in March , Amari Hamadene was implicated in a plagiarism controversy over poems that had begun appearing in English from late He claims to be innocent and assumes that somebody else must have published under his name. I regard this case as closed. His work has previously been featured in two issues of Ceriph.

Bernard Henrie is a currency trader living near Los Angeles. Sid Gmez Hildawa was a poet, visual artist and professional architect. He participated in many group and solo exhibitions, among them the International Art Biennale of Havana Cuba, and the artist-in-residency program at Fujino, Japan.

As an architect, he designed houses and offices on a freelance basis. Picaro Press is due to release his sixth collection of poetry, Timber Country. His short stories have been published in Prism International and Cha, and he was one of the writers chosen for Dzanc Books' Best of the Web anthology.

Hong Wee is thirty-three, and has been writing for the last years, solely for the entertainment of his wife who is also his greatest motivator.

Hosmillo is a young critic of gender, neoliberal heterosexism, and queer precarity.

When he is not slogging at the day job, he is either writing, swing dancing or hurting himself playing football. His haikus have appeared in Huang Kaishan, 20, is an undergraduate studying communication studies at the Nanyang Technological University.

Huppatz is a writer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. He has a degree in Mathematics but no knowledge of it whatsoever. There is a stuffed dog beside her pillow and many people running around the inside of her head. In he co-founded Textbase, a literary journal and experimental small press. Joshua Ip is a poet, editor and literary organiser. He has been the recipient of an Asialink residency in Singapore. Currently he is working on Orphan's Own Project, a cabaret about his time growing up in an orphanage.

Jerusalem graduated from Dunman Secondary School and Raffles Institution, and enjoys singing and writing more than he ought to. Jing Siang Hai is a psychiatrist based in Taipei as well as the acclaimed Taiwanese author of three volumes of poetry: A Wanted Man, A Mental Home, and most recently, Nobita, whose English translation will be completed in early His poems have appeared in Poetry, Weber Studies and other journals, and he published one poetry book, Tasks of Survival.

Meena Kandasamy is a twenty-one year old writer, poet and translator based in Chennai, India. Keckler's most recent book, Sanskrit of the Body, won in the National Poetry Series and is just out through Penguin.

Laura Kho studied English Literature at Durham University and is currently working as an associate librarian in Singapore. In her free time, she enjoys dancing for leisure, exploiting Singapores museum entry policy and poring through Peng-Ean Khoo is a poet-artist trying to transgress the boundaries between text, language, literature in particular poetry and the visual arts.

She is the founding editor of Gallery Behind the Falls. She knows there is such a thing as new media but doggedly refuses to stop making print books as she explains, "My hands cannot breathe in virtual space".

He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in , where he studied electrical and computer engineering. He is a co-founder of the2ndrule, a guerilla creative email magazine. She is currently working on projects involving colonial literature, modernism, and the intersections of African and Asian literature.

Trained in publishing at Stanford University, with a theology masters from Harvard University and MFA from the University of Notre Dame, he has edited over fifteen books and co-produced three audio books. Desmond is also the founding editor of Squircle Line Press. In his spare time he publishes a poetry zine called Poetika. He is currently working on a collection of short prose and verse.

He worked in London as a cameraman on a variety of films and documentaries, before returning to Singapore as a journalist in August She is interested in law, literature, and current affairs. Her first poetry collection, Woman to Woman and Other Poems was published in and her second collection, Water Wood Pure Splendour, was published in Eliana Debora Langiu published her first poetry collection Rag Time in Ten Poets from Turin ; she published on june her second collection, Polaroid.

She was also part of the anthology Le carte tatuate. French translations of her poems are published in review Les Citadelles Paris, His work has appeared in Andrea is a classical musician who hears the world in sonorities and tonalities, a scintillating prosaist who waxes lyrical about being a lover of life and a vivacious hippy who simultaneously swoons at and condemns the concept of a compartmentalised spiritualist.

Alfie Lee is an artist working in the media of writing, photography and graphic design. He is the author of a collection of poems, Yellow: Ginnie's Favourite Colour. Sophia finds great delight in the following: pugs, playing the guitar, horrific amounts of time spent on video games, and writing things that may or may not ever see the light of day. A literature student, she hopes to one day inspire someone with a story of her own. Laremy Lee writes in different genres, with a focus on writing for the stage.

He is currently working on a debut collection of poems, thanks to an NAC arts creation fund grant. His work has been published internationally, and he has read and spoken at literary events in countries such as Germany, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines and the US. Lee Tse Mei is a Singaporean lawyer who loves music, travelling, people and places. Her poems and essays have been published online and in Japan, and she is currently working on a series of original music soundtrack albums featuring the places that shes visited.

Wei Fen Lee is in her fourth year of studying South Asia and English Literature, and spends her free time exploring cities and thinking about the nameless future shaped like a cat. She is also the sub-editor of Ceriph, an independent publication of Singaporean writing.

Leow Hui Min Annabeth has been writing since , when, at the age of five, she first decided that her lifes ambition lay in creative fiction. At present, she is working toward the completion of her high school diploma. She has published work on nostalgia in Singapore literature and film, and has also the intersections ofcosmopolitanism and postcolonial travel poetry. Her current research is on urban Canada and Singapore, immigrant writing and theories of space. An award-winning poet, Arthur Leung was born and raised in Hong Kong.

She was a fellow for Nonfiction in the 22nd Ateneo Heights Writers Workshop, and has previously been published in Shirley Lim is an award-winning Malaysian-born American writer of poetry, fiction, and criticism. Her first collection of poems, Crossing The Peninsula, published in , won her the Commonwealth Poetry Prize, a first both for an Asian and for a woman. Lim, who has four novels to her name, is also the author of short stories, children's stories, students' textbooks and a play.

He is particularly interested in the literary uses of history.

Miriam Wei Wei Lo attempts to juggle child-rearing, writing and snorkelling whilst simultaneously battling assumptions about what a pastor's wife should be like. Her latest chapbook, Jee Kean is currently a full-time choral director and staff member of Westwood Secondary School and his contributions include spearheading the school's IT music programme.

He teaches loop-based composition using the computer and he and his students were recently interviewed by The Computer Times for their innovation in the area of IT music in the secondary school curriculum. Melvin Look is a consultant gastrointestinal surgeon with his own private practice in Singapore but is working on a second career as a tattoo artist. He is currently saving his pennies to download a tea plantation in the Cameron Highlands.

Karen is currently a marketing professional in the info-communications industry, covering the Asia-Pacific. She occasionally tries to write more than just emails and SMSes. Colin graduated from the University of Chicago with an official major in English language and literature, and an unofficial one in cinema and cultural studies.

He works as a computer programmer but prefers to write fiction. A writer, dancer, painter, actress, photographer, journalist and activist, she is working on her first novel and a collection of poems. Gianni Marchetti has published a collection of tales, Francese alle medie , Milan , a collection of poems, Una donna cos , Turin and a CD titled Fa rima con Jazz.

Sette poesie sul jazz , Novara, scored by Andrea Trecate based on a selection of poems taken from "Una donna cos". Natalie Marinho is a freelance writer and game designer based in Singapore.

In search of joy and experience he hitched and wandered across Europe, then made his way to the Far East and travelled extensively in the wilds of China where he now resides. She writes short stories and is currently editing her first novel. His published fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, photos, etc.

Born in Madrid, Miguel ngel Mendo has published more than 20 childrens literature titles with the most prestigious Spanish publishing houses. He is also the author of the adult novels, The Incomplete Light and The Infinite Geyser and Antirrefranero Espaol, a critical essay about some of the most popular Spanish sayings and proverbs. He has published poetry and fiction in numerous journals and his first novel, Talk: A Novel in Dialogue, appeared in Nicky began writing stories in and had his first book, Let's Play Games, published in It was later reissued in as Pontianak: 13 Chilling Tales.

He has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize in , and was nominated this year for the Rhysling Poetry Award. She currently teaches Creative Writing in Amsterdam. Her unpublished collection of stories, Arka Mukhopadhyay was born in Calcutta and now lives and works in Bangalore as a poet, poetry-performer, theatre practitioner and performance artist. He is the joint winner of the TFA creative writing award, , and the third place holder in the poetry slam at the Kalaghoda festival, He has published nine collections of poetry and one travel book.

Several different volumes of selected poetry have been published, including French and Italian translations.

He is also and one of the founding editors of Banipal magazine. In she completed her Sociology MA thesis that looked at the Singaporean governments use of culture and the arts as economic and developmental tools. Sam Ng graduated from the University of Kent, Canterbury in with a masters in English literature.

After graduating, he worked in the Princeton Chinese department and a campus ministry for two years. He is currently a student at Fuller Theological Seminary.

He is the author of Last Boy and a book of stories based on interviews with gay, lesbian and bisexual people in Singapore. Noor Hasnah Adams new collection of cultural essays, Mis3 Rasa Budaya, contains themes ranging from nature, culture, history and Malay literature.

She is the winner of several awards, including the Golden Point Award for her poetry and short story. She is working to publish her first novel and collections of short theatre scripts. Nuraliah currently works as a researcher with an organisation that deals largely in social and religious issues. Outside of her occupation, she is interested in creative writing, particularly in the area of contemporary mythopoesis and social critique as constructed within the architectures of narratives.

Stephen Oliver is the author of six collections of poetry, including a selected, Night of Warehouses: Poems Stephen is a transtasman poet and writer who lives in Sydney. Ouyang Yu, now based in Melbourne, Australia, is originally from China. To date, he has published 65 books, including some self-translated ones in English and Chinese, in the field of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, literary translation and literary criticism.

Stephen Pain is an Anglo-American writer currently based in Paris. He has been published in several magazines both offline and online. Once upon a time he lived in Bukit Timah and has fond memories of Singapore. He is also the founder of a new methodology, biorhetorics. Yongsoo Park is a filmmaker and novelist from New York City. He wrote and directed the seminal Asian American indie feature film Free Country and is the author of the novels Boy Genius and Las Cucarachas Rajeev Patke has published essays and reviews on English writing from Singapore locally and overseas, including a selective bibliography of criticism on the topic for Singapore Studies II Her research into the art and architecture of Thai Buddhist temples was the starting point of an enduring fascination with the cultural richness and complexity of 19th-century South-east Asia.

Pek Wen Jie is a year-old boy studying at Raffles Institution. Fascinated with the written word, he alternates between computer games, slacking off school, and toying around with random plot ideas that come to him.

Anitha Devi Pillai Ph D is an applied linguist and teacher educator at National Institute of Education in Singapore, where she teaches courses on writing pedagogy and writing. She has predominantly researched and published several research papers based on empirical data on writing and literacy practices, and contributed articles to local newspapers. His Hyperlinked Online bibliography appears in the pages of the Catalyzer Journal. She was the third-prize winner for the Golden Point Award for short stories in He has been teaching a creative writing course in Malaysia at the university level since and was the editor for Silverfish New Writings 4 Lovers and Strangers, a collection of short stories set in Malaysia and Singapore, was published by Heinemann Asia and Lovers and Strangers Revisited by Silverfish John Rothfork's criticism has also appeared in the Canadian journal, Mosaic; a French anthology on Ishiguros work; and the journal Commentary, published by the National University of Singapore; among others.

He has also had the pleasure of teaching for the University of Maryland in Kuala Lumpur. Writing in both French and German, he represents two major neighbouring Swiss cultures.

He has also published an autobiography Double, in Sabah Sanhouri is a fiction writer and a freelance journalist from Sudan. In recent years he has read from his work at universities, conferences, and festivals in Portugal, Turkey, Russia, France, China, and Peru, as well as in the United States.

He was the National Arts Councils Young Artist of the Year in , and has been described by The Arts Magazine as "among the most exciting" of the post-independence generation of Singapore writers.

Volevo i pantaloni (film)

His works include a novel Trish Shishikura is currently pursuing her Communication degree in Miriam College. She has been a fellow in poetry for the 52nd Silliman University National Writers Workshop, and her work has appeared in the Kevin Simmonds is a writer and musician from New Orleans presently on a Fulbright in Singapore.

Canberra, , is an poet, writer, editor, Eastern musical heritage revivalist and now Singaporean PR. He has published 3 joint collections and an individual collection of poetry The House of Winter. He edited the Penguin Book of Christmas Poems in Fish Factory a libretto for contemporary opera was performed at the Adelaide Festival Theatre in Her postcardbook COLORing words with poems translated into Chinese by Zheng Danyi grew into an exhibition with over artists and writers of all ages in and then into the e-book colo u r.

Ronny Someck has published eight volumes of poetry, the latest titled Revolution Drummer. She loves poetry and enjoys both reading mostly Neruda and writing in her spare time. He is recently married, has just become a father, and loves the south coast. Ray has published in numerous publications in England, Scotland, Canada, Finland, and throughout the United States, as well as in many online magazines.

He is currently teaching English at the University of the Philippines Los Baos while working on his first full-length film. Her second novel, Mammon Inc.

Elizabeth is a second-year medical student at the National University of Singapore. She was one of the commended winners for the Foyle Young Poets Award in 20, and would like to make the world a better place.

Instead of fleeing as she did from Corinne, Naci takes a stand and fights back. She begins to hurl whatever objects she can find at the teacher: notebooks, pens, erasers, rulers, and eventually a chair. Naci stands up for herself, although she does not yet know how to do so successfully. She gets suspended from school, but has demonstrated her capacity to act in defence of her racial identification.

They become fast friends, embarking on entrepreneurial adventures selling perfume p. Then Silvie hits puberty and their friendship becomes estranged as Silvie begins to dress provocatively and date older men; Silvie eventually breaks their vow of chastity one night in the back of a car p. Naci is shocked, and the two friends part ways. Yet they see each other occasionally, with Silvie always inviting Naci to go out.

One night Naci accepts her invitation and accompanies Silvie and her rather immature mother to a party pp. As the night wears on, the black disc jockey at the party, Stef, approaches Naci and asks her to set him up with Silvie.

A cura di: Zita Vaccaro

She promises to do what she can. Offended, Naci does not react with violence, as she did with her maths teacher, but with pointed words. Eppoi tu non sei proprio nera nera, sei mulatta. In her next display of agency, Naci stands up against the physical abuse sustained in her family, specifically at the hands of her brother, Mohammed, an ex-boxer weighing pounds.

Strillavo sperando che qualcuno dei vicini accorresse a salvarmi dalle sue mani. During a particularly savage beating one evening, Naci escapes and runs to the nearest police station.

She files charges against her brother, and has five police escorts accompany her back to the apartment.

The police threaten her brother with prison, and her parents are ashamed. Although she sacrificed her relationship with her brother, who no longer speaks to her, Naci is proud of her choices and her actions; in other words, she is proud of her newfound agency. While in Paris, she auditions for a part as an Arab woman, but is told that she is not Arab enough.

For the agent, dark skin and Arab features are mutually exclusive.

Naci is outraged that this agent refuses her ethnic identification, and furthermore, accuses her of deception. Se vuole una prova posso dirle qualcosa in arabo! In this declaration, Naci claims her ethnic identity. Naci finds some degree of agency, defending each of these subjectivities in turn: first with violence, as in her maths classroom; or with legality, as in the case of her brother; and finally with words, against Silvie and Madame Chepalier.

Yet it is only in Italy and only after Naci once again takes up the mantle of mobile subject — the tourist — that she recognizes and disavows difference, and reproduces the very structures of colonial discourse — stereotypes — that give shape to her own hybridity.

From the moment she crosses that border, Naci simultaneously recognizes and disavows her identification as a migrant and fully embraces her tourist subjectivity. At Ventimiglia, agents scrutinize her passport, and eventually declare all of her papers in order. With this statement, she identifies herself with immigrants, as unwelcome in Italy as she often is in France.

Throughout her trip to Italy, she stresses her tourist subjectivity repeatedly, especially in situations that call for her to reconcile other subjective identifications. As a tourist, however, Naci easily glosses over this mark, and only slightly disturbed, continues on her church visit. For Naci, Italy is the land of vacation, and Italians seem to be perpetual tourists in their own lives. It is the site of both fixity and fantasy. She can imagine herself a resident of Rome, with an Italian husband and newborn son p.

In fact, Naci spends her first day in Italy being symbolically baptized and reborn at a place aptly named Dolceacqua. Having met two Italian men, Carmine and Enrico who are later found out to be lovers in San Remo, Naci and her sister accompany them on a day trip to the Piedmontese hills. The group stops at a small lake near Dolceacqua to rest and get some sun. While the others sunbathe, Naci accidentally falls into the lake, and since she does not know how to swim, she panics and quickly starts to sink below the surface.

Per favore, qualcuno mi salvi! Naci sinks deeper into darkness, when an anonymous stranger intervenes and saves her. Naci thanks this stranger, who with a smile walks off into the forest without so much as a word. It is now that Naci begins her real trafficking in stereotypes about Italy: vulgar machismo and sexual come-ons from Italian men and soccer mania. Heading to Florence, Naci and her sister encounter two truck drivers, both presumptuous and oversexed, almost parodies of Italian machismo.

The first driver pulls out a photo of a nude blonde, hugs it to himself and loudly kisses the hairiest part of her. Naci laughs at his blatant come-on, and laments that Italian men do not think of anything but sex.

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The next truck driver — a short, hairy man — employs the same modus operandi. Nous voulons seulement andare a Firenze! Interestingly, Naci begins to shift between languages in her protestation. Moving between French and Italian, Naci chooses her own linguistic hybridity and makes it visible. It is the first time that Naci switches languages in the text, although she presumably toggled between French and Arabic throughout her life. While riding along in a new truck, a red car honks and passes them, unfurling a red-and-blue- striped flag.

Their driver, like an enraged bull, lets loose with a series of curse words and pulls out a red-and-black-striped flag to wave back p. It is a faith that begins in the cradle, he adds. In short, all men and women in Italy must love soccer, as opposed to Marseilles where there are few fans p.

In the end, Naci makes it to Rome, and on the last page of the text, rapidly describes falling in love with the city and an Italian, having a son, and cutting ties with her family in France.

But what happens when a mobile, hybrid, post-colonial subject like Naci deploys the stereotype? Her story is but one instance of this ideological process; to better articulate the process in greater detail, a more extensive exploration of additional texts and practices, varying across languages and cultures, is certainly necessary.

Nonetheless, the new mobilities paradigm sets into motion fresh questions about ideological operations, their subjects and objects, their representations and practices as well as their physical and cultural geographies. How would differing technologies of travel give shape to variegated Italies on the move? See also James Clifford, Polity Press, On specific etc.Pre-approval must be by the Director of the specialization path in creative writing, Professor John Hennessy.

Thinking about your research topic, ask yourself it is that you actually want to find out? No other doctor could help me or they chalked it up as nothing is wrong and ran lame labs that went nowhere saying I was over working myself. Several different volumes of selected poetry have been published, including French and Italian translations.

Distributed computing is also used to improve the software code of chess engines. If teachers take the time to assign homework we can actually do within a reasonable amount of time, we will enjoy the experience much more, be less stressed, and have more time to spend with our families each evening. Copywriting uses your knowledge of tailoring writing to a particular genre and audience to try and sell products. French translations of her poems are published in review Les Citadelles Paris, The desk must be slightly more perfectly flat than my year-old coffee table.

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