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The Mysterious Island (French: L'Île mystérieuse) is a novel by Jules Verne, published in . by French scholar Dr Christiane Mortelier who presents a case for the influence of Raynal's book on Verne's The Mysterious Island. The Mysterious Island (Wordsworth Classics) [Jules Verne] on weinratgeber.info The Mysterious Island (siteClassics Edition) and millions of other books are . for almost five years on an uninhabited island off the coast of Chile, The Mysterious The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne . See all books by Jules Verne.

Mysterious Island Book

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The Mysterious Island book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Five Union prisoners escape from the siege of Richmond in. The Mysterious Island is another exquisite novel written by the master of adventure writing, Jules Verne. The novel has been seen as the sequel to two other. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. No cover available.

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Jules Verne. Journey to the Center of the Earth. Michael Strogoff: James Fenimore Cooper. Kidnapped An Illustrated Classic.

Robert Louis Stevenson. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Around the World in 80 Days. The Mysterious Island. Read more. Product details Hardcover: Scribners; First Edition Thus edition Language: English ASIN: Start reading The Mysterious Island on your Kindle in under a minute.

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See all customer images. Read reviews that mention jules verne mysterious island civil war science fiction captain nemo swiss family highly recommend years ago thousand leagues twenty thousand robinson crusoe family robinson really enjoyed recommend this book cyrus harding hot air great story even though never read center of the earth.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. The book tells the adventures of five Americans on an uncharted island in the South Pacific.

As an intentional symbolism, I wouldn't rule it out, though it's subtle enough that it didn't suggest itself to me when I read the book. In any case, it could certainly be a legitimate reader-response criticism. And given the geological instability of the island, one could extend this symbolism to include Christian eschatology --but no spoilers here!

But this doesn't imply that the castaways are or can be passive; on the contrary, for them as for the inhabitants of this terrestrial island in space, benefiting from the resources they're blessed with takes cooperation, hard work, courage, and technological know-how and ingenuity. Fortunately, they have these in abundance! Despite the Goodreads reference to their needing to build a "society," this isn't really sociologically-oriented science fiction.

Our characters have to work together, pull their weight and share; but you don't develop much of a "society" with five people in it. Their conflicts and challenges are basically with nature and with physical processes, rather than interpersonal. Verne is part of a literary tradition that tends to be more gadget-oriented than people-oriented; and this shows here. My literary preferences are more drawn to the human element, rather than the physical-technological. Jan 04, Charlotte B. Alerte coup de coeur!

Je suis vraiment triste de quitter ces formidables colons, et c'est clair et net que je me replongerai dans un Jules Verne en ! View 1 comment. Como toda obra de Jules Verne, La isla misteriosa es de otro mundo.

No hay nada que estos hombres no sepan hacer, en serio. Cyrus Smith, ingeniero, es presentado como una enciclopedia humana capaz de resolver cualquier problema. La creatividad del autor es puesta a prueba y sale invicta. Esta lectura amerita leer dos libros que la preceden. Apr 30, Algernon Darth Anyan rated it it was amazing Shelves: An example of how scientific knowledge dramatically increases the chances of survival on a deserted island.

Probably one of the reasons I've chosen a career as an engineer, I like to take things apart to see how they work, and i also love the satisfaction of fixing something that is broken. The four stranded technology wizards recreate the industrial revolution from scatch among the pristine tropical paradise. At the time I first read it I was 9 or 10 I didn't miss so much the lack of a feminine character to spice up the plot.

Sep 18, Leo. Jules Verne fuels the imagination! Verne had a vision of a Hollow Earth. Fascinating topic. Lots of esoteric knowledge out there in the public domain, if one knows where to look. Great books. Tolkien also had Middle Earth in his books and of course Alice went down the rabbit hole. Maybe that is where the elves and dwarves live!

The Mysterious Island

Questo stupendo romanzo di avventura, mistero e ingegno umano ha per fortuna una pubblicazione "adulta" per i tipi di Marsilio, un bellissimo paperback che non mi son lasciato sfuggire. Le gesta dell'ingegnere Cyrus Smith col suo labrador, il marinaio Pencroff, il giornalista Gedeon Spilett, lo schiavo liberato Nab e il giovane Harbert sono probabilmente uscite dal mito collettivo, restando nello scrigno prezioso dei pochi che ancora oggi ne ripercorrono successi e fallimenti.

View all 3 comments. I first read this book as a young boy and loved it! The adventure, the science, the making something out of practically nothing, the surviving the elements - as a young boy with a real desire for adventure and an interest in science I was hooked.

I thought that Jules Verne was the greatest dude to have ever drawn breath. I quickly started a campaign to convince others how great this book was.

My attempts to sway others was to no avail I think this book was a Christ I first read this book as a young boy and loved it!

I think this book was a Christmas present. Heck, I may have just seen the cover and thought the picture was cool.

My copy of the book has an island and a hot air ballon on it. I really don't remember how I came to own it but I am glad that I found it. Funny sidenote: I once had a girlfriend and we had the crazy notion of reading the others favorite book of all time. I ended up struggling through The Hobbit out of love of course and she started but just couldn't make it through Mysterious Island.

Et quelle surprise!

Mysterious Island -

Et pour finir une grande question: Celles et ceux qui ont fini l'histoire comprendront Jul 13, B. Zedan rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Oh my God.

Some dudes are castaway on this island and I cannot put real words together to explain why I wanted to kill this book. So here are some select Twitters from when I was reading it: Too savage? They waited until the dog found a porcupine! How are clothes mended?! The Mysterious Island castaways finally tan some leather, but not the rabbits.

Pretty vaguely interwoven, there.

I mean, thanks for summarising '20, Leagues' and all so now I don't have to read it—but still. This book is on my shit list.

My book shit list also names 'Little House on the Prairie', which I couldn't even finish at the age of nine. Good company for it, I think. Whatever, Verne. Mar 13, Aaron rated it it was amazing.

Entry was for January 2, Let me start by saying that I'm already pretty familiar with the work of Jules Verne, having gotten pretty well addicted to an abridged children's version of Around The World in 80 Days back when I was eight or nine years old. I am, without question, a tremendous fan of the novels of that era and can rank Jules Verne up there with my favorites. With that said, I was not expecting to be so utterly blown away by The Mysterious Island.

More than a couple of reviewers on this site have given this book bad reviews, citing it as unrealistic, laughable, or wordy. Well, those people are haters. Stop hating, folks! The Mysterious Island is a masterwork by a master writer. I guarantee I will be reading this one again. Jul 15, Lesley rated it liked it. A little while ago, I picked up The Mysterious Island mainly because it was one of the only books by Jules Verne that I knew almost nothing about.

I took great care not to learn in advance what made the island so mysterious or really, anything about the plot at all. This book is at its heart a standard "shipwrecked" adventure. The main characters are not really shipwrecked per se, but may as well be. The majority of the story deals with their trials and tribulations surviving on the island.

Where A little while ago, I picked up The Mysterious Island mainly because it was one of the only books by Jules Verne that I knew almost nothing about. These castaways not only were able to survive very comfortably with almost nothing they did not have a ship of supplies to start with, as the Swiss Family did , but were able to manufacture nicely advanced pieces of technology in short periods.

When they started a fire with a couple of lenses from watches, I thought them clever. When they created a forge and manufactured crude steel, I was a bit skeptical. When they created nitroglycerine safely using only natural materials found on the island, I openly scoffed. And when they created a working telegraph starting by building batteries from scratch , I just laughed.

This was not the sort of book you could read and fantasize yourself doing the same in their position. Instead you find yourself wondering if people have somehow degenerated that much intellectually since Verne's time.

I felt comfortably reassured to find Isaac Asimov scoffing over the same points in the afterword. Despite the absurdity of it, and the lack of any character conflict all of the castaways are almost insipidly cheerful throughout , Verne does a good job in putting together a mystery that is intriguing, and kept me turning pages despite the rather dense writing style.

Unfortunately, without giving any spoilers, I felt the payoff to the mystery to be unfulfilling and ultimately distracting from the plot of the book. The ending of the book was the most disappointing part. It wrapped up reasonably, but it was extremely abrupt and felt very rushed after the previous pace of the book. Overall I did enjoy reading this. But I would not recommend it to others without noting its flaws, as some are likely to be disappointed.

Tout semble trop simple, un peu dommage. Beaucoup de rebondissements trop? Cependant je salue le style de l'auteur et sons sens du suspense. March's Adventure 1 10 Mar 06, I guarantee I will be reading this one again. Verne builds his dream ecology on the island, which includes a dormant volcano, thick forests, lakes and streams and abundant plant and animal life, with everything from rabbits and foxes to sheep and jaguars.

This one I will sell you, he said. The film adaptation took wild liberties with the material, inserting giant creatures designed by visual effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen and lady castaways to sell concessions to 20th century boys like myself. Led by Smith's engineering ingenuity, the castaways begin to improvise construction and manufacturing projects immediately. And for francs — something like twenty five dollars — I downloadd the loveliest book, more than a century old, that had voyaged extraordinarily from Hetzel, through who knew how many hands, to my own.

Pretty vaguely interwoven, there. There is a mystery on the island in the form of an unseen deus ex machina , responsible for Cyrus' survival after falling from the balloon, the mysterious rescue of Top from a dugong , the appearance of a box of equipment guns and ammunition, tools, etc.

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