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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

GETTING THINGS DONE. David Allen has been called one of the world's most influential thinkers on productivity and has been a keynote speaker and facilitator . Projects started, not completed. Projects that need to be started. Projects–other organizations service, community, volunteer, spiritual organization. For more information and additional resources about Getting Things Done for Teens, please visit weinratgeber.info

Getting Things Done Pdf Nederlands

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Getting Things Done is a time management method, described in the book of the same title by productivity consultant David Allen. The method is often referred to. why people fall off the GTD system — it's a bunch of habit changes that are attempted all at once. As I talk about on my blog, Zen Habits, focusing on one habit at. The way to get weinratgeber.info For us names of scholars arnt the important thing, the one closer to the Quran and Sunnah . Are you today required to do Hijrah?.

The Ruling on Demonstrations.

What is your opinion of Usama bin Laden. Transcription of Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RHs talk on Dream intrpretation… Excellent briefing to how to interpret dreams and how sometimes dreams have so important meanings….

Seventeen Rules of Dream Interpretations. Act Gently with Women! For the Ones thinking why would this be important, Well maybe the name of the Author would convince you to read it… Shaikh Abu Muhammed al Maqdisi!

Yes One of the Main Alqaeda ideologue! If you think Arabic isnt important in life, Youd probably be surpirsed when you hear this talk! Method of Establishing Khilafa. Signs of ar-Rahmaan in jihad Afghanistan. The Leader of Alqaeda, Shaikh Ayman al Zawahiri gives a very short message abt supporting the Muslim sister, Afia siddique unjustly imprisoned in the jails of the Crusadors….

Condemnation of the democratic progress,. A beautiful 23 page book, From a person who acts his knowldge apparently, Allah knows best! How can you out do the scholars. File too big for uploading. Short book on Security tips to be used in guirella warfare, Mujahideen groups in the Darul kufur etc.

Notes from the Security and Intelligence. Adobe Acrobat Document 6. May Allah swt make it of benefit to all. Ibn Taymiyyahs daily routine. A monumental book which basically destroys the Muslim groups approaches that involve themselvs in Democracy with the argument of reviving Islam or being in State of Weakness Anyone holding posts or part of groups or part of the democratic system, a MUST read!

Democracy — a religion. Forward to all Christians you know! Just deliver the Message once and try! Adobe Acrobat Document 3. Shaikh Abu Hamza Masri , Explains in great detail and in various different topics that benefit any reader in sha Allah and side to side explain how Sharia can be revived Must read for the brothers who want to work for the deen somehow and dont know where to start!

Do you live in a situation of weakness or minorty, Or in a place where you have no proper Muslim govt to support you, Rather you may be scared to talk abt your deen…? The Companions Living as a Minority. From Sheikh Abdullah Azzam rh which gave a great message to the youth. Ther are many books which is mentioned in the last pages of this book which is recommended to read.

Self sacrificial operations — suicide or. Are you Paki, or Brit, or Somali.. Famous book from Sh. Abdullah Azzam rh talking the conditions when Jihad becomes individual Obligation and the importance of defending the Muslim lands. Must Read for All Muslims. Defence of the muslimlands. Let me write the books name in a simpler way, Balancing between being careful and being too scared….

Balancing Between Negligence and Paranoi. The position of Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymin. Knowledge isnt wrong in Sharia law, Learning to defend yourself in a cruel society who are completly antiIslamic could even be a great Obligation So heres somthing you should learn.

For the students of Knowledge whov studied Nullifiers of Islam, this might be a confusing topic to you… So heres a small document explaining the difference of Tawalli and Muwalaat -Shaikh Ali al Khudair. Difference between at-Tawalli and al-Muw. So heres is The Second edition of the Magazine of the Mujahideen in Yemen to answer your doubts in sha Allah Here you can get answers and their viewpoint from their own scholars and Media.

Still have people thinking beards just a sunnah and can be left without sin? Well heres an amazing book that shows you so many proofs on How important the beard is… Must read for the Gillette boys. The beard between salaf and khalaf. Shaikh Khalid Husainan, the Mujahid shaikh who fought the Americans in Afghanistanm gives some tips to get Khushu3 in prayer! Read it and feel connected while praying to Allah swt.

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Why do Muslims disbelieve in it? Why does Alqaeda fight it? A 9 page speech transcribed.. Beneficial for the truth seekers. The dried dates idol of democracy.

Anyone knows what means disbelief in Taghut?

David Allen Books

How do we disbelieve in it? Rejecting Taghut and Belief in Allah. Whats the ruling kf these laws…Is it Shirk…Can v fall into Shirk and not know of it A very very important book for todays times for evry person living outside Dar al Islam… Read and share the knowledge, You never know which click of share cud get you the reward to enter jannah.

Advices from Sh. Ayman Al Dhawahiri regarding how to make up startergy of Mujahideen both in Military level and in Media level This article give you an idea where all our attacks should be focused. He asked Mujahideen to not target homes,places of worship,religious festivals and religious gatherings of the deviant sects like Rawafidh, Ismailis, Qadianis, etc And more…. General Guidelines for Jihad. A small book of a giant man Who knows Mullah Umers RH actions, bravery, courage, determination and efforts from bros who actually know him rather than the Disbelieving media..

Why is this Mssage important? Do read O people in Europe! A Message to the European People. Hijrah for the sake of Allah. You notice these armies capable to fight and defend Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Burma, Chechnya etc etc etc from the Mushrikeen and Agents, and yet do nothing… Whats their ruling, Should we respect them The Mujahideen Media, Andalus Media reportedly clarifies some important points regarding them!

Is there any legitimacy left for the ara. When you think this is correct or wrong or think what this group or ex group did right or wrong …Who do you compare with,…When you see a king or a Muslim perform somthing good worldy , which scale do you compare it with?? Treatise on Prayer. Students of knowledge, heres a good grab! Short, upto point, and inspirational.. Known as the reviver of fiqh of Jihad of our times… 5 pages only Excellent read bros!

Extremely beneficial book Some important and very beneficial saheeh ahadith beautifully arranged in 16 pages Shaikh Albani RH is the 1 who verified and rechose them… Share it …Benficial for all in sha Allah and share the ajr.

Saheeh al-Jaami as-Sagheer wa Ziyaadatuh. Lofty virtuous of ibn Taymiyyah. Well youd probably read this if you sincerely are looking for ways to connect to Allah btter in Salah, Unless you know them already perhaps Shaikh Salih Munajjid Islamqa. You live in a Muslim country, or islamic, or Dar kufr or Islam or tc?

How do you know th ruling of your land?? As many rulings are dependent on this… All brothers should try to know this..

A small read too. You want a collection of amazing , miraculous stories of shuhadaa of our time? You want to have stronger connection to Allah? You want good ready made tweets for twitter…Here is a pdf collecting some gem of tweets of Shaikh Ahmed Jibril, May Allah completely free him from the clutches of America!

Why is there no storm in your ocean. An excellent book explaining how sometimes Khwarij can perform jihad and how many a times Mujahideen are falsely branded Khwarij…Epecially with the Modernists callig every Mujahid Khwarij and trying to say theres no Jihad; This topic has to be addressed!

So How do we differentiate who are true Mujahideen and who are Khwarij? Guess from whom is this pdf…. The solution — Osama bin Laden. Well what does this mean? Heard of Wala wal Baraa…? A small 9 page transcription of a lecture from 1 of the scholars of the Mujahideen of Yemen!

Have you ever heard of brothers who fight against oppression of Iranian Government and their aqeedah of hatred against Sahabah. Ansar Furqan Here is good Read from one of the brother who explaining about their battle with limited Men and Weapons. It seems they deserve more support and attention from us. The battle of blood and dust.

Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH, the Shaikh of the youth reminding the bros who arent directly capable of waging Jihad many smart ways to support Jihaad… Short 21 page, and beautifully arranged! Time to ponder on Some f the words of Allah…and that too one of the verses most of us memorise but dont really understand the meaning well… Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH talks on the verse, Ayat al Kursi , from Surah baqarah ….

Some really beneficial lessons and messages released reportedly by the Shaikh known as reviver of the fiqh of jihad, Shaikh Abdullah Azzam Spread and share the ajr. Quotations of Abdullah Azzam. Rejecting Taghut is an obligation. You think most mujahideen are terrorists and idiots who love to kill? Bio of abu Humam al Qahtani. Here is one of books which amazed me which brought down American plane with some hundred dollars.

Adobe Acrobat Document 5. Features Tsunami of change by Sh. Anwar al Awlaki and many other topics related to the Revolution which started in the Muslim World.

Eyad Quneibi , May Allah free him, a small 1. Want to know some causes that could save you from etwrnal hellffire? Punishment by the Hellfire. A super rare Mujahideen guide! The enemy whithin the islamic world. A beautiful and very famous talk by Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH…Explains you on how the ummah is changing today and what its going through and what we must generally do….

Beautifully explained and always practical , shaikh Anwar…May Allah accept him as a shaheed. Allah is preparing us for victory. Explanation of the nullifiers of islam. Respectively to the above book, So that brothers dont rush into calling other Muslims into non Muslims, Heres a small beneficial guide by Shaikh Sulaiman Ulwan on how to be careful on matters of Takfeer Excommunicating Muslims, and calling them apostates.

As above, Shaikh Ali Al Khudair too, the Mujahid shaikh answers this question, again clarifying the dangers of youth making takfeer without knowledge. Who has the Right to make Takfeer. Whats Aqeedah? Why should v know it? How do v differentiate if v r amongst one of the deviant sects? Heard of Daeef, Mawdu, Hasan, Mawqoof etc under or after a hadith…Ever really understood what they are… Heres an excellent intro to science of hadith..

Short and upto point. Magazine from the brothers in Syria from many groups and countries all over the World. Adobe Acrobat Document 9. Do you read the Quran yet fail to understand or grasp major benefits from it? State of Ummah seems weak…So how do we gain victory? What are the rules we need to adopt to gain victory A beautiful 35 pages book by Tibyan Publications. Read about the signs of good endings and ask Allah to provide you with them!

A good 20 page book to increase your eman and get you closer to Allah swt! For who dont know, Shaikh Khalid Husainan is the Mujahid shaikh who has a special famous talk addressing Obama after the Mujahideens battle against America in Afghanistan This shaikh is also famous for his extensive dawah lectures and videos , beloved by so many and such an amazing speaker In the interview he talks abt how he entered field of Jihad etc!

Pdf in het Nederlands en Engels

Message from Shaykh Usama bin Ladin. Its important we know our enemy! You may think you are doing good by doing a mustahabb act, but perhaps shaytan has taken you away from an obligatory one.. Good read guys. Shaytaans ways in misleading. Excellent book for dawah… Quran is the living Miracle for the Muslims…Heres just a scientific aspect of the miracles of the Quran! Scientific truths in the Quran. Adobe Acrobat Document 4. Message to the People of Pakistan.

My story with Anwar Awlaki. Learn Arabic Want some easy excercises and arabic learning material to those who can already read little arabic but dont understand Heres useful arabic learning books!

You want to be cool? Want to know how real men were? Amazing book! Commanders of the army that fights to raise the word of our Lord! Commanders of the muslim army. During the open meeting with Ali Dheere, the official spokesman of Shabaab al- Mujaahideen, he was asked regarding people who went overboard in takfeer online: Small book of 8pages.

Very inspiring. Shaykh Ayman Zawahiri the Emir of Alqaeda talks about some facts of Jihaad and lies of Hypocrisy in his reportedly 6th interview with al Sahab! Who are the victorious sect in Islam?

Why are they different? What do they bliieve in? You want to be victorious too? The creed of the victorious sect. To those who say scholars dont approve of the teachings of Maqdisi or abu Qatada as they have no tazkiyyah Heres kind of a tazkiyyah for them from Shaikh Ali al Khudair, apart from many others! Tazkiyyah of al-Maqdisi — Abu Qatadah —. Ibn al Qayyim RH talks about diffrent types of people with knowledge and who he benefited most from!

Sharia — what horror. Touching lectures transcription! Shaikh Abu Muhammed Maqdisi explains some concepts beautifully! How do we realise if a group has done somthing permissible yet made a mistake by leaving the better beautiful read! Between the permissible and what is bett. Tibyan Publications, You may do a trivial act supporting Mujahideen in a very simple way and perhaps could b counted as great as Jihad and then might do a massive sacrifice and could go waste!

So read and guard yourselves from wasters of deeds and learn to maximise benefits! Jihad and the effects of intention upon. Leader of Alqaeda himself talks abt some of his views…Does he have proofs? Or does it seems that as people say they are just random terrorists who have nothing to do with Islam 13 page read…Enlightning for the confused about todays rulers and lies against mujahideen in sha Allah.

Usama bin Laden Video Tape. How Bin Laden Bankrupted America. Tibyan Publications provides with the book advicing the seeker of knowledge! Shaykh Sultan Utaybi RH 12 pages! Advice for the seeker of knowledge. Shaikh Anwar Awlaki RH explains it like honey, how the war against Islam is being fought today… How do we overcome it and realise it?

A beautiful lectures transcription! May Allah accept Shaikh Anwar rh. Battle of the hearts and minds. A rare book you get to study these topics on Bayah Pledge and Imarah Emirate … Would be very beneficial for todays times where people call for pledges and people claim states and emirates … So Tibyan Publications present this book refuting various doubts! Jihad is known to have so many Miracles, cuz of the difficulty in war and extreme tawakkal on Allah!

Also we know in the biography of our predecessors, on jihadi era etc that so many times Allah swt sends Angels or different types of Miracles to support the Mujahideen So heres a small collection of Miracles that in sha Allah have happened or reported in short time till in the Syrian Jihad A must read!

Book from Legend Sh. The Call for a Global Islamic Resistance. An excellent book showing ruqya techniques and many pracriced vrses for different types of sihr…Also examples given. Adobe Acrobat Document 8. Heres a chance to know your Prophet well and learn whats honor and respect of Muslim and Islam! The battles of the prophet. Muhammad as if you can see him. AlQaeda are always accused of killing Muslims… But are the accusations true? Do they really believe in killing innocent Muslims by doing takfeer of them?

Importance of the Sanctity of Muslim Blo. Here is the claim and reason for the Burkino Faso attack. Eyad Qunebi, may Allah swt free him, beautifully explains on some important misunderstood concept today about declaring the caliphate!

Does a khilafa become valid with just a declaration? What is the difference between reality and declaration? What are the requirements to have a Khilafa? Shaykh ali al Khudayr talks about different movements and different misconceptions in the awakening of the muslims.

Beneficial if your confused, which group like neobandis, neosalafis, tablighis, ikhwanis etc is on the truth, whats compromise, etc 8 pages only! Fundamentals of the New Islamic Awakenin.

Or does it seems that as people say they are just random terrorists who have nothing to do with Islam. Tibyan Publications again, and the name of the author is Shaykh Sulaiman al Ulwan! May Allah free him! A detailed explanation on the ruling of self sacrificial attacks, by the famous shaykh, shaykh Uyayri RH… Tibyan Publications.

Whoever doubts on the permissibility or calls these operations haram and suicide should take a time out to see the other side of the coin! Cant upload — Files are too big. Away from jihad yet, when it is fard ayn. Heres a classical scholar addressing some short advice to you. Advice to those who Abstain from Fightin. By shaykh abu Yahya Libi rh, a very important research by the shaykh who was a top AlQaeda figure on the topic of collateral damage, human shields etc.

Mujahideen, do read! Research on Human Shields in Jihad. Heard of wala wal bara, can we take kuffar as allies and friends? Why should we allie them? A small 6 page message from Arabian Peninsula… Lets see if it touches your hearts. Small 8 pages only. To know about scholars and lot of people of haqq, its always important to know more about them! Shaykh Husain bin Mahmoud talks about virtues of Sham and Damasc, seeing the stuff happening in sham today, important read!

Damascus- the Base of Jihad. Strong words — Abu Musab Zarqawi. In the footsteps of Sheikh Osama. What if it kills who we call innocents? How much collateral damage is ok? Shaykh Nasser al-Fahd responds some important points. Weapons of mass destruction. Beneficial book for the students of knowledge.. Ever heard of Haqqani network? Jihad in Pakistan? Reasons and motives for jihad in Pakistan.

Excellent read for jihad seekers! Apparently a former female Muslim prisoner in the prisons of the Syrian regime talks about her time… a truly saddening and heartbreaking story! May Allah free all the muslim prisoners from the prisons of the Oppressors.

A short article remding the call from Khurasaan.. So will we respond? Khorasaan Is Still Calling. One of the notorious prisons of the kuffar, Belmarch… want to know how our bros live there? Whats Mali? What happened there? Why did France and so many other nations invade it recently?

Did the mujahidien really establish an Islamic State? The Management of Savagery. The name says it all, 7 pages. Learn O warriors.

Mujahideen Handbook. An amazing book for any mujahid originaly apparently not in English, but decent english translation.. Seems to be a classic book from Afghan days! The mujahidien in the cities. But hudud can b applied by anybody or only imam?

Reorganise your working spaces Stacks of paper, folders and memos that gather on our desks cause disruption and are a distraction even if we do not notice them. Clarifying your physical space helps you to clarify your mental space too. In order to implement the method, it is important to set aside time for tidying up, sorting out folders, getting the right equipment and defining the sorting system which best suits us.

They weigh us down, cause stress and monopolise resources that could be used for their accomplishment. One of the main principles of Getting Things Done is to make a note of everything that weighs you down, capture all of the tasks — little, big, personal and profession, urgent and everything else — and to put them all into a reliable external memory: a sheet of paper that you use to make a note of your tasks, a sheet per task.

Manage your activities With the input data in hand, it is necessary to clarify it and organise the way in which it is processed.

Above and beyond the method put forward — determine the next action to do, organise into projects, regularly review your lists and, lastly, take action-, several simple tips can really change your life: Approach the items in order, starting at the top. Together with your new step course it is really great, very useful, much better than the other similar tools I have tried — and I have tried a lot. Connect your favorite tools to Nozbe To help you get organized quicker, Nozbe plays fantastically with your favorite apps, enabling you to use your current Evernote notes, Google or Microsoft Office documents, Dropbox or Box files… and many more as comments to your tasks or attachments to your projects.

Everything else falls short. Nozbe hasn't only helped me nail down my to-do list, it's also changed the way I use Evernote and Dropbox. Its approach to integration of these tools, rather than trying to be an all-in-one solution all by itself, works for me. It is strict PCI-compliant banking grade! We perform multiple live backups over encrypted connections to several secure data centers to make sure we can offer uninterrupted service at all times.We will treat your information with respect.

Key dates throughout the year. If this does happen, though, ask yourself this: were the tasks I listed really concrete actions to be completed rather than mini projects requiring several real actions? Nozbe hasn't only helped me nail down my to-do list, it's also changed the way I use Evernote and Dropbox. Everything else falls short. Don't put clarified items back into the inbox. Do not be over ambitious, set yourself a realistic and achievable list of tasks which, at the end of the day, will show you how efficient you have been.

The most interconnected generation in history is navigating unimaginable amounts of social pressure, both in personal and online interactions. The next step required to approach completion of the task is written down.

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