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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

ebook. 28 Day Jumpstart $ $ Sale. 28 Day Jumpstart $ $ Sale. 28 Day Jumpstart $ $ Sale. Deluxe Bundle $ $. This is our 28 Day Jumpstart eBook! Full meal plan and exercise plan. All the info is on our website. And you can check out our page on Instagram to see pics. The 28 DAY JUMPSTART eBook includes * Full meal plan * Full exercise plan * No gym required * No equipment required * Weekly grocery lists * Meal prep.

28 Day Jumpstart Ebook

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Fit Girls Guide - A 28 Day Jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle using this program I bought the eBook right away, and it was delivered to my email. Has anyone had great success with the Fit Girl's Guide eBook from the Fit Just scroll down to the “the 30 day love your body transformation”. community for readers. Start getting fit the healthy way with the 28 DAY JUMPSTART! Shelves: nonfiction, 4-stars, ebooks, read-in How knew a book.

Consult your physician for matters relating to your health. The exercises contained in this eBook, like all exercises, do pose some inherent risk, and the author urges readers to take into consideration their individual levels of experience and training before attempting any activities described in this eBook. All rights reserved. First Edition. Holiday season is here!

I always fall so hard off the Fit Girl wagon. Like, so hard. The holiday coffee shop drinks! The Halloween candy! The mindless travel snacking! The family meals! The parties! Help meeeeeeee! Save me from myself! I'm afraid!

Take a deep breath.

That was a lot of exclamation marks and italics. Do not fear. We got you. October through December do not have to be pack-on- the-pounds months. They can be awesome successful Fit Girl months filled with holiday cheer — and treats too! The secret to getting through the holidays Fit Girl-style can be summed up in one super empowering word — moderation.

The first one goes from October 26th- November 22nd and the second one goes from November 30th-December 27th. Check out pages for more details. We post daily accountability check-ins you can see ones from past Challenges on our fitgirlsguide Insta page and you'll meet loads of incredible fellow Fit Girls to cheer you on!

If you're not comfortable posting from your regular Insta account, you can make a separate fitness account. Those are the accounts girls have made to share their fitness journeys with each other.

Join us for one or both of the Group Challenges to end your fit-mazingly. Official details will be posted on our page two weeks before each Challenge begins! Gingerbread, egg nog, toffee nut, praline.

Caramel swirl butterscotch whirl.

28 Day Jumpstart Challenge: A Fit Girls Guide Q&A

You can instantly make coffee shop beverages wayyyyy less full of sugar and calories by ordering them with half syrup — or just one pump of syrup. Coffee shops put so freaking many pumps of syrup in their drinks. You'll be amazed at how sweet they still taste with half syrup.

And if you've been eating Fit Girl style for awhile, you'll be amazed at how sweet just one pump tastes. Frugal Girl Tip: Don't order the drink by its fancy name.

You'll save both money and calories this way! We don't recommend making holiday coffee shop drinks a daily thing , but as an occasional treat ordering them Fit Girl-style will save you lots of excess holiday calories while still having the festive fun! Beat the candy bowl Practically everyone everywhere thinks it's adorable to put out bowls of Halloween candy the entire month of October. To many Fit Girls, this is anything but adorable.

It's like being stared down by temptation every waking minute of every day. If you've given up refined sugar and Halloween candy has zero temptation to you, that's epic. We absolutely applaud this.

But we also believe that there are many ways to go about being a Fit Girl. We want to honor what everyone needs to do for their own personal journey. If you want to incorporate Halloween candy into your Fit Girl World, just take the path of moderation.

Almost every fun size Halloween candy is only between calories. Yes, it's sugar. Our number one rule of Fit Girl travel is to be way over- prepared. Be way over-prepared with entertaining activities — knitting! And be way over-prepared with healthy food.

Don't trust yourself to not get hungry on long flights. Splurge on a healthy overpriced airport meal and bring it on board. This way you won't desperately download the junk food box at hour four when you just can't take it any more. If it's a short flight, come armed with your own Fit Girl Snack Kit.

Here's our easy-to-pack favorite! If you don't eat it you don't eat it, but at least you had it handy. Here're our six tips for having your Fit Girl and eating too!

Eat light before the family dinner, but eat. Definitely eat. And get your exercise in if you can. We have a tendency to treat holiday dinners like they're the last meal ever.

You don't have to eat until you're 9 months fake-pregnant just because it's a holiday. This isn't your last meal ever. It's a special meal.

Some of the moves include: sumo squats, plank, russian twist, bridge, wall sits, push ups, mountain climbers, and the like. These can be done low impact or high intensity. Answer: Each body really does respond differently to even the same routine.

But I can guarantee you that if you follow the guide or even do your best, you will definitely feel results. What should be important is that you are doing this because you want to be healthier and fit. When I say fit, I am not necessarily referring to being all muscular and toned and running a marathon, I am talking about being fit in all ways, especially emotionally and mentally.

All this can be done easier when we treat ourselves right and feed our body and soul with wholesome food and feel good exercises and stretches! Also getting enough sleep and choosing to let go of the things we cannot control! Questions regarding my own experience: Question: How much did you weigh before and after the challenge?

How much weight did you lose? And body fat percentage if you want to get super technical. People come in all shapes and sizes. We should strive to feel and be strong and healthy! Muscle weighs more than fat but also takes up less space.

Therefore, two people who are the same height, weight, and body shape can look different if one has more muscle mass than the other. Here is a great example of what I mean, considering it is the same girl in both pics but weighs more when she is more toned muscle.

Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Challenge

I am by no means a dainty framed woman. I have always had meat on my bones which always made me weigh in more than my peers even though I was shorter and more toned than them.

Here I weighed between lbs. And then again less than three years ago between lbs. It took me a while to really accept and grasp this.

Question: How often did you work out and what other things did you do? Did you do more cardio or weight training? This is one reason why I want to give it a second go around because I can only imagine how my body will change when I am more strict on the plan.

I stretched 5 days out of the week on average and I also did some yoga. I went on walks and hikes.

The 28 day jumpstart ebook includes full meal plan

And did random squats, pushups, donkey kicks…you name it randomly throughout the day. I definitely did more weight training than cardio. I like to lift heavy weights but I never made it to the gym because of schedule conflicts and the gym literally being out of the way as in I need to catch a ferry that is on a strict schedule to get there. But I do have two 20 lb dumb bells and a 35 dumb bell that I used nearly every day for squats, arm curls, lunges, or for added weight and intensity.

My cardio literally consisted of running after my dogs, who like to be escape artists, around the neighborhood, going on long hikes, but mainly having solo dance parties in my living room….

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Oh, one time while staying in a hotel during a wedding weekend, I did use their fitness room treadmill! Yay for me! I also have a pull-up bar that I use every day. Sometimes just doing a pull-up when I go in and out of the doorway it is placed on! Like I said, sometimes I just do what I can. Question: How much did you stick to the eBook? Yup, make me feel crappy.

So I am taking the opportunity to give myself a second chance!

Will power is like a muscle. I completely limit the amount of junk food I have in our kitchen. I also made these delicious protein dance parties in your mouth treats!Save yourself for the splurge-worth delights you dream about all year!

This nearly sedentary job coupled with vegetating on the couch after a hour work day left my once limber body noticeably less flexible than when I began. I left my cart to the side and sped walked to meet up with him and cut him off. I quickly scrolled past these posts as I usually look for food and photo transformation inspirations to keep me motivated to stay healthy and fit.

So head on over to their website to learn more and start being a FitGirl like me and my friend, Wonder Woman!

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Email required Address never made public. We don't recommend making holiday coffee shop drinks a daily thing , but as an occasional treat ordering them Fit Girl-style will save you lots of excess holiday calories while still having the festive fun! I love you guys! But I do have two 20 lb dumb bells and a 35 dumb bell that I used nearly every day for squats, arm curls, lunges, or for added weight and intensity.

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