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The SAP IDoc Technology, is used in ALE, EDI, and 3rd Party Systems. Integration scenarios. For some of my readers this may be trip down memory lane , but for. SAP IDOC introductory tutorials and PDF training guides & materials to download . IDoc stands for Intermediate Document. It is a standard SAP document format. Although R/3 IDocs had been introduced as a tool to implement EDI solution for R/3, it is . It is focussed on the technical aspect of SAP R/3 IDoc technology.

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WE31 - IDoc Segments WE82 - IDoc Type / Message The Best of Freely Avaliable Resources on SAP Certification, Ebooks, Documents, PDF's All At One . IDOC or Intermediate Documents are commonly used in case of data migration between SAP systems or between SAP and legacy system or. ABSTRACT. Today IDocs are used in most SAP applications for transfer of message(information) from SAP system to other systems and vice.

All the fields that are necessary for transmission of message for a particular business transaction are mapped in different segments.

It also defines the structure and relationship of IDoc segments along with mandatory and optional segments. However, if any additional values are to be sent to the partner then we can make use of the IDoc Extension feature. IDoc extension is extension of basic type and contains additional custom IDoc segments and fields that are not available in standard basic type.

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These segments contain the actual values that are sent as part of IDoc transmission. The dependent segments are called as child segments.

If information is sent outside the system then the direction is outbox when it is received into the system then direction is inbox. It can be a vendor or customer or any other system. Message type is associated with Basic IDoc Type Basic Type and defines the kind of data or document that is exchanged with the partner. Message Type can be linked to the Process code.

IDoc (intermediate document)

The type of port defines the information contained within the port. Double clicking on the Partner will show the following screen: Partner profile contains parameters for Inbound and Outbound processing of IDocs.

Basic Type and extension. Standard function modules are provided by SAP for this conversion however these can also be customized as per business needs. Change Message Indicator indicates whether the IDoc is sentas a notification of change.

In what ways do you use SAP IDocs to exchange data between SAP and other systems?

Separate message type should be triggered in the download order for PO change. Additional line with change message type must be added in the Message control tab with change message indicator on. IDoc processing can be triggered by background program and triggered immediately.

These records are stored in the transparent tables in SAP. IDoc segment has fields that contain the data necessary for posting the documents.

IDoc statuses are used to track the IDoc and its various processing states. Status Numbers represents IDoc status. Current status of the IDoc is present in Control record.

Initial Status numbers are 64 for inbound and 03 for outbound. Successful status is 53 for inbound and 16 for outbound IDocs.

In other cases, again, only the IDocs processing routine is triggered again. This is the case, for example, if the IDoc could not be updated due to a locked application object. Often the re-processing of the IDocs is the goal.

In these cases, however, the IDoc is first set to a state which allows a further processing. Some statuses, such as 20 do not allow direct further processing. Therefore, this must first be changed to For outbound IDocs, choose status For incoming transactions Disable the test flag and select Run.


In that case, try again later. The processing of the IDoc is z. You can also set this status status in the IDoc using the report mentioned above.Riyaz says July An event is created from specific application programs the event creator and then published systemwide.

April 2, at 6: You can use this transaction in both the systems. The dependent segments are called as child segments.

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