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Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial. This tutorial is a collaborative effort made for NPPA Multimedia Immersion by Lenny Video editing eats up drive space. CTU in Prague,Czech Republic. Video Editing. Roman Berka. Technologie pro web a multimedia. 1. The goals of video editor. 2. Typical working environment. We'll be taking a dive into the basics of professional video editing software all . post the entire set of lessons with a PDF of all the text one week from today.

Video Editing Tutorials Pdf

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Tutorial for Basic Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Video Effects contains some of the tools you might be familiar with in Photoshop or After Effects. Configure Head Mounted Display for immersive video in Premiere Pro. .. Video tutorial: Editing in the Timeline with source patching & track targeting. Ready to start editing video with Adobe Premiere Pro CC? Follow these steps to create a new project, add videos and graphics, and apply.

We are going to select a blank project. Now name your project and hit create. This brings us to the editor.

The left hand panel is where you manage all the files associated with this project. The centre panel is the code editor where you write the document and the right hand panel is the preview area.

You will also notice four buttons on the far left hand side.

On this page you can change the project name, change the access settings, download your project, delete it and set up dropbox sync. You will notice that ShareLaTeX has already given you some code by default. The command on the second line sets LaTeX up to be able to use accented characters.

This completes what is known as the preamble. This first section has been named Introduction and below it we can start adding text.

You might either add one file or select multiple files. If you add one file, the program asks where do you want to add it: at the cursor position, at the end or the beginning of the timeline etc.

If you select several files you might be able to add transitions between them in the following dialog. After you click on Apply settings, the program creates Sprite which is a bundle of all files together, appearing in your timeline. In order to work with each single video clip just double click on the Sprite in your timeline.


Each video clip is placed into a different layer and you can drag any of them to any position in the timeline. Preview, Delete and Organize Video Clips I usually import all my video files, then quickly go through them and choose those which fit my story the best.

You can do this in VSDC software by dragging the cursor over the timeline. If you want to see the video clip in the normal speed, you must click on Preview right above the timeline and it will start in a new window. To delete the video clip you must click on it or select multiple clips by dragging the mouse over them and then simply hit Delete on your keyboard.

This creates an empty space so you will need to select all the clips behind and drag them forward to fill the empty space. When the video overlays another one, the lower clip has higher priority and is visible this is exactly opposite to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Before you Film

This will move the clip vertically in the timeline. Cut Video In the next step, I cut off the bad parts of the video clip, leaving just a few seconds of the shot the best part.

Above the timeline, you can see two small blue markers stuck together.

Drag the first one to the beginning of the cut and second one to the end of the cut. Split Video Into parts Sometimes, you might need to split the video clip into two parts.

LaTeX video tutorial for beginners (video 1)

Click on the desired video clip. Drag the cursor in the timeline to the position where you need to split the video. Go to the Editor tab at the top and click on the icon of scissors with a green rectangle. This divides the video clip into two parts and each ends up in a different layer. Slow Motion I use slow motion especially on the shots of emotional facial expression, interesting activity etc.

Introduction to Video Editing

At first, click on the desired clip in the timeline. Go to View tab at the top and click on Properties window. Check the Preview and see how it looks. Adjust Audio Volume The previous step slow motion causes that the audio part of the clip sounds weird. But you will probably need to adjust sound and music level in other situations as well.

In the same Properties window, find Audio Volume and decrease the level. Split to Video and Audio Sometimes I like to use a voice over some b-roll footage. It requires to split the video and audio part of one clip. Go to Properties window and at the bottom click on Split to video and audio.


The separate audio part appears in a new layer. Then I cut a part of the video and replace it with another video b-roll , leaving the original audio. Add Music to Video Click on the music icon on the left side of the application. Choose the desired audio file and then where in the timeline you want to place it. It appears in the timeline in a separate layer. Fade Out Effect Audio The length of the audio file differed from the actual length of all my video clips together.

I cut out the part of the audio to match with the length of the video.

Video Help & Advice

This cause a sudden end of the music song which would sound weird. I chose the position where to place the fade out effect at the end of the timeline and set the duration to 5 seconds.

This creates a fade out object in a new timeline.

Then hit Preview to check out the result. Add Text Title You might want to add some text to your video. In the following well-known dialog, choose where in the timeline you want to place it and set the duration.Ok, here you are. Change the audio on a video by replacing or deleting it.

Trim your movie Step 6: Add music and adjust sound Step This will move the clip vertically in the timeline. I tested VSDC and the free version is fully functional editing software without restrictions like trial periods, watermarks, limited length video etc.

Then, I move the video clips in the timeline to match with the peaks in the wave music beats. Short bursts are good.

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